Something fascinates me about the idea being humiliated and told to what to do by a group of women. Just to be at there command and do as I'm told to please them and make them laugh at me. It just seems a change from the day job were I'm often the one in command. May be that is why I like the times my partner is in charge as much as I enjoy being in command when it her turn to be spanked.

I guess some of the feeling of wanting to be humiliated comes from my childhood, from the feelings of humiliation from being spanked when I was growing up. I still get that little feeling of shame as I'm bared or when I'm standing in the corner but I still crave more.

A ex-partner from way back use to put her used knickers in my mouth as she spanked me, something my current partner is reluctant to do, and another would sit on my face when she came home from work and after she came she would make me masturbate for her if I had done a good job. It is amazing how it makes you feel inside to be out of control and in the hands of someone else.

One time I was on a train, as a teen, with a group of older teenage girls being teased and laughed at, as they changed into their bikini tops under their t-shirts, dangling there warm bra's in my face, it was quiet humiliating. There has always been a desire to get those feelings back. Much like the picture I would love to be made to do things for a group of women.

It would be wonderful to be teased and laughed at again by a group of women. Made to do things I wouldn't normally do, ware clothes I wouldn't normally wear, to be spanked and humiliated. I'm not sure it will ever happen but I would like to think it would one day.

Pussy Hair

I'm not sure it is just me but I like the feel of a real woman when I plunge my fingers down their knickers to hopefully find that sweet hot wet spot of pleasure that I know I will turn her legs to jelly. What I hate is to find the stubble I have on my chin after I have shaved along the way. Smooth is fine but the reality is smooth doesn't stay smooth long.

In my view a trimmed hairy pussy is so much better in the long run than one a pussy that have been shaved to baldness. It is just more thrilling and nice to touch. These days it is lovely find hair between a woman's legs when so many women have no hair where hair naturally grows. Pussy hair is a rite of passage from girlhood to womanhood and it should be celebrated and not shaved off without thought.

This might not be a popular view, going by what you see on various adult sites on the net, but I like woman with hair and it is about time the people that like a well trimmed pussy stood up and said it is bloody sexy.

Role Switching

I could easily forgive you all for thinking that I'm submissive, but in fact I'm a switch. Within the relationship with my partner we are both enjoy being either in control or being the one being controlled. It is one of the things I love about what we have got, that ability to be equal but at the same time unequal and both fulfill our desire to be submissive and dominate.

A lot of the blog so far seems to have dealt with my submissive side but that is where I am feel more comfortable at this moment in time. What I have found is I have periods of being more dominate or more submissive. Thankfully my partner understands that and accommodates this phases and has similar phases of her own.

It is said that the major benefit of switching comes from letting the person doing the spanking get a taste of their own medicine. This limits excessive spanking as the spanker knows what the spanker is going through. It is also meant to deal with the various mental aspects of spanking, limiting possible abuse through a completely one sided relationship. This is all probably true but the biggest thing I have found is it gives us both a lot of pleasure and away to resolve your differences.

I simply enjoy both giving and receiving spanking and my partner is the same, however unlike some people we tend to not spank each other in the same spanking session. I think this is because we use punishment spankings as well as play spankings as part of our life style. I think sometimes I so lucky that have found a number of partners understand my needs and that have the same interest in spanking. I know many are not so lucky.

I would recommend anyone to try switching at least one if they are a spanker. I think it is so important they know and understand what it feels like to be on the other end of a spanking before they start giving them out, after all if you understand what a cane feels like, for example, you will use it was much more respect and a greater understanding of how to use it to maximum affect.

And finally be able to switch and change roles can be a lot of fun too. It gives you much more scope to be kinky in your life.

Story - A Late Caning

This story is years old and was written by someone known as Mike and posted onto the internet. It is one of those stories that has just stuck with me through the years. The one thing that I remember is the shop scene where the young man is taken into the shop to buy a cane. I must remember to do that someday.


It was the late spring 1989. One Saturday morning after getting up quite late - about 11.30 - I had an argument with my Mom about using her car all the night before. As I was 21, I felt old enough to stay out all night - and so did Mom. But what I didn't realize then was: It was HER car and she leant it to me for going to cinema, not for driving around with it all night. She didn't appreciate this, as I hadn't asked.

There was nothing more to say as Mom said she won't tolerate this a second time: I wouldn't get her car again for the next weeks. With this our argument could have been over, but somehow I lost control over what I said:

"Alright then. Keep your fucking car, old nut!"

Mom didn't replie. Her only reaction was a long stern look into my eyes.

Immediately I felt ashamed for what I've said and left for my room. I laid down on my bed and thought about me insulting my Mom this way. Only two years ago, she would have spooned my naughty bare behind for this - there was no question about that.

Today she didn't - and I didn't feel convenient with this fact, because it made me feel guilty: I had no right at all to insult Mom! My behavior had to have some consequences - or I could never look into Mom's eyes again.

The longer I pondered about this, the clearer it came to my mind: I deserved a real severe punishment from Mom. I thought about the possibilities.

Should I ask her for grounding me? Mom never had grounded me without spanking me before and it was no appropriate punishment for my misbehave today.

Should she cut my money? No punishment that really would last. It was clear: Mom had to punish me physically as shew had always done in the past until I was nineteen.

But would Mom give her 21-year-old son a good spanking? I prayed she would: After an hour of thinking I took a heart, stood up, left my room and seeked for Mom. I found her in the living-room reading a book.


She looked up. I still could see the angry expression in her face. "What is it?"

"I'm so, so sorry for what I said, Mom."

"I hope so."

"Well, ahmm,..." - I uttered.

"Please return to your room. I can't stand your presence now, I don't want to see you anymore today!", Mom said in a quiet but firm voice.

"I know you're disappointed by me: So am I! Couldn'√Ąt you do anything to change this?"

"Me? It's your turn to do better!"

"I, I mean haven't you considered to punish me as you did all the years?"

"How shall I punish a 21-year-old man? Take you over my knee? Well, it's right I gave you some spankings during all your teens - but would you still accept being spanked by your mother?"

"Yes, Mom. I see no other choice. I'm feeling so sorry and I really know I need a reminder."

"You realize, that you ask me for a spanking?"

"Yes, please, Mom, give me a spanking!"

Mom paused. She put down her book and finally said: "You're sure? It won't be fun!"

"No fun. Shall I get the spoon?" ( Mom had always punished my younger brother and me with a 15-inch wooden spoon, which she kept in her dresser)

Mom paused again: "No wait. I'm really proud of you showing this understanding for your misbehave. And I'm really going to spank you. But as you're no longer a child, I think you need a very spanking today. One, that you were not used to in the past. I guess, it's two years now that you got the wooden spoon, isn't it?"

"Yes. Two years. The last spanking I got over Anne's knee almost two years ago. You remember?"

"Yes, I do. She did a great job, didn't she?", Mom asked slightly grinning.

"Yes, I won't ever forget."

"It was supposed that you'd never forget it! It's the same reason that we take a trip to the florist's. Come on, take on your shoes, they'll close in some minutes!", Mom said looking at her watch.

"To the florist's?" I didn't understand yet.

"I guess they sell some canes there for people who want to stabilize their plants - or punish their naughty boys. Come on!"

"You really want to cane me? The spoon hurts enough and always taught me to behave!"

"You'll have the chance to compare."

My Mom now swatted the seat of my jeans with my shoe: "Take it on, now!"

I obeyed and accompanied my Mom to the florist's shop.

We entered and Mom headed for the corner with the canes. They had some made of green plastic - Mom wasn't interested in these ones. But there were others made out of rattan. Without a word Mom took one of the longer ones - about 30 inches - out and tested it's flexibility.

Suddenly Mom adressed one of the assistance girls: "You sell some longer ones? About three feet?"

"Let me see, ma'am."

The girl, probably younger than me, went to the stockroom and returned after some long moments with about a dozen very long canes - all over 30 inches, some even about a 40 inches - in her arms.

"How thick should it be, I mean how big is the plant you need it for?"

"Well, quite tall.", Mom said grinning at me: "In fact taller than me. Nonetheless I need a very long but also very flexible one:"

Of course I blushed. The girl asked a bit confused now:

"Maybe this one?" and gave Mom a thin, 40 inch long cane.

Mom took it, tested it's flexibility by bending it almost into a circle: and turned to me: "Well, I guess it'll do the job it is required to do. What do you think, Mike?"

"Ahmm, well, I..." I fell through the floor as I looked at the 20 or so year old assistance now grinning at me.

"Okay, let's see then. Turn around to the wall!"

Mom helped me by taking my wrist in a firm grip with her left. Then she pulled my pants tight and swatted my clothed behind with the cane.

WHACK!!! - "Ouch!!!"

"I guess, it's perfect. I'll take it!", Mom said to the assistance, who couldn't believe what she just saw. "This young man will pay the cane!", she said handing the cane to me.

"It's 4.95 then.", the girl said grinning. She took it from me and removed the price label from the cane. "Shall I wrap it up?"

", th...thanks.",I uttered with my red face and gave the girl the money with uneasy hands.

"Thank you!" The girl gave me the cane asking: "Will your Mommy make your naughty bottom match the color of your face?"

I took the cane avoiding any look into the girl's eyes.

"You're right Miss! It won't be fun and there's no reason to laugh about, young lady! Maybe your Mom should give you a good spanking sometime!", my Mom said angrily to the young assistance, which was too perplexed to answer.

We left the shop. I had to carry the cane up to our appartment. No more word was spoken. I hoped we won't meet anybody on our way. I had luck. Mom opened the door and we finally entered our flat. I closed the door.

