Wow, I never expected the blog to reach it's first 10,000 page views in less than a year yet alone in juts over a month and a bit. So thank you all for stopping by and taking a look and even bigger thank you to all who come back again and again.

Well as a bonus post a picture of something I like doing when given a wonderful hand job. There is something wonderful about cumming on a lovely pair breasts with nice erect nipples I will never tire of and this picture captures that moment perfectly.

So here is to the next 90,000 page views and many more cum drenched breasts with hard nipples. Once more, thank you all for stopping by.

The Accident High School

Don't Forget Your Password

I really deserve a good spanking for letting you all down for forgetting my password. It really is unforgivable and I'm sorry and I just want to add a big thank you for all the wonderful comments.

Anyway I have been told to inform you any suggested punishments will be considered if you wish to leave a comment.

Story - Aunt Mary

If you have been reading the blog then you will know I wrote a post called Joint Spanking a few weeks back. The inspiration for that post and my desire, still unfilled, to be spanked with my partner comes from this story I found on the web years ago. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did when I first came across it.

Aunt Mary

My wife Sara and I play spanking games. We take turns spanking and getting spanked and after a spanking, or sometimes a pair of spankings (one for each of us) we always make love. I think I enjoy the spanking play more than my wife does.

She plays though, and sometimes she is the one who suggests a spanking. When it is her idea, I am usually the one who gets the spanking. Our spankings are not very painful. I spank her with my hand. She spanks me with a paddle, because I can hardly feel her hand spankings. When she uses the paddle the spanking stings, but just enough to be exciting.

That has been fun, but last weekend we had an experience that was the most intense and exciting I have ever experienced.

Sara's friend Mary was visiting us for a few days. Mary lives out of state, but was in town on business. Of course, Sara insisted that Mary stay with us. Sara and I both enjoyed having her there. It is more fun to enjoy your home town, when you have an out of towner to show around.

During dinner Friday night, Mary mentioned that she was going to buy a copy of Secretary. "It is an independent film from last summer that got a lot of attention at the Sundance film festival. Did you guys see it"

"Yes" I said "Sara and I saw it last summer. I thought it was really well done. Funny and kind of sweet"

"I agree" Mary looked at my wife I thought the spankings were kind of sexy too, Do you and Robert ever of think about spanking each other"

I could tell my wife was a little embarrassed, but Mary had already said it was sexy and Sara wouldn't mislead her good friend. Sara didn't provide any details, but she smiled and "fessed up" to how we give each other "love taps" from time to time.

Mary turned to me and asked "Just a little slap on the hiney, or is it over the knee or grab your ankles stuff?" I explained that we weren't abusive, but that sometimes we did a bit more than just a slap on the hiney. Mary seemed kind of impressed, but let the conversation drift to other things. I was a little relieved to be off of the subject as Sara and I had never discussed our spanking games with any one.

Although we enjoyed having Mary visiting, a house guest did add stress. By Saturday night Sara and I felt like snapping at each other. We were trying to keep it private, so while Mary was showering we exchanged some sharp words. Of course, we quit paying attention to our surroundings and were still picking at each other when Mary came into the kitchen.

"What is this?" She asked "Are you two having a spat?"

"Oh it's nothing" Sara answered "He just gets like this sometimes"

"Well, I heard childish bickering from both of you. You both deserve a spanking. This is my last night here, so I am going to take this opportunity to give it to you"

I saw Mary's smile and guessed she was joking. "We deserve one, but I don't think you are really serious" I said, and met her smile with a smile of my own.

"Sara, what do you think?" Mary asked. Sara, unusually quiet, just shrugged.

"Ok then, you will see what serious is Robert. You two go up to your bedroom, remove your slacks and wait for me." Sara and I had been sniping at each other just minutes ago, but now Sara took my hand, squeezed it, and walked upstairs with me.

I couldn't believe anything was really happening. After I entered the bedroom, I stalled for a moment to see what Sara would do. To my surprise, she removed her heels and began to pull down her navy blue slacks.

I was starting to get a funny feeling in my stomach. This was something new, exciting and scary all at the same time. I took off my loafers, slipped out of my trousers, hung them over a chair and set next to my wife on the bed. I had those "principal's office" butterflies in my stomach. I asked Sara, in a hoarse whisper if Mary would really spank us.

"I don't know"

"If Mary wants to, will you let her"

Sara took my hand. "I will if you will" she said.

