Keeping the Goth Vibe

Hi all! First, thanks for the great responses to the last post! I apologize for the typo - it was supposed tobe CASSIE'S ex-boyfriend, not Bella's. Anyways, here is the next cap in the series - the last cap before winter break! Enjoy!

Crazy, Huh?

So for this intro, I'd like to take a moment to reflect on something special that made my day. I read each and every comment posted on this blog and appreciate every compliment, criticism, and suggestion made because I'm so grateful that I have a strong enough following on this blog that people are actually willing to comment. That being said, I have to take the time to thank Danyelle for her very sweet and generous comment she made on the last post. I'm so glad other people appreciate the subtle details like the acronyms I put in and the other tidbits that I use to try to make my work creative and interesting. While I don't know if I'm quite living up to the standard Elena Starz set on her old blog, the mere thought that my Bimbo High series could be comparable to her's made me tear up a little bit. Thank you Danyelle (and my other wonderful commenters), from the bottom of my heart. In return, I decided to immediately do a caption as opposed to waiting a while like I was planing, and made sure it involved the devious Bella Black's reaction like Danyelle mentioned. Keep this one in mind - this cap becomes important later on! ;)


Hello all! Yes, you've probably been waiting for this for a while now, so to commemorate this occasion (and because the text took a while!) I split this part of the story up into two captions. Obviously, the models are different, but I think you can figure out which one is Ms. Masters and which is Matty based on the pics and the text. What should happen to Matty next? I have an idea...let me know what you think!

That Awkward Moment...

WARNING: This cap is much more explicit than any of my other caps due to the image (and possibly the caption itself, depending on where your values are). But I decided to run the cap because the image is sizzling hot and it allowed me to play on a possible incident that could happen to any person walking in on on their roommate. Hope you enjoy...and maybe you'll even have to do what Sindi's doing after reading the cap ;)

Dreams and Cream

So two notes on this cap. First, and foremost, I absolutely adore this image - so elegant, so refined! - but I couldn't find a good place to fit it into the Bimbo High series. So if it appears to be a stretch or a bit confusing, please bear with me because this cap also reveals some possible things about Matty and his interaction with his roommates. With those observations out of the way, enjoy!

New Roommates: Twins in a Triple

I'm back! Sooner than expected! I had a really good idea for how to start the break so I whipped up a cap and got to work - must say I like the result. Hope you do as well!

Not One, But Two, and Possibly Three Bimbos?

Hello everyone! This was a very unexpected cap but I just HAD to caption this great pic of Kesha. I adore her as a singer, with her appearence, style, and music lyrics portraying the bleach blonde bimbo I love. However, she is apparently quite bright, which reminded me of a certain devious bimbo in this series (that, and the bright red lipstick in the cap!). So I decided to whip up this cap...I don't expect much to develop from this specific cap, but who knows - if it means capping Kesha again, another mention might be worth it!

What a mess

Part 1 and part 2 of "What a mess"

Now You See Him, Now You Don't

China’s a huge place.

Ask Huang, he knew it best. Owner of an amatuer model website, he knew the number of unique hits on his website could go up to millions. But Huang realised that the sheer scale of population in China meant if people go missing, no one would miss them. Likewise, if new people came in, it wouldn’t make much of a difference and no one would notice them.

Today’s photoshoot would be for Ai Xue.  The theme, due to popular demand, would be maids. Huang shook his head as he began applying foundation make-up to his face, they really loved it after all. Being short and stuck with a body that could be described as male adolescent, Huang was never manly but rather boyish-looking. Because of that, people never treated him seriously until he found a knack in doing makeup and using photoshops.

After he finished his makeup, Huang proceeded to wear his wig and combed his hair; a girl in the reflection mimicked his action. Satisfied, Huang proceeded to dress up; the silky touch of the maid costume, arm-length gloves and black stockings with lace tops, pleased Huang tremendously. Setting the self-timer of his camera, Huang had disappeared and Ai Xue had come. “A beautiful illusion”, Ai Xue mused as she heard the camera clicked and flashed, “too bad, they are too fragile,” she sighed as she thought about the heavy amount of photoshop filters to maintain illusion.

All the clothing he wants

The creative demons are chasing, not that I mind though.

Night job

Here ya' go. My first caption, enjoy!

Costume Gun

Hello, I noticed a huge spike in my costume gun caption and I was wondering why when I remembered that I had a hard time looking for CG story and caps too. So here are my little contributions:

Costume Gun: Out Goes Timonthy

Costume Gun: Just Another Day


The Mimic and the Actor

Apologies if it's a bit too long for you to read; this time involves two men at different locations doing the same thing.

The Actor: Win-win Situation

The Mimic: Second Step

Pimpin' the Ladies Out

Hello, here's another update. This one is based on Zn's Symbiont's universe like Fission. Hope you enjoy it.

A Series of Bodyhops

Not a series per se, but I posted five caps on PossessionObsession 4 yahoo group. So I figured that I should share them here as well.

The Chameleon: Two Stories

Hello, apologies for the lack of updates; life got in the way but nevertheless, I have managed to squeeze out two captions involving our affably (hopefully) evil impersonator.

The Chameleon is at it again with his industrial espionage. This time, he impersonates a cute secretary and creates an alluring vixen persona for himself.

Effective Persuasion

Exploring Alternative Market

First Caption(s)!

Well, first day, so a first caption is in order! I wanted to do a mutlicap for this first try, in the format that Elena taught me. In the future I will try and adopt my own style, but for now, its best to try what works! Hope you enjoy this little photoshoot as much as these boys don't! (or don't they?)

The Chameleon Strikes!