"Wait in your room for me. I want you to be dressed in your pajama when I'll follow in some minutes. And have your cane ready for me!", Mom said firmly.


"Stop it. You asked me for a spanking - well you'll get it and a good caning extra."

I rushed to my room, the cane in my uneasy hands. I put the cane onto my bed. I undressed: I took off my shoes, my shirt, my pants, panties, socks, T-shirt. I laid these clothes onto my bed next to the cane and retrieved from under the coverled my blue pajama. I stepped into the trouser and took on the top.

In this moment my Mom knocked at my door.

"You're ready, young man?"

"Yes, Mom, come in, please!"

She opened the door and entered. As she closed the door I realized her carrying the good, old wooden spoon in her right.

As I stared at the spoon, she said: "I said, you would get the chance to compare this spoon with our new cane. This means, before being caned you will get spooned first!"

She sat onto my bed next to the devices I deplored there, including the cane.

"Come to me!", she ordered.

"But you want to take over your knee, Mom? You didn't do this since I was fourteen! Please let me bend over my chair! It's so humiliating being bent over your knee!", I protested.

"One more word and you'll get extra, young man!" She pointed at her left knee with the spanking spoon. "It is supposed to humiliate. Over my knee!", she ordered patting the spoon at the palm of her left hand.

I obeyed and shuffled towards her lap. Then I took a heart and bent over my Mom's knee. In this moment I remembered my trip over Anne's knee two years ago.

In fact I was too tall and to heavy for a woman's knee, but somehow Mom managed to stand my weight - as Anne once did in this hotel room.

I smelt Mom's parfum and tried to lay as convenient as possible: My face almost touched Mom's black slippers, I could see her left ankle and the hem of her blue jeans; finally I got a grip of Mom's leg. Now I could feel Mom's finger nails on my still cold flesh as she lowered my pajama's trouser.

"Okay, you know why you are punished, young man?"

"Yes, Mom."

"Fine. I want you to keep still on my knee during the spanking. Otherwise you'd get extra. Is that clear, young man?"

"Yes, of course."

"As this is your first encounter with this wood for quite a long time, I want you to be concentrated while receiving the spanks: You're no longer used to this pain I'll spank into your buttocks and I do not want you falling off my lap!"

"I'll do my best, Mom."

"Okay then. Let's get it over with."

Mom drew back the wooden spoon and began:

WHACK!!! - "Ouch!!"
WHACK!!! - "Ahhh!!"
WHACK!!! - "Ohhh!!!"
WHACK!!! - "Pleaaa...!!"
WHACK!!! - "Ahmmm!!!"
WHACK!!! - "Ouuhhhch!!!"

After waiting a long moment Mom said:

"Okay, get up!"

I got up and turned around to look into my Mom's eyes.

"This was some childhood remembrance, wasn't it? Now you will get the real punishment." With this Mom put down the wooden spoon and picked up the fearsome long cane from my bed. She again bent it into a circle and tested it's hissing sound.

"It sounds good, doesn't it?"

"I'm scared, Mom! I'll prefer two dozen more strokes with the spoon tan a single one with that cane! It'll hurt awfully."

"This cane is supposed to hurt. It will you remind to behave and never ever insult me again. As this cane is to long for an over-the-knee-use take out your chair, please!"

With my pajama trousers round my ankles I walked over to my desk and took out the chair and placed it in the middle of the room.

"Okay, stand behind the chair!", Mom said standing up, the cane in her right pointing to the floor.

As I stood where I was supposed to stand, Mom walked to my left. "Bend over!", she commanded.

As I had bent over, Mom pressed the cane against my already hot bottom cheeks.

"Because this cane will terrible hurt, you'll have to concentrate for each swat. So I want you to get a firm grip of the chair and to count every one of the twelve swats loudly! Do you understand me?"

"Yes, Mom!", I replied grabbing the legs of my chair.

Still pressing the cane onto my posteriora, Mom said: "Let's get it over with!" She drew back the cane. During the long moments of awaiting the cane, I suddenly felt Mom's left hand touching my back: She held me softly in position.

I heard a hissing sound and in the same moment an awful sting in my buttocks:

WHACK!!! - "One!"
WHACK!!! - "Ouuoh, two!"
WHACK!!! - "Ahh, three."

By now I began to squirm: Mom had to get a tighter grip of my back. Again she drew back the cane, again a hissing sound was heard:

WHACK!!! - "Four!"
WHACK!!! - "Five. Mom, pleaaa..."
WHACK!!! - "Ahhh!!Six!"
WHACK!!! - "I'll!"
WHACK!!! - "...good! Eight!"
WHACK!!! - "Aaaoohhh!!!...nine!"

My bottom was set under fire. The unbelievable sting made me bawl and squirm around on my chair. Mom paused saying:

"There is no need in bawling. If you do not stop at once, you'll get extras!"

I concentrated and bent over again properly. Mom drew back the cane.

WHACK!!! - "Ahhh!! Ten!"

I felt the sting in my thighs: Mom had decided to give them a taste of the cane, too.

WHACK!!! - "Ooooohhh!!! Eleven!" WHACK!!! - "Ahhhohh!!! Twelve!"

With this last stroke, Mom had returned to my buttocks.

"Stand up!" came the command.

I stood up, sobbing.

"I hope this will be a lesson for you!!

Still the cane in her hand she hugged me saying: "I hope I never ever have to use this cane again! Now take on your clothes!"

I walked over to my bed, Mom observed me taking off the pajama and dressing again. As I had finished, she said handing the cane to me: "I don't think I need it again, but nonetheless keep it in your wardrobe for me. I want to know where to get it, if necessary."

"Yes, Mom." I took the cane and put it into my wardrobe.

Mom picked up the wooden spoon from my bed and left the room.

As I was left alone with my stinging behind, I fell into my bed and now really had the chance to think about my mischief...


Pictures - His and Her Kinkers Special

Well here is the next photo special and this time it is his and her knickers special. Any one that read the original post will know I love wearing my partners knickers. They feel so good next to the skin and they turn me on all day if I'm made to wear them.

I just wish that more manufactures would wake up to the idea of men don't just want to feel comfortable in our underwear but turned on by it too. Why should girls have all the fun when it comes to having something sexy next to your skin?

Real Women

Women thankfully come in all shapes and sizes to make the life of us men more interesting. All of them are interesting and beautiful and have their own uniqueness that makes the different. The right woman for any man is the one with the right personality, not body shape.

The current fashion to have women fronting the fashion industry who have more in common with a coat hanger than a real woman of normal size, is utterly stupid and dangerous. It gives the wrong idea to some young women who end up from suffering form a number of eating disorders based on their perception of body image.

Take the girl in the picture above, she isn't fashion model size but she has a wonderful curved body shape that is a delight to the eye and other parts of your anatomy, if your a man or so inclined as a woman. She is a real woman that you would just love to hold, cuddle and make love to. She is everything a woman should be and she won't feel like she will fall apart when you touch her.

The fashion industry puts across the idea that thin is sexy and beautiful, but what really gives a woman sex appeal is confidence not size. There is something about a woman that is sure of herself that draws you to her and makes you notice her as soon as she walks into a room. It is nothing to do with size. I have seen and met lots of normal women that have more sex appeal than some stick insect on the cover of a fashion magazine.

When you think about it, it is so stupid of designers and the fashion industry to make clothes for such thin woman, they are hardly the norm. Real woman are a lot bigger and a lot more interesting to design for, and better still any designer aiming around the average size of the average woman has a much bigger market out there than the thin designers.

What I would say to women out there is embrace your curves and show them off. The truth is when it comes to women, curves are what men are looking for, not just in real life, but even in their dreams. We look for real women with personality and not stick insects in designer clothes. When it comes to fulfilling male fantasies it is real women we dream about, and in my case ones with nice bottoms that are just right for spanking.

Masturbation Watching

One of the things I love to do is to watch my partner masturbate. Watching her body and her face as she cums is truly an amazing sight. She just looks so beautiful at that moment with her legs and body shuddering to a massive climax, followed by that moment when she comes down from a massive high.

One thing I have do with my partner now, and have done in the past, is to incorporate this passion I have for watching women masturbate into dominance and submission play. The idea being to get her to beg to cum through orgasm control and spanking.

A typical dominance and submission session starts with by having my partner undress in front of me, making her fold every item of clothing neatly and placing them on bed. Any item failing to be fold to my exacting standards resulting a swift smack to the rear. Once naked, I have her stand before me and order her to spread her legs. At this point I start an examination of her which generally involves playing with her breasts, her pussy and her ass hole which I expect to be clean for my pleasure later.

Once she is sufficiently wet I get her to masturbate for me standing with her legs apart. It is fun watching her trying to stand as she gets close to cumming but she never gets there until I'm ready. Just as I see her knees buckling and her pushing her hand harder into her pussy as she rubs it harder and faster I stop her. Then taking her over my knee I begin to spank her while telling her she can't cum yet.

She knows the penalty for cumming too early, by my side I keep the cane, and six hard strokes is the will come her way and her pleasure will be replaced with pain.

After the spanking, which just makes her wetter and more turned on we start on round two. Once again I order to masturbate for me and once again I stop her just before she is about to cum and spank her for a second time.

Onward the game goes, round after round, with a the addition of a butt plug to focus her mind, until she becomes desperate to cum. It always gets to the stage that she begins to beg. This is the point I love. The power to say yes or know or let her suffer a bit longer is a cruelly fun. Having the power to let her have her release or not.