Mary walked in still wearing her beige skirt and jacket with a white blouse. Sara and I were sitting knee to bare knee, holding hands, fully dressed from the waist up, but just underwear from the waist down.

"You seem to be behaving yourselves now, why do you suppose that is?" Sara just shrugged. I didn't know what to say.

"Well Robert, get the paddle." There was no way Mary could have known that we had a paddle, and I was embarrassed about walking to the nightstand to get it. I was in my underwear for one thing, but was most embarrassed by the erection that clearly tented out my thin underwear. Nevertheless, I obeyed. I walked quickly to the nightstand and pulled out my home made paddle.

Mary took it, patted her palm and said "nice". I am pleased with my paddle. I had re-sawn a piece of oak to make a 3/8" board 20" long by 3 ½" wide. I had cut out a comfortable handle, rounded all of the edges, sanded and finished it with rubbing oil.

"Now then", Mary said. "Each of you go to your side of the bed and bend over it to receive your spanking."

I went to the right side of the bed, while Sara went to the left. Our bed is high enough so that my knees were just touching the floor and I knew that Sara's knees would not quite touch the floor. Mary walked behind Sara, bent over, and pulled down Sara's panties. I could see the surprise on Sara's face.

I was looking across the bed into Sara's face and could see past Sara to what Mary was doing. Sara could see my face, but she couldn't see what Mary was doing.

What Mary was doing was moving behind and to left of Sara's bare bottom. Mary removed her jacket and unbuttoned her cuffs. Mary stood at a right angle to Sara's buttocks, lifted the paddle to shoulder height and brought it down HARD on Sara's butt. Sara gasped. I did too. I saw Sara's mouth make a little O of surprise and her eyes widened with the shock and pain. Sara had never been spanked with a paddle, just by my hand. Before Sara hardly knew what had happened, (maybe she thought it was over) Mary had the paddle shoulder high again and slammed it down onto Sara's defenseless bottom a second time. This time I saw Sara wince. Her eyes squinted shut, her lips separated to show teeth, and her hands flew back to cover her sore posterior.

"Sara", Mary scolded. "You are NOT to cover your naughty ass with your hands. What if I hit your hand by mistake. If you don't want me to finish, I will stop this spanking now and go back to my room. Do you want me to stop" Nothing has ever surprised me more than my wife's answer. She muttered that she didn't want Mary to quit. It put a lump in my throat. I didn't know if Sara was sharing my fantasy now come true, or if she just wanted to make sure the spanking didn't end without me getting my punishment share.

Mary made sure that Sara was willing. "Sara, you will answer me again and you will address me as Aunt Mary" I hadn't thought of Mary as Sara's aunt, but actually she is. Sara and Mary were almost the same age, but Mary was the youngest daughter of Sara's grandmother.

"Please don't stop the spanking Aunt Mary"

"Fine, you may reach across and hold Robert's hands so that you don't cover up again. That lapse is going to cost you an extra stroke." With that, Mary's hand went up again and SPLAT the paddle came down on Sara's upturned bottom. Sara squeezed my hands in hers but didn't move.

"Very good, here comes the penalty stroke and then I will go to Robert" She raised the paddle higher than before and brought down the hardest swat so far. Sara cried out and winced but didn't let go of my hand. I felt love and pity for my darling. Her face was puffy and red and there was a trickle of a tear at the corner of her eye.

My feeling for Sara didn't lessen the concern for myself though. I knew that this spanking was going to hurt. I was determined to take my three swats without covering myself and without shaming myself in front of Sara.

Mary walked behind me and pulled my underwear down. I felt shy and defenseless without my shorts between Mary and myself. Mary took position behind me. I was cheating. I could watch Mary's preparation. There is a dressing mirror in the corner of the room and unnoticed by Mary or Sara I used that mirror to watch Mary raise the paddle to above shoulder height, AND bend from the knees AND twist at the waist. She had put the full strength of her shoulder and arm into Sara's spanking. She was adding the weight and strength of her legs and torso into my spanking.

WHAM, the paddle hit my bare butt harder than I could have imagined. I grunted/gasped and looked across at Sara. Her red face and wet eyes were right in front of me. She held out her hands and I grasped them.

