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"Madams" Family Photo Album #1: Melissa Adams

Hi all! So I really got struck with a creative idea this week and cranked out quite a few caps for you! I've decided to create a series called the "Madams Family Photo Album", which is going to be a intertwined series of multiple captions. The premise is kind of explained in the first cap and the storyline builds with each successive caption, but the gist is this - a 18 year old boy named Merrill Adams finds a mysterious photo album containing exclusively pictures of women in the attic of his house. When he asks his dad about it, he learns a family secret...and much more about each member of his family than he could possibly imagine. I will be posting the first three caps in three posts today (as they set up the basic plot and explain the biggest generalities needed to understand the series) and more later as I give more details about each of the family members. I really like this idea and hope you do as well...let me know what you think!

-Serena Starz

Cap 1: Melissa Adams

Link to second cap in series