When it becomes time to let her cum it is always a moment to enjoy. The look on her face is magical as the orgasm explodes. Not being able to stand she always gently falls to the floor as the second, third and forth wave rips through her body. Her mussels move of their own accord, tensing and releasing. The whole thing rips through her body. She cum’s time and time again, until it is all over.

Once she has recovered enough to get on her knees, I strip, remove the butt plug, apply lube to my cock and plunge deep inside her ass. Then I start fucking her as she begins again to play with her sopping wet pussy. I’m normally so turned on it never takes me long until I'm fucking her hard and fast and then I cum myself, filling her ass with my juices as she brings herself off with her fingers.

Of course I not the only one that can play that little game, and now we have the strap on it is going to be interesting how that game develops for me in the future. We are just at the stage now where we are ready to use it in our kinky games. It looks like we are going to have a very Merry Christmas.

Masturbation is something that people tend to think is something that is personal, but my experience is that it more fun when someone does it with you, for you, or in front of you, but more about that and more in later posts.

A Picture I Love

There are some pictures you come across on the the internet that give you that wow factor. Behind them you find a story in your imagination that just hits the spot in some kind of way. It the whole thing that makes it special and gets you asking questions.

It is a position that I have found myself in quite a few times now and I must say being caned my a naked woman certainly is a turn on for me. I get the biggest erection before the caning starts until my mind is snapped back from the naked form before me by the pain in my backside.

Normally such spankings when we are both naked are the good boy and good girl spankings. Something we have both been lucky enough to enjoy on our last two spanking nights. As can been seen from this entry in our respective punishment logs below:

Name:          Miss Kinky
Sex:           Female
Date & Time:   20:15, Thursday, December 06, 2012
Offence:       Good Girl Spanking
Punished By:   Kinky Guy
Relation:      Domestic Disciplinarian
Leniency:      None
Punishment:    Erotic hand spanking
               Pussy fingering until Miss Kinky cums
               A blow job as a "Thank you" for Kinky Guy.

Name:          Kinky Guy
Sex:           Male
Date & Time:   22:05, Monday, December 10, 2012
Offence:       Good Boy Spanking
Punished By:   Miss Kinky
Relation:      Domestic Disciplinarian
Leniency:      None
Punishment:    Erotic hand spanking

               Milking until Kinky Guy cums
               A pussy licking as a "Thank you" until Miss Kinky cums.

Unfortunately Miss Kinky's spanking isn't going to be a good girl spanking so there no chance of a all round naked spanking tonight. The naked fun will happen later after the spanking is done and we retire to bed, but I have been side tracked all because of a wonderful picture of two people having fun.

Story - Spanking My Naughty Boy

After yesterdays post I thought it would be nice to include a story about a more erotic sort of story so I have included this one from someone called KatieBadGrr. It comes from the days of the newsgroups, and in particular a group call that is sadly full of spam these days. 

Spanking My Naughty Boy

The last time I spanked my naughty boy I made him strip naked for me, while I leaned back against the headboard and watched. He blushed so charmingly as he slid his boxers to the ground, giving me just a peek at his long, lean back.
He was still blushing when he stood, his hands dropping to cover his erection, but only for a moment. He knows better than that. I crooked my finger just a bit, beckoning him closer, and he stepped to the side of the bed. He was nervous, I could see, very nervous. But he was excited too - that was impossible to miss.

I reached out my hand and stroked his cock lightly with my fingers, delicately, just along the under side. He shivered but didn't try to stop me. Ahh, such a good naughty boy.

His attention was fixed on my hand until I looked up into his eyes. He held my gaze a second or two, then looked down. The heat was coming off him in waves.

I drew my hand away, and slid my long silky slip up past my thighs. I patted my bare lap lightly, without saying a word.

I smiled as I felt the bedsprings compress, and he climbed awkwardly up to kneel at my side. Then my lap was warm and full, his weight pressing down on my thighs. His skin was almost hot to the touch, and I could feel his pulsing cock between us.

I ran my hands over his body, rubbing his cheeks, his thighs, and his bare back until he began to relax. I murmured soothingly to him, trailing my fingers up his spine, then letting my nails tickle down his back and over his bottom. He shivered uncontrollably and tensed, the muscles along his back and shoulders hardening before my eyes. I grinned. My naughty boy is helpless when I tease him.

I dug my fingers into the flesh of his ass, rubbing and massaging, until he unwillingly relaxed again. Resting my hand on his cheek, I asked if he was ready for his spanking. He nodded his head against the bed, but I wasn't satisfied. I asked again, scratching my nail lightly against his skin.

"Yes," he whispered in a strangled voice. I smiled.

I brought my hand down hard on the bottom of one of his cheeks, and then another right in the same spot. It stung, as I knew it would, and he jumped. Pushing him back down on my lap, I continued spanking - not too hard, but not softly either. His skin began glowing pink very quickly; my naughty boy has very delicate skin. I enjoyed watching the handprints form red, then fade into the background.

Once or twice I slapped his thighs, making him kick and gasp - he didn't like that at all, but I did. That's why I did it again.

Some men have buns of steel, so my hand gets tired very quickly trying to make an impression, but my naughty boy can't take all that much. He squirms and ouches over my lap, hating and loving it as my small hand crashes down over and over again on his tender behind. I can spank him for a very long time if I want to.

I could feel his hard cock pushing against my warm thigh with every blow now. "Don't come," I warned him softly. He whimpered but nodded, and I could feel him straining to keep himself from rubbing against me.

I fired off a few more smacks, but then took pity on him, and pushed him further over my lap so that his cock fell between my thighs instead of touching my skin. I let him rest for a few seconds, caressing his back and the back of his neck, running my fingers through his hair. I soothed his stinging bottom with my hands, hearing his whimpers turn into appreciative hums.

But I couldn't let him become too comfortable, now, could I?

I reached across the bed for the wooden hairbrush he had bought me but never felt. He stiffened as I rubbed the bristles over his sore, red skin.

"No," he whispered. I ignored him, trailing the bristles over his thighs, and back up to his ass. I tapped his cheeks lightly with the bristles.

"No," he said again. "I can't."

"Yes, you can," I told him, flipping the brush over so that the cool, smooth wood rested against him. He protested just a little bit, fidgeting over my lap until I tapped him softly with the brush. A few light spanks, then a few more, then a few just a little harder. Then a few very hard.

I let the brush rest again, and nudged his thighs apart with my hand. Slipping my fingers down beneath him, I let my nails play lightly over his balls. His entire body went rigid, and gasping moans escaped his mouth. Ahh, yes. I scratched at the insides of his thighs and rubbed between his legs, feeling his cock growing and straining between mine.

Then the hairbrush again, harder this time, and just a little faster. His bottom turned a glorious red, and I knew he couldn't take much more, my poor naughty boy. I tossed the hairbrush aside, spanking him with my hand again, much harder now, enjoying the sizzling heat coming off his inflamed skin. He bucked hard against my thighs, and I scraped my fingernails against his sensitive bottom.

Then I tangled my hand in his hair, and pulled. He came up easily off my lap, and I pushed him down onto his back on the bed. He was breathing hard as I kissed him, trailing my lips and tongue and teeth down his chest and belly. He groaned aloud as I reached his taut, aching cock.

I closed my lips around him, sliding his cock inside me, tasting him deep in my throat. Even a naughty boy deserves a reward sometimes.

The End

Pictures - Spanked Women

I like, many men, love the sight of a lovely red hot female bottom and here is collection I have put together from the internet. There nothing better than running you fingers of a well spanked bottom and feeling the heat. I think I have an idea who the owner of the first picture is, so I hope she doesn't mind I have posted it.

I hope you have enjoyed the pictures. I know will never get bored of such a beautiful sight as long as I live. A fine red bottom is such a pretty sight to behold. Anyway another post spanking very soon and my love of the cane.

Mark of the Cane

When I was caning Miss Kinky on Thursday night I was reminded of my love of receiving and giving the cane. May it is being British that makes me love the cane so much but there is something special about this instrument of doom that I just don't feel for any other spanking implement. It just has the ability to be erotic and painful in so many ways.

From the caner point of view there is something satisfying about the cane. There is the feel of it and the power of the cane in your hand, the marks it leaves and the reaction that you get when it is well applied.

You know when you pick up the cane you have one of the ultimate spanking instruments in your hand. You can use it to cause a lot of pain or as an instrument of erotic pleasure. It all depends on how you use it. Hard well spaced strokes can cause you intended target to dread every stock, but fast rapid light stroke can tip the same person into subspace, a place to enjoy the ultimate pleasure. Picking up the cane gives you the power to deliver pleasure and pain, or both.

The marks you leave are as a caner are part of the art of caning. None of them should be high and none of the should wrap around the legs.  I get so frustrated seeing people think they can can on spanking tube only see them wrapping the cane. There is no need for it at all, it just requires a careful aim and practice and you can leave lovely marks on the bottom you are caning. One's they can get pleasure from later when they run there fingers of the marks you create.

Being caned is like nothing else, the anticipation followed by the burning pain feels like nothing else. A burning line of fire across your bottom, and if spaced right a pain that builds and builds with each stroke. Then there is the rubbing afterwards when you feel the marks left by the cane. You rub your fingers over them and you feel the ridges of each stroke. And finally you find a mirror and you put an image to the marks you have just felt.

The cane really is an instrument of choice for any spanker that really wants to feel or weld the ultimate weapon. I love using it and receiving it and it will never bore me. If you have never experienced it as spankee then seek it out just once and let me know how you feel. I love it bite of it on my bottom and the feel of it in my hand.