"Do you think you should hold Sara's hand to avoid covering up"

"Yes Maam", I replied. She wasn't my aunt, and my response satisfied her. She blasted my bottom again with a second swat. I squeezed my wife's hand so hard I might have hurt her, but she didn't complain. I took a deep breath just in time to expel it with the third swat. I would have liked to reach back and rub my bottom, but I didn't know if Mary would approve. In addition, I was too proud to show how much it hurt. It burnt like fire. I was glad I had taken my three, but I was a tiny bit disappointed that it was over.

It wasn't though. Mary walked around the bed to Sara again. Without letting Sara know what was happening (poor Sara, not able to see what was coming) she gave Sara another swat. "Ohhh" Sara gasped and grabbed my hands. Another blow came down and Sara started twisting on the bed. By the time the third spank hit Sara's round bottom she was whimpering and tears flooded her eyes.

I was so proud of her. She was holding my hands. I wasn't holding hers. At any time, she could have just stood up and said stop it. Soon Mary was back in position behind me. Obviously, it wasn't just three hard blows, but an unknown number of sets of three that we were getting.

Before Mary had completely walked around I had reversed my grip to hold Sara's hand. POW, the paddle hit my already sore butt with all the force that the athletic woman could put into it. I couldn't help making noise. Before I was prepared, the second SPLAT hit the soft part of my bottom right above the thighs. I confess that I cried out, closed my eyes tight, and held my wife's hand as hard as I could. When the third blow landed I couldn't hold still. I had enough control to keep my hands still, but I arched my back and kicked my feet a little.

That had to be it. I felt I could not handle another set. Consequently, when I saw Mary move back behind Sara for the third set I almost begged her to stop. I kept my teeth clenched though, and I think Sara could tell what to expect from my face. She grabbed my hands, put her face down in the bedspread and waited - bottom up. She didn't wait long. That incredibly loud smack hit just an instant before Sara twitched and wrung my hands. Two more SPLAT SPLAT landed on Sara's hind end and by this time Sara was crying and sniffling out loud but still not asking Mary to stop.

It was my turn again. I don't think I would have stayed in place if not for Sara. Sara had never experienced anything more intense than a hand spanking and she was taking this paddling. I had to too. By the second swat I was squirming. In fact, my back was arched, by butt was clenched and pressed into the side of the bed. I felt like a little boy trying to keep his little bottom far away from a spanking hand that inexorably follows his arching twisting attempt to move his bottom away.

By the third swat I was in tears. I don't think I made sobbing noises but I couldn't control my tear ducts. I couldn't believe it, when Mary walked around the bed again and took her place behind Sara. This had to stop. I was about to say enough when Mary spoke.

"Sara, have you learned your lesson"

"Yesss, Aunt Mary" she sobbed.

"Very well, your spanking will be over with one more swat, IF you ask for it

"Please Aunt Mary, will you please give me one last spank" (I appreciated how Sara asked nicely AND got the ONE LAST spank part into the contract)

"Are you sure?"

"Yes Aunt Mary"

Mary wound up like she had for my spankings and let Sara have it. The hardest one Sara had felt yet. "OWWW", Sara shouted in pain but kept her hands on mine.

Now Mary came back around to my side of the bed. One more, I had to do it.
Sara had.

"Same deal for you Robert, have you learned your lesson"

I took a deep breath to acquire control over my voice "Yes Ma'am I have learned my lesson, but please Ma'am give me one last spank to make sure" Mary chuckled. I could see her in the mirror, but I couldn't stand to watch.

I closed my eyes. It seemed like I waited and waited. I was just about to lose my nerve when POW the last swat hit my blistered buns. My eyes watered so much that everything blurred, but I held my position.

Mary leaned over and kissed my cheek. "I want you to two to get up and go to bed after I leave. You have been wonderful hosts. Sleep in tomorrow morning, I will cook you breakfast. Be good to each other" On her way out she stopped and kissed Sara's cheek.

When Mary left, Sara and I finished undressing and slid under the bedspread. I reached over and touched Sara's damp cheek. "You were so brave, I love you so much"

"I love you too. Mary hit you so HARD, I don't know how you could stand it."

I reached across and caressed Sara's right buttock. It was hot to the touch.

I asked her if her bottom was on fire like mine. She giggled and asked me if
she could touch mine.

"OOOH, it is so HOT she giggled" I put my mouth on her nipple, gently rubbed her hot ass, and then kissed her lips. In return she lightly touched my sore butt and touched me in other places I liked. Her attention to my well-punished ass was deliciously erotic.

Soon, she was lowering herself on my blue steel erection. (I was a gentleman and suggesting she be on top). The smooth sheets irritated my sore buns. She was hot and tight and slippery as warm oil, I reached around her to caress her hot hind end and we slowly made love.