Long time no see, that is if anybody is checking this out. Haha...

Anyway, 2 new caps. Hopefully, this time I will update this regularly.

Don't Mess With Don Smooth

A fun little story I thought up for my second cap!

Animalistic Desire

Third cap! Had a fun, sexy blonde in a nice animal print top, so I decided to run with the idea of "animal desire".

Bimbo "Daughter"

Hi all! Well, how surprised was I to see my blog gain support all of a sudden! I guess I have the lovely Elena to thank for that - she's the greatest! Unfortunately, I don't think of caps nearly as often as she does, so caps on this blog will come in spurts...hopefully you'll all stick around for whatever I make, and hopefully whatever I make is good enough to keep you around!

This cap was on based around the idea of a dad embarrassed about having a bimbo "daughter"...maybe he should try it himself to see why "she" likes it so much?

Remembering Not Remembering

New cap for y'all! Just something that popped into my head when I saw this image...thanks to everyone who's paying attention to this blog/commenting! Really appreciate it!

Getting in a Model's Panties

Another cap so soon? I know, it even surprised me! :) This cap is perhaps a bit more story oriented and long than need be, but I thought it was a fun, sexy twist on the old "dress like a model" theme. Let me know what you think!

Photos Make Lasting Memories

Two captions in two days?!?!? I can't believe it! Just felt really inspired and wanted to play with a fun idea...its a bit of a twist on the old "photo ransom" theme...hope you like it!

Another Series of Bodyhops

Oh gosh, it has been too long. Sorry about the delay, I've been a bit too busy. These Bodyhop caps had been uploaded at the PosessionObsession4 group, I hope you enjoy these.

The "Bop Car"

Been a while since I posted...don't know if I'll be posting more regularly or not, but I had an idea and wanted to roll with it. Its a bit longer than most and more story based, but I hope you enjoy it anyways!

"Madams" Family Photo Album #1: Melissa Adams

Hi all! So I really got struck with a creative idea this week and cranked out quite a few caps for you! I've decided to create a series called the "Madams Family Photo Album", which is going to be a intertwined series of multiple captions. The premise is kind of explained in the first cap and the storyline builds with each successive caption, but the gist is this - a 18 year old boy named Merrill Adams finds a mysterious photo album containing exclusively pictures of women in the attic of his house. When he asks his dad about it, he learns a family secret...and much more about each member of his family than he could possibly imagine. I will be posting the first three caps in three posts today (as they set up the basic plot and explain the biggest generalities needed to understand the series) and more later as I give more details about each of the family members. I really like this idea and hope you do as well...let me know what you think!

-Serena Starz

Cap 1: Melissa Adams

Link to second cap in series

"Madams" Family Photo Album #2: Marguerite Adams

Link to first cap and explanation of series

Cap 2: Marguerite Adams

Link to third cap in series

"Madams" Family Photo Album #3: Malvina Adams

Link to first cap and explanation of series

Link to second cap

Cap 3: Malvina Adams

Bodyhoppers Strike Redux

Some bodyhopping shorts. I hope you enjoy.



“Alright Fergusson, get out of her,” Tucker grumbled.

“Pardon?” the lady in question was bemused.

Sighing, Tucker took out a camera and proceeded to snap a photo of her. The lady simply pouted in response as Tucker showed the photo of the lady, except her face had been replaced with a rather young teenager.

“Aw, can’t you play along for once,” the women complained, her voice suddenly deepened to that of a male.

“I will but Alicia’s my girlfriend. That’s a line we shouldn’t have crossed,”

“Despite the fact that you have committed adultery when I hopped your neighbour’s wife and let you fuck her six way to Sunday?” Alicia grinned, “Besides, I would let you do things Alicia wouldn’t want you to do to her,” she continues, her voice turning back into that of a young women’s while looking at her boyfriend seductively.

Tucker shifted his pants slightly to adjust the erection he had, this is partly due to the recent memories of his sexual encounter with his neighbour’s wife and also “Alicia” promising the same wild experience; something the normal “Alicia” would never give at all.

“Besides, how do you know I mounted your girlfriend? I must admit though, her body feels great and fits me in all the right places, if ya’ get what I mean,” she winked, feeling herself up and enjoying the sensual nature of it.

“Well, you know. You always overdress your mount,”

“Can’t be helped. There’s so much I want to wear! So how about the sex I promise you?”


65 Days Since I'm a Bodyhopper

It’s been 65 days since I become a bodyhopper and recently, I met Todd, another bodyhopper. When you met another bodyhopper like yourself, what do you do? I don’t know about you but Todd loves roleplay and his idea of fun was to set up scenario that you would only see in porn.

“Alright, so like, we got this mother and daughter, right?”


“And we fuck the boyfriend or something. The mother will like, I don’t know, teach the daughter how to have sex, ya’?”

Weird. Then again, who was I to judge? So I followed his plan and we sneaked into this house whose occupants had been staked out by Todd for quite some time already. By coin toss, Todd got to be the daughter (He was like a kid on Christmas when he won that) and me, I got to be the lovely mother. Great. Fortunately, the daughter already had a boyfriend, all we need was to call him up and the gig was set.

“Stephie, try not to bite,” I instructed as I tried looking lovingly (I think all I got out was envy) at my ‘daughter’. My ‘daughter’ nodded, delicately but clumsily (Man, he was really into it) moving the meat shaft up and down her mouth. Seeing this sight and really getting into the spirit of it, I thought it was time to up the ante.

“Alright, Stephie. You can practice oral sex anytime you could but now, this old hag really needs some dicking. So what say you, young man? Do you think you can handle the both of us?” I asked as  licked my lips.