Wet Knickers

I know it is not everyone's fancy but I rather interested in water sports. I love the idea of pee play so finding that a girl had a damp patch on her knickers or being pissed on by a woman or even peeing on a woman.

(Picture Credit; Wetting her Panties)

It is another one of those things that goes back to my formative years, not that I was pissed on back then, but a general interest that was awoken in me back then.It was the day a girl asked me if I had seen her piss, which I hadn't, but it made me think what it would be like to see a female piss and more.

As the years went on I got to watch girl sitting on the toilet pissing, but somehow I never mentioned that I wanted to be closer to their piss. I just couldn't bring myself to tell them I wanted to be pissed on and in return piss on them.

I know I would enjoy the feeling watersports will bring. The closest I got is a  girlfriend  that seemed to joke that she would piss on me, not knowing that would fulfill my fantasy, but it never came to pass. I was left frustrated, still not knowing, but highly aroused by the idea.

I can image what it feels like and it gives me a massive erection when I read about it or watch videos about it. That feeling of some warm forbidden fruit falling on your body in the form of a golden shower of piss. It just such a turn on. I just hope it happens and exceeds all my expectations.

So now it is out and I have confessed to the world. You will have to watch this space to see if anything comes of it but it is great to be out. Who said blogging can't be liberating.

Role Play

Let me say that spanking children is wrong, and I don't support the practice in any way, but there are a lot of people interested in role play. You just have to look at the internet to find site after site dedicated to school girl and boy role play spanking such as Whipstock Grange a role play school for adults.

You don't need to be able to role play to be into spanking but if you try it you might find it fun, especially if you are playing rather than spanking for real reasons such as smoking, untidiness, rudeness etc within a relationship. However one has to be careful to be one big giggling fit and not make light of the whole thing if going to work well. It should be possible to make the whole thing fun but at the same time serious allowing lectures, scolding, corner-time, etc.

If you are new to this thing it can be very awkward and  in some case embarrassing to role play, but if done with another experienced role player it can soon become second nature with time. Yes, there might be a period of giggling to start with, especially with someone you know but it does get better and easier to do.

People think there has to be some kind of formula or script to follow when role playing, but in reality the best role plays are made up as they go along. You just have to simply agree the situation and work from there. If you have a fantasy you are following make sure you are both aware what you want to achieve from the role play and after a session discuss what worked and what didn't so the next time is even better.

If you enjoy role play it can be even more fun if you dress for the part. These are easy to get hold of from sex shops or if you want higher quality clothing that will last and last you can find it from more specialist websites on the internet. And before I finish on clothing, if you are on a budget have a look around the charity shops, it is amazing what you can find.

It is amazing the lengths people go to to find props for their role play. I know friends who look for school desks and stools. Any thing that they can find to give their role play more atmosphere, but you don't need these to start off, that's if you need them at all. Just like acting role play is all in the head. It is a mind game.

Personally I can relate to the idea of role play and regression as a way of letting go and I know others can too. Unfortunately for me Ms Kinky doesn't have much of an interest in role play but it doesn't stop me wanting to play in that area. I'm still working on something in this area we can do together.

I am seriously considering attending Whipstock Grange and it is just a question of time before I do. If you are interested you can find an excellent post by following this link about a day in the life of the school.One day I will turn up there and play along with the other players, I hope Ms Kinky will join me too, but we will have to see on that. The one thing I have in a boundary between role play and sex. I won't do the both together. For me would be wrong and I have never really grasped the Daddy thing we see in US spanking scene, but I guess that is just me. 

Clearly a lot of people like role play. You just have to do a Google search for spanking pictures, look around the professional sites, or other peoples blogs to see that role play is popular in the spanking scene. It is just fun and long may it continue to be so.

Intriguing Picture

I have been getting a lot of hits on the m/f spanking pictures page and I decided to find out why. It turned out that one of the pictures on the site was number one for image search term "spanking f/m" which surprised me. Anyway on the same image search a little further done the ranking was this picture.

Instantly it grabbed my interest. For starters it features a woman spanking a man and the woman has a fine bottom that looks like it could take a nice spanking too. But the thing that got me was the man watching, and his whole role in the whole affair.

Like so many pictures that intrigue me, it is the possible background story and what happens next that inters tests me. Why is the man being spanked and why is the man watching looking at the woman's bottom. Is the man watching holding his hand over his eye while peeking at the woman bottom? If so why is he doing that, is he next or is he enjoying the view. Is he thinking of spanking her bottom or that he is next? What ever he is thinking he has been noticed and what will the woman do next?

The number of questions the picture raises will depend your perspective making it one of those intriguing pictures you find from time to time.

Story - A Shoplifter Caned

Another of my favorite writers from way back is Mike from London and the story spot features one of his stories todat.  He mainly writes school scene spanking stories that fit in with the role play post of a few days ago, however he write the occasional adult based story to. If you would like to read some of his other stories they can be found a Laura Spanking Corner by following this link. 

Shoplifter Caned 

I own a small bookshop in Ilford and, as I am generally serving alone in the shop, there is quite a problem with shoplifting. To prevent this I have a system of mirrors so that I can see what is going on in the shop while I am in the backroom. 

About a fortnight ago a young lady about twenty years old came into the shop and started looking at the books. I asked her if she was looking for anything in particular but she said she was just browsing. As she was the only customer and I had to go through some orders I left her looking at the books and went through into the back. After a minute or two I glanced up and was surprised to see her slipping a hardback book into her bag. I came out and asked her if she had found anything she wanted, but she brazenly said she hadn't and started to walk out.

I stepped into her way and grabbed hold of her bag. I said 'Oh no you don't! You haven't paid for that book in there!' 

I opened the bag and took out the book. At first she said that she had brought it with her, but when it was opened it still had my shop's marker inside it. I told her that I was going to telephone the police as I always prosecuted shoplifters.

I was surprised at the response. I had expected the 'couldn't care less' attitude I had come across on most similar occasions but instead she was very distressed and obviously near tears (though I suppose she may have put this on to gain my sympathy).

I told her that what she had done was against the law and that she was a criminal and that the law must take its course. She begged me not to phone the police; she was training to be a solicitor and her parents had spent hundreds of pounds on her to get a degree and pass the Law Society Examinations. If I reported her it would all be wasted as she would not be allowed to qualify as a solicitor if she had just been convicted of shoplifting.

I said that was her fault and she should have thought of that first, but she kept on imploring me. She said that she knew that she had done wrong but that her whole life and future career would be ruined if she had to go to court, and that she would not be able to face her parents.

It was only then that I thought of the obvious. Several years ago when my son, Richard, had been a mischievous schoolboy I had occasionally used a few quick whacks from a regulation school cane on him when he was exceptionally naughty. I was almost sure it was still upstairs. Looking at this girl admitting she had done wrong and begging me not to go to the police reminded me irresistibly of Richard aged twelve begging me not to give him his first ever caning.

I said to the girl, 'Well, you admit that you attempted to steal the book which was a crime, so you must be punished. I will only agree not to go to the police if you agree to take your punishment from me.'

She asked hesitantly what I meant, but I think she guessed by then. I told her that I thought I still had a school punishment cane upstairs and that the choice was hers; so far as I was concerned I would phone the police that minute. She asked what her punishment would be if she agreed.

I said that there were two elements to a caning - pain and humiliation. If anyone deserved a sound caning she did and I would give her nine strokes on her clothed bottom and a final tenth stroke on her bared backside. I knew that this would add greatly to the punishment. Richard had always hated taking his trousers down and presenting his already wealed bottom to receive yet another stroke - and it would obviously be very much more humiliating for a twenty year old girl to have to show her naked caned bottom to a strange man.

When I explained my proposals to the girl she didn't speak for a while and then she started to cry. She said she couldn't make up her mind. She didn't want me to go to the police, but she couldn't stand the idea of taking her clothes off in front of a stranger. I said that my only interest was that she got the punishment that she deserved one way or another. I suggested that she go off and walk around a bit to make her mind up and come back at six o'clock in the evening. I would keep her handbag as a safeguard and I told her that if she wasn't back by then I would telephone the police.

I took a good look at her. She was an very attractive young lady, about twenty as I said, around 5'4" tall and slimly built. She had long, light blonde hair and was wearing a blue cotton top with the words from a Coca-Cola advert written across it. It was quite tight and showed off her breasts very well - she didn't seem to be wearing a bra. She also had on a figure-hugging pair of white trousers and a pair of chunky sandals. I could see that she wasn't wearing pantyhose as her toes were free.

The material in her trousers seemed quite thin and I was quite satisfied that she would really feel the effects of a caning if she decided that way. I told her not to change her clothes in any way or put on pantyhose or another pair of panties if she decided to be punished by me. If she did she would get the entire punishment on the bare.

After she left I checked in the handbag to get some information in the intervals between serving customers. I soon saw that she had been telling the truth about training to be a solicitor and she had an orange card saying Law Society Student's Card. I saw that her name was Michaela Peterson and also noted her address. The shop closed at 5.30 and I went upstairs to find the cane. It didn't take me long and I practised a few experimental whacks and left the cane lying on my bed.

I had suggested 6.00 as both shops next to me would be closed by then and no-one lived above them. Should Michaela elect for a caning there would be nobody to hear if she yelled out during the punishment.