Spanking Good News

I was showing my partner the blog yesterday and the post on the punishment software took her interest. Well we talked about it for a little while before we decided we would give it ago.

Later this evening we are going to work out the punishment limits and enter them in to the program. We have agreed on punishment days, mine will be Mondays and hers Thursdays.  We have also agreed to add the punishment log to the blog, my idea.

Hopefully this will all start next week once we have agreed the various punishments, so look out of a punishment log if you want to follow our spankings, it will be on the right hand side of the blog where the blog list is now.

We Couldn't Wait

Well in the end we finished adjusting the punishment program and before we knew it we were trying it out on my girl friend it being Thursday. She had been snappy and ended up swearing earlier in the week.

(Picture Credit - Erica Scott)

So after entering the offense into the computer and getting the punishment we head off to the bedroom to carry out the sentence (see side bar for details). It really seemed to make the whole thing more formal using the program and it took out the guess work, and I loved watching her standing in the corner showing off the marking on her bottom.

Now all I have to be is good until Monday to avoid a punishment and get a good boy spanking instead with a smile rather than corner time at the end. I will do my best.

Butt Plug Fun

I love playing with butt plug with them either being used on me or my partner. They are perfect when combined with spanking and great for opening up my partner for anal sex, which we both thankfully love.

We started out using some common sense the first time we played butt plugs starting out with the small plugs and working our way up, and even years later neither of us have even thought of attempting the large ones you can buy. We seem to have stopped at the medium sized plug and that seem to fulfill our needs perfectly. It makes me feel full enough when I'm masturbated with the plug in place and open her up enough so I can get inside and fuck her ass.

What I have found is the ribbed plugs are slightly better for me when I'm being masturbated and the plug is played with, all the same I love the feeling of the smooth plug. There also something special when the plug plops into place and the thickest part enters your asshole and I love the feeling when it is taken out.

You have to be careful not to over use them from what I have read and we tend to limit their use. We take the approach that in moderation they are great fun, but neither of us wants to spoil the fun by stretching the muscles to a point when that certain tightness that I love when I fuck my partner in her ass is lost.  The other thing we make sure of is we use plenty of lube, which make it better for the both us, after all the idea is to have fun.

Earlier today we took a trip to the local sex shop where we purchased a Tantus Bend Over Beginner Harness Dildo Kit so it will be out with the butt plugs over the weekend to open me up. I can't wait to feel how it feels to be fucked in the ass. From all I have read and heard it is going to be great, but I know we will take our time getting there.

Justice Done

Sitting to write this post hurts so I will try and be as brief as possible for the reasons of comfort. As you will be aware we started using the spanking program a few days ago and I managed to earn myself an extra spanking for scraping the paint off Miss Kinky’s small car while parking it next to a wall.

As soon as time would allow my details were entered into the program and my punishment was announced by Miss Kinky and I was sent upstairs to think about what I had done.

It felt like ages until she arrived, and I sat there nervously waiting my fate as she had done a few days earlier. My hands were clammy and my throat was dry. It always amazes me that I always feel the same way after countless spanking I have received that just seem part of my whole life for as long as I remember.

Eventually the door open and in came Miss Kinky and headed to the wardrobe to gather the well used leather strap and the cane from the top shelf. Then standing front of her the lecture began. You know the thing “I’ve told you to be careful of that wall before”, “I warned you that you were to close”, “I told you what would happen if you scraped the car”. It is at this point that you wished you had listened to all the warnings before, rather than thinking at the time “whatever”.

Standing facing her she undid my trousers and they fell into a pool around my feet, the coins in the pockets making a jingling sound as they fit the floor. Stepping out of them I pulled out the chair from the dresser, “The Spanking Chair”, and bent myself over the back, my hands on the seat of the chair.

I could feel her behind me. I knew what was about to happen. That feeling of anticipation and the nerves just got a whole lot worse. Then I felt it…

The strap hit home and I rocked on the chair. She wasn’t going to be doing this with any half measures. I could feel its burning mark across my bottom and it seemed like my under pants were offering no form of protection at all.

"If that was the first", I thought to myself, "what are the other going to be like". I was soon to find out. Evenly spaced she relentlessly laid on another twenty three strokes of the strap with equal force on to my increasingly sore bottom.

After she had finished with the leather strap I turned and faced her, as instructed, and her hands went for the elastic of my boxers. With a fluid motion she pulled them down my legs. At this point the impending doom of the cane hit home, and my manhood was far from erect. This was a punishment spanking.

After glimpsing a quick view of a very red bottom in the bedroom mirror I went back over the chair. Then came the familiar tapping of the cane that always puts a knot in your stomach, before the whish of the cane as it slices the air, only to be followed by the burning pain as it bites into you bottom.

This was the first of twelve and I could tell how angry my carelessness had made her. It was all in the force of the strapping before and now it was there in the caning too. It was like someone had put a line of fire on my bottom, but there wasn’t much time to think of that, the tapping began again.

Twelve times the cane landed, twelve lines of fire on my sore bottom with the last one being the hardest, before I was allowed to get up to face her again. Throwing down the cane she hugged me, told me she loved me and than it was for my own good, before she pushed me to my knees.

Instinctively I knew what to do, I lifted her skirt, pulled down her winter tights, followed by her knickers and buried my face in the soft curls of her pussy, licking and fingering until she moaned in pleasure as she came. A thank you for the punishment I had just received.

Going to cleaning herself up I was left naked in the corner of the bedroom to contemplate what I had done. There was of course another lecture to come about being more careful in future as I stood naked before a woman I adore.

Later we made love, with her riding my hard cock, my sore bottom rubbing against the sheets, which felt like they were made of sandpaper, until I exploded inside her. Happy that I was forgiven I went to sleep holding her with a smile on my face and with a very marked and sore bottom for my sins.

Well that was last night, the brief details are in my punishment log, and with my punishment night tomorrow I’m not hopeful of getting away with a good boy spanking, I’m afraid another punishment might coming my way. I guess I will find out my fate just after dinner.

Story - The Ritual

One of the authors whose stories I have loved reading for sometime is by the late Alex Birch who passed away a few years ago. He was a lovely man by all accounts and a great writer and you can still find some of his works on the web if you care to look. Here is an example of his writing for you all to enjoy and the ritual of a spanking is something I really enjoy.

As she entered the bedroom, her throat tightened and the trembling began. It had always been the same, would always be the same, and there was no point in fighting it. She stared into the full length mirror as always before slowly unfastening her dress, letting it drop slowly down around her ankles. She stepped out of it, her eyes never leaving the mirror as she performed the same operation with her slip and then her pantyhose. She looked at herself in the mirror once more contemplating her body as she stood like a statue in just her bra and knickers.


Swallowing hard she reached behind and unfastened the clasp of her brassiere, then slid it off and put it on the chair, all the time staring in the mirror at her large breasts with the pale pink nipples, breasts now heaving in time with her excited breathing. Slowly she pulled her knickers down and stepped out of them, kicking them to one side as she gazed almost critically through the mirror at the sparse covering of hair protecting her sex .

Five minutes he always gave her. Five minutes to get herself completely naked and in position before he walked through that bedroom door, cane in hand. If he walked in and found her unready, and it had only happened once, the punishment would be doubled. She had never wanted to repeat that experience. It was usually twelve strokes anyway.

Swallowing hard once more she turned and knelt up on the bed, her bottom towards the mirror, then pulled forward the two pillows over which she would lie, raising her bottom higher for punishment. Before taking up the position she reached into her bedside cabinet and took out a hand mirror which she placed beside her on the bed.

Imagining she could hear his footsteps on the stairs, she rested her stomach across the two pillows bringing her knees up as far as she could so that her bottom was fully elevated then she reached for the hand mirror beside her and looked at the reflection of her rear through the tall mirror behind her. As always she found the spectacle exciting and very lewd, bringing her knees just a little further up so that the angle widened her bottom cheeks. She gasped aloud as she gazed at the view that he must have seen every time he punished her and wondered if it had ever aroused him. Between the plump,stretched cheeks of her bottom, the tiny wrinkled button of her anus was offered up and, underneath, the tight salmon pink slit of her vagina seemed to almost demand attention. She felt her heart begin to beat even faster. She had taken about four minutes so far and there would normally be one minute for her to lie in this demeaning position as she contemplated her wickedness and her humiliation as every private place a modest girl possessed was graphically displayed. She put the small mirror away and lay forward, her head resting on her arms as he had always demanded.