Just before 6.00 the bell rang and I opened the door. Michaela was there with a determined look on her face. She said that she had decided that it would have to be the caning and that she wanted to get it over with as soon as possible. I asked her if she wanted to go to the toilet but she said no. So I led her to my bedroom and then left her for a few minutes, telling her to wait. I did this as I knew that waiting would make the punishment worse. When I came back Michaela was holding the cane, obviously trying to imagine what its effect on her bottom would be. At last it was time for me to show her.

I told her to stand by the bed, about two feet away, and bend down, placing her hands on the bed. The tight white trousers stretched themselves over Michaela's lower curves, displaying her bottom cheeks to perfection. I could see the shape of her panties through the thin material. The broad feminine bottom was a real contrast to young Richard's schoolboy backside in his dark grey trousers! I swung the cane lightly on to her bottom and away again to check that I had enough room for a free swing. Then I said 'Right. This is your last chance - shall I phone the police?'

She said in a choked voice, obviously between gritted teeth: 'No!' So I said that as the idea was that no-one should know what she had done, or that she'd been caned it was up to her not to shout out as otherwise people might come in to ask what was going on. I told her I would give her an extra stroke for each time she cried out loudly. Actually, of course, there was no chance of anyone hearing but Michaela couldn't know that and it would not be a very satisfactory punishment if she yelled and shrieked and struggled at every stroke - after all she had, literally, asked for it.

I kept her waiting for the first stroke and swished the cane in the air a few times so as to take her by surprise, watching that pert bottom flinch expectantly each time. Then I lifted the cane as high as possible and brought it down with all the strength of my right arm, putting all my weight - 12 stone 4 pounds - behind it. It landed exactly half way up the target area and there was a very satisfactory Whack!

Michaela gave a convulsive leap upwards and her hands went to her bottom. She could not restrain a high-pitched note of pain, but cut it off short. I admired her courage as she immediately bent down again ready for the next stroke. I counted 'One!'.

Once again I took my time over the next stroke, relishing the sight of Michaela's delectable rear. Then I whipped the cane down again, landing it slightly lower. It was as hard as the first one but she took it well, apart from some involuntary squirmings. I said 'Two!' and slashed down the next stroke almost simultaneously. It had the desired effect and took her by surprise; she yelled out blue murder. So I didn't count that one and gave her another in as near as possible the same place.

She jumped and I heard the gasp of her sharp intake of breath, but she restrained her yell. So the punishment was one third over so far as the over-trousers caning was concerned. I took stock of the situation. Michaela had begun to cry and she was breathing heavily, her breasts wobbling through her teeshirt, she was still in position but couldn't help moving all the time. Her long fair hair was all over the place and right over her eyes.

I released stroke four which landed just on the lower curves of her buttocks - again her hands went to her trousers and away. The next stroke landed in the same place and Michaela yelled loudly again. So I didn't count that one and whacked another one in, just as hard, in the same place.

Stroke six was an experiment. I aimed it just to the left buttock so that the tip of the cane dug in hard halfway across her trousers. She was by now sobbing continuously, but it did not evoke a yell. The remaining three strokes I aimed low, below the pantie-line. I hit as hard as I could, but although she certainly felt them, as she showed by jerking violently each time the cane collided with her drum- tight trousers, she didn't yell out. I was getting tired.

After the ninth stroke (actually, of course, the eleventh!) had reverberated round the room I stood there watching Michaela's trousered bottom and listening to her whimperings. Although I had counted nine she still remained in position.

I told her to get up and she did - slowly and unsteadily. She put her hands to her trousers, stretching out her long, delicate fingers to cover the whole devastated area and tenderly caress it. When she seemed in command of herself I told her to pull down her trousers.

At first she started to protest and refused, but when I insisted and told her it had been her choice she started to undo them. All resistance was gone. With her back to me she very carefully and slowly began to draw her trousers down. I didn't blame her for being slow about it. It clearly hurt like hell sliding those trousers over her swollen and wealed buttocks. She'd been wearing white panties which were almost transparent and the marks showed clearly through them as her trousers fell to her sandals.

Then I told her to drop the panties too and after a while she did. This was an even more careful operation and she was constantly squealing to herself. When they reached her ankles I told her to bend down again and she did so hesitantly, trying to keep her shaky legs as close together as she could.

I stood for almost a minute looking at the pattern of weals on her arse and then suddenly let loose with the hardest stroke I could muster, aiming it diagonally so as to cross the biggest, most raised weals. This time her yell was frighteningly loud even though I knew no-one could hear. So I said 'That's another one then!' and waited for her to position herself again. when she did so I just tapped her bottom lightly with the cane and said 'Ten!'. She didn't deserve any more, she'd been really brave.

I told her she could stand up now and as she did so I saw some blood seep out from that last punishing stroke - no wonder she'd screamed. I told Michaela to get dressed and said that it might be an idea for her to put her trousers back on without the panties, and this is what she did. I also suggested that she washed her face and tidied her hair and then come downstairs, where I would be waiting.

When she finally reappeared I said that she had taken her punishment well and that so far as I was concerned it was all forgotten. I offered her a cup of tea and suggested she stayed indoors for a while till the worst of the pain went and only then went back to her flat. Otherwise her flat-mates would probably guess more or less what had happened. Surprisingly enough she accepted and I quite enjoyed sitting down to my tea watching her drinking hers, standing up and still crying quietly.

Afterwards we went into the sitting room and I switched on the telly. We watched until after News at Ten and by then she had stopped crying and dried her tears. During the news she made an attempt to sit down. Very carefully she lowered herself onto a chair. But as soon as her trousers made contact with the seat she jumped up again with a stifled 'Owww!'. She hopped from one foot to the other and then turned to me and said with a tight smile 'I don't really feel like sitting down at the moment. I'd rather stand!'

After the news Michaela made up her face and managed to control her expression so that no-one would guess what she had been through. She still walked stiffly, though, and could not help an occasional grimace of pain. She told me that if her flat-mates noticed anything she would tell them that she had banged her leg and bruised it badly. I handed her back her handbag and she put her panties in it. Finally, just before 11.00, she left, and I wished her luck in her profession.

This was the last I saw of Michaela until yesterday when she walked back into my shop again. This time she was wearing a printed summer frock. There were other customers, but when they had been served and had gone she walked over to the counter. I was rather surprised but pleased to see her. I asked her how she was.

She knew what I meant and said that she was still sore and bruised though she rubbed soothing cream in every night. She told me that it still hurt to sit down and that she had had to take two days off work. She said, though, that she knew that she'd deserved it and that she'd come back to say that she was very sorry and would not ever do anything like it again.

I told her that she was a brave girl but that she had probably needed a good spanking. She replied, 'Well, if so, I certainly got one!' and ruefully rubbed her bottom. She told me that she had not worn trousers or jeans all that fortnight as they rubbed so painfully but had worn loose skirts and dresses all the while.

In the end she got out her purse and gave me £4.95. She finally bought the book it had all been about! And then Michaela went out again and I watched her bottom wiggle through her frock and thought about the marks that I alone knew were on it.

So far no-one else has tried to shoplift but I think now that I'll offer anyone I catch the same choice. The cane has probably been a more effective punishment for Michaela than a fine would have been, and she didn't deserve to have her whole career ruined.

Pictures - Faces of Sex

One thing that I have always loved seeing, normally with the aid of a mirror is a woman's face as I make love to her. I just find it such a turn on. So I thought I would include a post of some pictures I found in the hope that you might think the same as me.

Just so you know which my favorite, it is picture number 2. I don't know why it just does it for me. It is the expression on the girls face as her lover drills deep inside her. There nothing quite like the face of a woman when she is enjoying something hard in her wet pussy.

Blog - Our Bottoms Burn

This is a post I have been meaning to get round to writing for a time. Like many of you I enjoy reading blogs and one of the blogs I read and whose posts I comment on is Our Bottoms Burn. The only reason not for posting about it before was just I to much stuff in my head and too little time to do write it.

(Picture Credit - Our Bottoms Burn)

Our Bottoms Burn is a wonderful blog that is now entering it sixth year. It certainly meets it's aim to celebrate the erotic side of spanking as long practiced by one married couple. They don't spank for punishment or discipline or any reason other than to supercharge sex. which to me seems a good enough reason as any. I certainly know what they mean when they say "getting our bottoms toasted sexually arouses us" the same thing happens here too. It is a mixture of fun and of thoughtful posts like this one published yesterday. What I like about it, is it an easy read and informative. So if you haven't read it do check it out, there is a like in this post and another on the right hand side of the page in the blog list.

I have over the weeks since I started the blog featured a few sites and I would like to feature more in the coming months. if you think there is a site worthy of note just leave a comment and I will give it a visit and may be give it a post. if you have been reading the blog for a while you will know what I am into at the moment. It would be great to make this sort of post a regular feature in the blog.

Spanking and Tears

For some people a spanking can make them cry and for other not, neither is the right or wrong reactions to spanking. We are all different and have different reactions to to things in life.


For me, however, there is something special about a crying woman. It is a sort of protecting thing that seems to be inbuilt within me. I just want to hug and protect them even if it was the spanking that I gave them for good cause that made them cry. I guess I want them to know they are still loved.

I never have given any kind of spanking without consent, even punishment spankings are defined by clear rules which have been agreed and discussed. They are given and received with love and trust on both sides and if they result in tears then reassurance and love is always given. 

I remember the first time I someone asked me to cane them until they cried I was very apprehensive about the whole thing until I realised that is what they needed and wanted. At that stage I had never been spanked myself and I didn't understand what it is like to let go of guilt through spanking. Now I understand their need and I'm glad didn't let my apprehension get in the way of giving her the release she wanted. I know it brought use closer together. Since then I have never been scared to spank someone to tears.