She thought about what always happened next. He always walked into the room quietly without knocking and cast his gaze over her as she lay there with her bottom raised, trembling with fear and anticipation. Nothing was said unless he found fault with her posture or state of readiness and then it was one terse word... 'double!'. She would tense her buttocks as she felt the cold rattan laid against the cheeks of her backside and then, seconds later, she would try to suppress a scream as a line of burning fire raced across her bare bottom. He would pause then for maybe half a minute as she absorbed the full pain and terror of that first stroke before revisiting his target with the second. She never knew if he would lay the next over a the first weal or on a new patch of virgin skin which added to the fear and torment in her mind. As the caning continued and the pain began to mount it was all she could do to hug the soft coverlet, burying her head into her arms in order to suppress the wild scream that was striving to be released. Screaming was not permitted and usually led to additional strokes. Woe betide her too if her self discipline failed and she rolled over onto her side for then the punishment would begin again. She had trained herself to bite into her wrists and absorb the dreadful, sickening agony of the caning, almost crying with joy when she heard him sit down on the bedside chair having spoken just four words 'Five minutes crying time!' for now she knew it was over.

This meant she now had five minutes to lie, unmoving, in this degrading position as he sat and watched while the pain and humiliation of her beating sank in. Five minutes where she was allowed to open her heart and her lungs to cry out all her shame and her naughtiness as he watched in silence. It was five minutes which she always put to good use, weeping her heart out at the pain and indignity she had suffered and was suffering. Five minutes while she reflected on the misdeeds which had brought her to this state. Five minutes too where the violent agony of her caning began to diminish slightly, becoming a pervasive warmth which spread like a forest fire across her buttocks and into her loins where sudden, shameful and unexpected feelings began to vie with the dreadful pain and embarrassment. She would cry and blush in her shame and agony before he said tersely 'Get up!'

Then she would climb painfully from the bed and dry her eyes for now she was expected to be back in control and attentive. She would stand facing him with her hands on her head, still completely naked, as he lectured her on her misdeeds and tell her that even worse would follow should she misbehave again. Then, the lecture over, she would get into her night clothes as he watched impassively and clamber into bed regardless of the time of day. She would stay in bed until the following morning with no meals. Tomorrow he would kiss and cuddle her with a tear in his eye but tonight, content with proceedings, he would rise from the chair and leave her room without a word.

She lay still as she contemplated his arrival. There would be about ten seconds now and she could almost hear his footsteps on the stairs ...nine, eight, seven... then brrrrrrrr!!! ...the doorbell rang!!

She nearly had a heart attack as she clambered from the bed and looked at her watch. 11am ..Oh God, they were early. She shouted down through the bedroom window and, flustered, began to climb back into her clothes. Through the open window she heard her son's cheerful reply and the lively giggling of her two young granddaughters. Her face lit up with delight for to see her son and daughter -in-law and the two beautiful girls brought warmth into her lonely life. How times had changed, she thought, for the two youngsters had grown into lovely children without experiencing even a punishing hand in their lives. Spanking to them was some word in history books from a bygone age. .

Before finishing her dressing she reached into the bedside cabinet once more and found the creased sepia photograph of a slim stern man with swept back hair and a neatly waxed moustache. She kissed it tenderly as she always did, a tear not far away, as she replaced the photograph of her father in the drawer. Still tense with excitement and before replacing her knickers, she explored betwen her legs and found as always after these re-enactments that despite her sixty eight years she was extremely moist. She reached for a tissue and dried herself before replacing her underwear. Moving now to her bedroom door, she allowed herself a guilty smile. Perhaps those wonderful little girls standing on her doorstep had everything going for them but they WERE missing something exciting in their lives which could never be explained logically.

Perhaps they would find out for themselves one day across the lap of a lover or husband but they sure as hell weren't going to find out from Grandma!

Pictures - Pegging Pictures

With my own pegging not to far away I have been looking at some pictures, as well as videos, of the actual event and to say I'm excited is an understatement. I just can't wait to feel my partner enter me and fuck my brains out and be made to cum myself.

At the moment we are still working on the butt plugs and slowly getting me use to having them deep in my bottom. We are gradually working our way up to getting the plastic cock to enter me without pain and I'm glad to report it is all going well. For added fun we are doing this together so I should be enjoying fucking the other hole of my lovely partner before too long too.

Amazing Picture

Sometimes you come across the amazing pictures when your looking for something completely different. This is what happened early and here is the picture I found.

I love to know the story behind it. My imagination is working over time working out my own story. I just love the smiling woman. I wonder what she is thinking.