Some people are so stoic they never show their feelings or complain about their spankings. I have met and spanked someone like that. As yet I have never cried, but I have been close and I know I show my feelings while I'm being spanked, as for partner she has cried on a number of occasions. The thing is we are all different and that makes life so interesting. 

Pictures - Men in Knickers

As promised when I did a picture post about women in knickers, a similar post about men in knickers focusing on the part of a males anatomy that Ms Kinky seems to love seeing in her knickers. She thinks the male member looks far more sexy in something tight fitting, especially when erect.

I know that wearing knickers, as I have said before, feels so sexy and I like the way they hug the anatomy. It quite a thrill to know that I have a pair of knickers on and that nobody knows other than Ms Kinky. It's just such a turn on. Anyway, the next picture post will be more spanking related, so spankers and spankees look out for it. 

Website - Dreams of Spanking

I thought it would be good to point one of the excellent British spanking websites every month of so on the Blog, not to make money out of them but just because there are some wonderful sites out there to be found. The one I'm going to start with is one of the best, "Dreams of Spanking".

 (Picture Credit: Dreams of Spanking)

I came across this site because it is one of the few sites that has females spanking both males and females in video productions, something I think is sadly missing from most sites that sell video clips of some kind and a big bonus is it features the beautiful and cheeky Pandora Blake (Pictured above). On her personal blog sometime ago there was a post that mentioned her love of films where females both males and females get spanked together so it was greats she followed it up with films and clips on her own site featuring this practice.

Dreams of Spanking is a lovely site and reflects the high production values of the videos it sells. It is a class site and it clear has been a labor of love to produce something that stands out above the rest. It doesn't feel cheap and nasty like many of the spanking sites you come across, it just shines like a star. All the clips are well produced with that attention to detail that is often so sadly missing in many commercial spanking sites.

On the site you will find wonderful sample photo sets, sample video, a site blog and profiles of the models. And unlike many sites it is easy to navigate and making use of tags to make things easy to find. It is clear that a lot of work and thought has gone into making this site a easy site to use. Although it is a pay site as a visitor you get to see all that is on offer, nothing is hidden, you just have to pay for premium access. When you have done this the samples are replaced by full videos. I'm not sure about the pricing but it seems reasonable for the quality of what you can view and see given the work that goes clear goes into the site.

If this seemed like a rave review it is because it is just that. It stands out as one of the top professional spanking production sites and it is world class. All the effort in its creation deserves all the rewards that can be gain for it. It is worth a look, so take a look at Dreams of Spanking.

Story - The Resort

Stories involving men and women being spanked together seem to be rare and old ones are getting harder to find. The search engine to Google groups was seems to have been crippled years ago and lot of the original websites by spanking authors who use to post in the newsgroups have sadly closed down. I did, however, mange to find this old story by Wintermute for you to enjoy.

The Resort

The resort was set in the redwood trees and medows, with a view of the ocean. The rooms where large and set in small groups in buildings scattered around the grounds.

Like most resorts of this kind, there was a pool and tennis courts, you could get a seaweed facial or a Shiatsu message. But this resort offered services of a more private nature as well. At the customers request, after the whole body message, a spanking would be administered, leaving a glow on the bottom in addition to the muscles. The resort had what they referred to as a "full disciplinary staff". Guests might hear the sound of a paddle being applied to the bare bottom of an exhibitionists, taking a spanking over a spanking horse in the garden, only partly shielded by a hedge. For those with more private tastes, an appointment could be arranged with a staff disciplinarian of the customers choosing and the spanking would be administered in their room.

Cimarron and Debbie had found out about the resort from friends. It was the sort of place that did not advertise. Walking through the garden after checking into their room they saw a woman wearing only a bra and a pair of sheer panties, bent over a spanking bench being paddled.

The next day, in the late afternoon they were walking by the tennis courts. They stopped and watched a tennis game. A man and a woman were playing and another woman was sitting in the raised referee's chair. The man scored a point by hitting the ball into the far corner and the referee called "match point". The man and the woman went to the net, kissed and the referee got down from her chair. She was wearing a pair of spandex bike shorts that showed off the round curve of her bottom and a tee shirt with the resorts name on it. Her hair was in a pony tail, threaded through the back of a baseball cap.

The tennis players moved to the side where the referee stood. Debbie and Cimmeron noticed that there was a spanking bench behind the referee's chair. The woman tennis player drank from a bottle of water and wiped the sweat from her face with a towel. She was wearing a short tennis skirt with a matching top. She put the water bottle and the towel down and bent over a spanking bench. As her male tennis partner watched, the referee fastened the young woman's hands with straps attached to the spanking bench. The referee flipped up the woman's short pleated skirt and removed her tennis panties and the white bikini panties that were underneath. She then fastened the woman's legs to the spanking bench. Positioned this way, the womans bottom was pushed up, her thighs spread exposing lips of her vulva. The young woman's legs and thighs gleamed with sweat from the tennis game that she was about to pay the price for losing.

The referee took a paddle down from where it hung on the back of the chair. She knelt down beside the bound womans head, caressing her hair. The referee she said something to the woman that Debbie and Cimmeron could not hear. The woman nodded her head. The referee stood up and moved behind the woman, and brought the paddle down hard across the womans raised buttocks. She gave a stroke ever few seconds, spanking the bound womans bottom and upper thighs. It looked to Debbie and Cimmeron that the strokes were harder as the spanking progressed, as the woman started crying out with each stroke. The referee spanked the tennis player's bottom and upper thighs until they were crimson.

She hung the paddle back on it's hook and took down a spanking strap. She caressed the womans bottom and said something again. When the woman answered she raised the strap and brought it down hard across the bound woman's buttocks. The referee spanked the woman more slowly this time, her body rocking forward slightly with each stroke. The man stroked his partner's hair while the she was spanked with the strap. It looked like the woman was crying. They counted twenty strokes before the spanking stopped. The womans bottom was a deep crimson and lined with wide welts from the strap. The referee unfastened the woman's arms and legs, speaking to her softly as her partner caressed her. The woman got up from the spanking bench, rubbed her bottom and and wiped away some tears. She winced slightly as she dressed, putting her white bikini panties and tennis panties back on. The couple got their rackets, towels and water bottles and left the court with the referee. The crimson blush on the woman's upper thighs could be seen under her tennis skirt as she walked away.

The next day they returned to the tennis courts to watch another game, between another man and a woman. A different woman was refereeing this game. The woman player was very good and this time the man lost. After the match he bent over the spanking bench to take his punishment. His partner removed his shorts and bikini briefs while the referee fastened his arms to the bench. The woman tennis player then fastened his legs to the bench. She bent over and wispered in his ear while she caressed him between the legs. The referee waited behind them, holding a rattan cane. When the woman moved out of the way, the referee raised the cane and brought it down hard across the man's ass. The cane left a dark red welt against his the pale skin of his lean muscled buttocks. She caned him until his bottom and upper thighs were heavily lined with welts. Then the referee exchanged the cane for a strap, while the woman tennis player caressed her partner between the legs, moving her fingers over his hard cock and his balls. The woman tennis player moved aside to allow the referee to spank her partner with the strap. The strap cracked loudly across his ass and his thighs and he cried out after each stroke.

After watching the tennis court spankings they had very hard, very intense sex. They had both asked for spankings along with their messages, but they both wanted more, the images of woman and the man being punished after losing their tennis matches fresh in their minds. As they were passing the front desk Debbie asked "Why don't we sign up for a spanking session?"

Cimarron agreed and they went to the concierge desk. Debbie told the woman at the desk what they were interested in. "Have you had a spanking session here before?" she asked.

"No", Debbie answered

The concierge gave them a book of photos, with short paragraphs describing the kind of session each disciplinarian specialized in. One of the women was named Julie. The paragraph said that one of Julie's specialties was governess style punishment spankings for "naughty boys and girls". That made them both shiver. "Is Julie available?", Cimarron asked.

The concierge pulled out an appointment book, and turned to a page labeled "Julie". "You're in luck. Julie has a 'bedtime' session available tonight at 9:00. Will that work?"

The looked at each other and both swallowed mentally. "Yes, that would be fine", she answered.

The concierge pulled out three sheets of paper. "I'll need you to fill out these forms. On the first sheet you need to put your names and room number down, I'll fill in Julie's name and the appointment time. The second sheet describes the kind of sessions that are available. You will need to answer the questions on that page. The last page is the concent form for the spanking. You will both need to sign that.

Debbie filled in their names and room numbers and gave the top sheet to the concierge who completed it and wrote their names and the time on Julie's page of the appointment book.

On the second page was printed:
The Resort has an experienced disciplinary staff that is available to provide spanking sessions. Several issues should be understood before signing up for a spanking session.
Spankings are administered on the bare buttocks or over sheer panties, depending on the spanking session. This allows the disciplinarian to properly gauge the effect of the spanking.
Although the sessions are intimate in nature the disciplinary staff does not provide any sexual services.
During the session the customer is expected to explicitly obey all requests from the disciplinarian and address them as Sir or Ma'am. Failure to address the disciplinarian properly during a session or to follow the disciplinarian's requests may result in extra punishment or an end to the session, at the disciplinarian's discression.
Spankings are painful and will result in soreness. Depending on the person and the severity of the spanking selected, there may be marking or brusing.
To help the disciplinarian give you a satisifying session, please indicate a level of severity that most suits you.
  • Moderate
    The spanking will consist of between sixty and eighty strokes given with the hand and a light or medium paddle, leaving the buttocks a deep pink and resulting in short term soreness. Extra punishment strokes will only be assigned after a warning has been given first. The spanking may be taken over sheer panties.
  • Hard The disciplinary session will consist of between eighty and one hundred strokes, given with a paddle, strap and cane. No more than thirty storkes will be administred with the cane. No more than twenty strokes will be administered with the strap. Some extra punishment strokes may be assigned for disobedience or moving out of position. Punishment strokes will be administered with a paddle. The spanking will leave the buttocks red, with some mild brusing or welting. There may be some soreness the next day. The paddling may be taken over sheer panties. Strokes with the cane or strap will be administered on the bare bottom.
  • Severe
    This is a punishment session that will consist of between one hundred twenty and one hundred and fifty strokes, administered with a paddle, strap, bath brush, cane or whip. At least forty strokes will be given with the cane and/or whip and a minimum of twenty strokes will be administred with a heavy punishment strap. Extra punishment strokes will be liberally assigned for any disobedience, clinching of the buttocks while being spanked or failure to maintain position. Punishment strokes will be administered with a cane or whip. The spanking will leave the buttocks and upper thighs lined with welts over a deep crimson blush. Brusing will be visible the next day and sitting will be uncomfortable. The client will take the spanking naked.
If a couple is spanked together, any extra punishment strokes earned by one person for disobedience, clenching or moving out of postion during a spanking will be administered to both.
During a session, the client may request an end to the session, but once a severity level has been selected it cannot be changed.
Cimarron looked at her. "What do you think? Hard or severe?"

Debbie looked down at the paper and then back up. "Severe, I think. What about you."

"Yes, severe"

She checked the box next to "severe" and passed the sheet to the concierge.

"Are you sure that this is what you want?" asked the concierge. "Julie is a beautiful, kind, warm, sweet girl. I think that comes across in her photo. Some people don't think that Julie could administer a severe spanking. From personal experience I can assure you that if you ask for a severe spanking you will get a long hard punishment session."

"Yes", Debbie said, "that's what we want. I'm glad that Julie can be both warm and strict."

"Ok. You're down for 9:00. An hour is scheduled for the session. You need to be ready and wearing only panties. If you change your mind or want to change the severity of the session you can do so anytime before 7:00."

They thanked the concierge and left. Talking to her about the spanking and reading the descriptions made them both very hot, but they did not want to make love until after Julie spanked them.

Waiting was hard, as they both kept thinking about the spanking they had coming. They both wondered more than once whether they really should have signed up for the "hard" session instead of the "severe" session. They both ate lightly that evening, and were back to their room at 8:00.

"Maybe we should get undressed", Debbie said nervously glancing at the clock, which read 8:30. They undressed to the panties, Cimarron wearing only a pair of cotton bikini briefs and Debbie in a pair of sheer string bikini panties. She remembered that she would have been allowed to keep her panties on when she was paddled if they had selected "hard", instead of severe.

Debbie went to the cabinet next to the clothes closet and opened the double doors. Hanging on the doors and in the back of the cabinet were a variety of paddles, canes, whips, spanking straps, a hair brush and a bath brush. She looked at them thinking about how each would feel applied to her bare bottom.

At exactly 9:00 there was a knock on the door. Cimarron opened the door to find the tall dark haired woman from concierge's photo. She was wearing a tan trench coat, closed to her collarbone, her long dark hair cascading over the shoulders of the coat. He moved aside to let her in.

"Are you Debbie and Cimarron?" Julie asked. When they answered yes, Julie said "I always confirm names and room numbers. One of the disciplinarians once gave a severe spanking to the wrong person and did not find out until it was over. I'm Julie and I'll be your disciplinarian this evening."
Julie took off the coat and hung it on a hook near the door. She was wearing a black boned corset, giving her figure an hourglass shape, her breasts pushed up by the top. The corset flaired out above her hips, emphasizing the small black lace string bikini panties she was wearing and the garter belt, holding up a pair of seamed black stockings that ended small feet inserted into black stilletto heels.
Julie sat on the couch, her legs tucked up under her. "You are my last clients for this evening, so I can take a little longer to get to know you" she told them.

At first they were both very nervous, intimidated by this beautiful woman who had come to give them a spanking. Julie started asking them a little about themselves and in a few minutes they were at ease with her. She moved the topic to their experience with spanking, asking if this was part of their relationship, who got spanked and how hard spanking were given.

"Its important that I know a bit about you and your background to help me decide what kind of spanking you need." Julie looked from one of them to the other and said with a bit of sadness in her voice "I'm afraid that you both need to be punished. I'm going to have to give you are very hard spanking."
Julie did seem like a very nice sweet, even gentle girl and it occured to Cimarron that Julie really might be sad that it would be her job to punish them. A spanking is supposed to hurt and they had asked for a severe spanking.

"I'm going to have to punish you, but I have some leeway in deciding the severity of your punishment. I'm going to have to give you between one hundred-twenty and one hundred-fifty strokes. Forty with the cane or whip and twenty with the heavy punishment strap. That leaves sixty to ninety strokes, plus any punishment strokes, at my discression. You are being punished, so the final decision is up to me, but I would like to get your input.

I think that you both need a spanking that leans toward the severe side, so I think that one hundred-forty strokes would be appropriate. You will get a warm-up paddling of forty strokes over my lap. Then I'll bend you both over the end of the bed and give you twenty storkes with the cane, followed by a thirty stroke whipping with ten strokes across the thighs. After you take the whipping I'll give you the required twenty strokes with the heavy spanking strap. I'll finish your punishment back over my lap with thirty strokes with the bath brush, the last ten given extra hard.

I have to give you most of this spanking, but I can leave out the whipping and add strokes with the cane and the bath brush if the spanking is too severe.

"No, Ma'am" Debbie said. "I don't think that the punishment is too severe"

"Young man?", Julie asked.

"No, Ma'am. It's not too severe"

"In that case, I think that its time to give you a spanking." She turned to Debbie. "Do you need to go to the bathroom first, honey?"

"No, Ma'am"

"Come with me", Julie said as she walked into the bedroom. They followed her, Cimarron looking at Julie's bottom as she walked, her buttocks moving under the sheer lace of her panties. Julie went to the cabinet of spanking implements, took down a ruler paddle, went to the bed and sat down on the end. "I'll start with you

Debbie. Please take off your panties and lie across my lap".

Debbie pulled her panties down to her thighs, letting them slip down to her ankles and stepped out of them, leaving her naked when she lay across Julie's lap.

"I'm going to start with twenty strokes across your bottom and then we'll give Cimarron his turn under the paddle."

Cimarron stood to Julie's right side, watching as she paddled Debbie with the thin paddle, bringing the paddle down across Debbies buttocks every few seconds. Debbies legs were slightly spread, giving him a view of her pussy between her thighs. When it was his turn to take his panties off and like naked over Julie's lap, he had a very stiff erection. Julie ignored it as she settled him over her right thigh.

The pain of the first stroke of the paddle was a bit of a shock and soon the smacks of the paddle across his bare buttocks took his mind off his erection which was pressing against Julie's bare thigh.

"You can get up now, honey", Julie told him. He got up and Debbie returned to Julie's lap to finish her paddling. Julie was spanking harder now and soon each stroke was eliciting a faint "ow" from Debbie. Her bottom was blushed a deep pink when it was Debbies turn to watch as Julie's paddle redden Cimarron's bottom.

After Julie finished paddling Cimarron's and he had gotten up from her lap, she put the ruler paddle back in the spanking implement cabinet and took out a rattan cane. The cane was about three feet long and 3/8 inch in thickness.

Julie held one end of the cane in each hand, across her upper thighs. "I want you both side by side over the end of the bed. Please move move those two ottomans to the end of the bed." Julie told them. "Then put two pillows on the end of the bed, kneel on the ottoman and lie over the end of the bed, with the pillows under your hips."

Julie stood watching them as they moved the pillows and the ottoman. When they were both bent over the end of the bed, Debbie on the left and Cimmeron on the right, their bottoms pushed up by the pillow she told them "I'm going to cane you now." She moved to Debbie, patting her right thigh "I want you to spread you legs a bit, honey. Good girl." Bent over the end of the bed in such a submissive position Debbie felt very exposed, her thighs spread showing her pussy, her bottom pushed up, presented, waiting for the first stroke of cane.

"You asked for a punishment session. The paddling I just gave you was a warm up. Your punishment is going to start with twenty strokes of the cane. I'm going to cane you hard and it is going to hurt. You both need to stay in position, with your bottoms up and your buttocks relaxed. If there is any squirming or clenching of your buttocks after a stroke, I'll have to give you both two extra punishment strokes."
Julie tapped the cane lightly across their buttocks "Bottoms up", she told them. Debbie raised her bottom a little higher. She heard the whistle of the cane and felt the first stroke burn across her bottom. Debbie's buttocks quivered a bit, but she stayed in position and did not clench.

A few seconds later Julie administered another stroke across Cimmeron's bottom. She alternated strokes between then, drawing the cane behind her and whipping it forward fast and hard every few seconds. Each stroke left a red welt across buttocks that were already reddened from the paddling. Soon each stroke was followed by a cry of pain.

After giving them each ten strokes with the cane, Julie let them catch their breath for a couple of minutes, before administering the last set of ten strokes. The curve of their buttocks where lined with ten welts. When she started caning them again she gave the strokes lower, across the lower part of the cheeks and the upper thighs. Cimmeron was the first to squirm and clench after she gave him a hard stroke across the upper thighs.
Julie caressed his bottom. "I know that it hurts honey, but you need to stay still. I'm going to have to add two extra punishment strokes". Debbie began to cry as the caning continued and both of them clenched and squirmed under the painful cane strokes.

"I'm going to have to punish you both for not staying still during your spanking" she told them after she finished giving them the last ten strokes. "I want to see those bottoms raised while you wait for your punishment."

Julie returned the rattan cane to the spanking implement cabinet and took out a black carbon fibre cane. Julie used this cane to administer extra punishment strokes because strokes from this cane hurt more than those from the rattan cane. When she moved back to the couple she was happy to see their bottoms raised as she had ordered. Julie thought that Debbie looked lovely, her welted bottom pushed up, her thighs spread exposing her pussy.

Julie caressed the welts on Debbies bottom. "I'm going to give you each eight strokes with the punishment cane. This time I will not give you extra punishment for squirming or clenching, but I do expect you to stay in position and take your spanking." Julie drew the cane back and brought it down hard across Cimmeron's upraised ass. Julie quickly followed with a stroke across Debbie's bottom. She gave the strokes fast and hard and Debbie was crying when the spanking was over.

Julie went back to the cabinet and exchanged the black cane for a spanking whip. The whip looked like a riding crop, but where a riding crop would have a flat leather slapper, the spanking whip tappered down from the handle into a rod-like end. She returned to the end of the bed, where Debbie and Cimmeron waited for their spanking to continue. Their buttocks and upper thighs where crimson and lined with darker red welts, which on Debbies bottom where shading toward purple. Julie caressed Debbie's bottom and thighs. The skin was hot. "Do you want to continue, honey" she asked.

"Yes, Ma'am", Debbie answered. "I've been a naughty girl and I need to be punished."

"Well then, I'm going to have to give you both a whipping", she told them. Even though they had asked for the spanking and they could stop it if they wanted, Julie always felt some reluctance to inflict the pain called for in a severe spanking. But she reminded herself that it was what they needed and it was her job to whip the soundly.

"You will get thirty strokes with the whip, ten across the bottom, followed by ten across the thighs and finally ten on the bottom. The whipping is going to hurt, so I hope that you will remember the lesson with the punishment cane and resist squirming and clenching so I don't have to give you extra punishment strokes."
Julie began whipping them. The whip hurt as much as the cane, but with a deeper more penitrating stroke. Julie was pleased that they both stayed still, although the both cried out after each stroke.

Julie caressed their inner thighs with the tip of the whip. "Put your legs together so I can whip you across the thighs" she told them after giving them the first ten strokes. The whip strokes across their thighs burned like hot metal and they both cried out as Julie slowly whipped them. The pain made the whipping seem to last a long time. When it was finally over, she told them to spread their thighs again and she whipped them across the buttcks.

After Julie finished whipping them, she sat down on the bed between them. She rubbed their backs and caressed their bottoms and thighs. Debbie was crying, but stopped under Julie's caresses. "You both took your whipping very well. I know that it hurt a lot and it was hard to stay still." Julie spent a few minutes rubbing their backs, feeling them relax under her touch. If she had to cause pain it was nice to give comfort too.

"Your spanking is almost over" she told them. "I have to give you twenty strokes with the punishment strap. Then I'll take you each over my knee and finish your spanking with the bath brush. Can you take that for me?"

After they had both answered "Yes, Ma'am" Julie got up and put the whip back in the cabinet and got the strap. It was about two feet long, with a wood handle attached to a heavy leather blade.

"Lets get those bottoms up" Julie ordered. Cimmeron heard the strap crack loudly across across Debbie's upraised ass, followed by her cry. A few seconds later he felt the strap burn across his buttocks. The heavy punishment strap had a penitrating stroke which rocked them forward slightly as they where spanked across the ass or their thighs. They were both very sore from the caning and the whipping Julie had given them and they barely managed to stay still, with their bottoms raised, as Julie punished them with the strap.
After she finished strapping them, let the catch their breath for a few minutes. They both lay limp over the end of the bed as she put the strap back and got the bath brush.

"You can get up now", she told them. Julie sat on the edge of the bed, in the middle. "Cimmeron, honey, please come over here. I'll take you over my knee first."

Cimmeron went over to Julie's right side. She patted her lap, "Almost over honey, you just need to take a paddling over my knee and it will be all over." He lay across her lap. Debbie watched as Julie spanked Cimmeron with the brush, alternating cheeks. When Julie had given him twenty strokes on each side, she stopped for a few minutes and let him rest. "The last ten are going to be extra hard, honey. I want you to take your punishment for me and then it will all be over." Julie spanked him slowly and very hard as Debbie watched, knowing that she would soon replace Cimmeron over Julie lap.

"You can get up, honey", Julie told Cimmeron. Without being told, Debbie lay over Julie's lap to take her spanking. It brought back memories of being a girl getting spanked on the bare bottom over her mothers lap with the heavy ebony hairbrush her mother kept on her dresser. The paddling Julie gave her with the brush hurt exquisitely and soon she was crying like a she had when she was a girl. As Julie gave her the last ten strokes on each cheek, very hard and slow, memory fused with the present. She was a girl again, with her panties aroudn her knees and her dress pushed up. As she cried while Julie spanked her, she promised her mommy that she would be a good girl. When the spanking was over Julie held Debbie in her arms, stroking her hair, telling her she was a good girl, until she stopped crying.

"You can put you panties on" Julie told them, as she handed Debbie her panties which were lying on the bed. Julie hugged them both and told them that she was every proud of them for taking such a hard spanking.

"It has been a pleasure and an honor to be your disciplinarian and I would be happy to spank you both again if you want another session." Julie put her trench coat on, buttoning it to the neck, slipped into her spike heels and left.

As Cimmeron kissed Debbie he cupped her bottom in his hands. Her bottom was hot through the sheer material of her panties. He slipped his hand down the front of her panties, caressing her pussy, which was very wet.

"Will you do something for me, my love?" Debbie asked.

"Yes, of course"

"I want you to pile the pillows in the middle of the bed and lie face down over them."
As he did as she asked, she got a pair of sheepskin cuffs from the cabinet.

"Hold out your hands" Debbie ordered as she attached the cuffs. She clipped the rope from the cuffs to the head board. She got two more cuffs and removed his panties, attaching the cuffs to his ankles and clipping them to the sides of the bed. His bottom was pushed up by the pillows, his legs spread. He was totally helpless and she could do to with him what she wanted.

Debbie went to her bag and removed a silicone dildo, a condom, a dildo harness and a tube of lube. She put the condom on the dildo, put the dildo through a hole in the harness and slipped the harness on. The welts on her thighs hurt as she tightened the harness straps so that the dildo was held firmly, pushing out from her mons.

Debbie got a paddle from the cabinet and went to where Cimmeron lay and knelt between high spread legs. She caressed his bottom. His buttocks and thighs were still red and hot from the spankinig. She ran her fingers over the raised welts left by the cane, whip and strap. "Does you bottom hurt, my love".

"Yes", he said, raising his bottom in response to her caress.

"Spankings are supposed to hurt", she reminded him. "But your punishment is not over. I'm going to finish punishing you by raping you with the dildo. I want you to be a good boy and take a good hard fucking. If I get any resistance, I'm going to have to spank you."

She put some lube on her right index finger and spread his buttocks with her left hand. He was helpless to move away from her probing finger, but he tightened as she pushed her finger inside him.
"Naughty boy!", she told him.

She picked up the paddle and started spanking him, alternating cheeks. His bottom was very sore from the spanking Julie had given him and each smack with the paddle elicited an "ow". When Debbie had given him ten strokes on each cheek, she put the paddle down. "Have you learned your lesson, naughty boy? Are you going to take your fucking like a good boy?"

"Yes, Ma'am" he answered.

She put lube on her finger again and spread his cheeks. This time when she pushed her finger into his anus there was no resistance. She put more lube on the dildo and guided the tip to his lubricated anus. Spreading his buttocks open with the fingers of each hand, she pushed the dildo inside him. She moved on top of him, supporting herself on her arms, pushing the dildo deeper inside him with her hips. When she pushed the dildo all the way inside him, she could feel his bottom, hot against her loins. Debbie started fucking him, using shallow strokes, pushing hard against his sore bottom. The dildo felt good as it pushed aganst her mons. She loved punishing him with the dildo, fucking him and the feeling his hot freshly spanking ass beneath her.
As she fucked him she wispered in his ear "Are you my boy?" "Yes, Ma'am" "Raise your ass and take it for me." He raised his hips as much as the cuffs allowed, taking the dildo a little deeper. "You like being raped up the ass, don't you nasty boy?" "Oh, Yes Ma'am"

After fucking him for about five minutes she slowly withdrew the dildo and took it out of the harness. She unbuckled the cuffs on Cimmeron's hands and ankles. He got up and she moved the cuffs out of the way and replaced him over the pillows, leaving the lub beside her. She reached back, cupping a buttock in each hand and spread her cheeks, pushing her bottom up. Cimmeron used his index finger to put lube in her anus and then put more more lube on his cock. He started fucking her ass, moving just the tip of his cock in and out, then gradually moving deeper. She moved her right hand to her clit and fingered herself as he fucked her. She started to move against him, pushing him deeper and he started to fuck her harder. He also loved the feel of her hot punished ass as he fucked her. She came first and he came a few seconds later.

When they went to breadfast the next morning they found that the concierge had informed the breakfast staff that they would have two sore bottomed guests and their chairs had thick pillows on them.