Harry and His Mother (optimized images)


Something fascinates me about the idea being humiliated and told to what to do by a group of women. Just to be at there command and do as I'm told to please them and make them laugh at me. It just seems a change from the day job were I'm often the one in command. May be that is why I like the times my partner is in charge as much as I enjoy being in command when it her turn to be spanked.

I guess some of the feeling of wanting to be humiliated comes from my childhood, from the feelings of humiliation from being spanked when I was growing up. I still get that little feeling of shame as I'm bared or when I'm standing in the corner but I still crave more.

A ex-partner from way back use to put her used knickers in my mouth as she spanked me, something my current partner is reluctant to do, and another would sit on my face when she came home from work and after she came she would make me masturbate for her if I had done a good job. It is amazing how it makes you feel inside to be out of control and in the hands of someone else.

One time I was on a train, as a teen, with a group of older teenage girls being teased and laughed at, as they changed into their bikini tops under their t-shirts, dangling there warm bra's in my face, it was quiet humiliating. There has always been a desire to get those feelings back. Much like the picture I would love to be made to do things for a group of women.

It would be wonderful to be teased and laughed at again by a group of women. Made to do things I wouldn't normally do, ware clothes I wouldn't normally wear, to be spanked and humiliated. I'm not sure it will ever happen but I would like to think it would one day.

Pussy Hair

I'm not sure it is just me but I like the feel of a real woman when I plunge my fingers down their knickers to hopefully find that sweet hot wet spot of pleasure that I know I will turn her legs to jelly. What I hate is to find the stubble I have on my chin after I have shaved along the way. Smooth is fine but the reality is smooth doesn't stay smooth long.

In my view a trimmed hairy pussy is so much better in the long run than one a pussy that have been shaved to baldness. It is just more thrilling and nice to touch. These days it is lovely find hair between a woman's legs when so many women have no hair where hair naturally grows. Pussy hair is a rite of passage from girlhood to womanhood and it should be celebrated and not shaved off without thought.

This might not be a popular view, going by what you see on various adult sites on the net, but I like woman with hair and it is about time the people that like a well trimmed pussy stood up and said it is bloody sexy.

Role Switching

I could easily forgive you all for thinking that I'm submissive, but in fact I'm a switch. Within the relationship with my partner we are both enjoy being either in control or being the one being controlled. It is one of the things I love about what we have got, that ability to be equal but at the same time unequal and both fulfill our desire to be submissive and dominate.

A lot of the blog so far seems to have dealt with my submissive side but that is where I am feel more comfortable at this moment in time. What I have found is I have periods of being more dominate or more submissive. Thankfully my partner understands that and accommodates this phases and has similar phases of her own.

It is said that the major benefit of switching comes from letting the person doing the spanking get a taste of their own medicine. This limits excessive spanking as the spanker knows what the spanker is going through. It is also meant to deal with the various mental aspects of spanking, limiting possible abuse through a completely one sided relationship. This is all probably true but the biggest thing I have found is it gives us both a lot of pleasure and away to resolve your differences.

I simply enjoy both giving and receiving spanking and my partner is the same, however unlike some people we tend to not spank each other in the same spanking session. I think this is because we use punishment spankings as well as play spankings as part of our life style. I think sometimes I so lucky that have found a number of partners understand my needs and that have the same interest in spanking. I know many are not so lucky.

I would recommend anyone to try switching at least one if they are a spanker. I think it is so important they know and understand what it feels like to be on the other end of a spanking before they start giving them out, after all if you understand what a cane feels like, for example, you will use it was much more respect and a greater understanding of how to use it to maximum affect.

And finally be able to switch and change roles can be a lot of fun too. It gives you much more scope to be kinky in your life.

Story - A Late Caning

This story is years old and was written by someone known as Mike and posted onto the internet. It is one of those stories that has just stuck with me through the years. The one thing that I remember is the shop scene where the young man is taken into the shop to buy a cane. I must remember to do that someday.


It was the late spring 1989. One Saturday morning after getting up quite late - about 11.30 - I had an argument with my Mom about using her car all the night before. As I was 21, I felt old enough to stay out all night - and so did Mom. But what I didn't realize then was: It was HER car and she leant it to me for going to cinema, not for driving around with it all night. She didn't appreciate this, as I hadn't asked.

There was nothing more to say as Mom said she won't tolerate this a second time: I wouldn't get her car again for the next weeks. With this our argument could have been over, but somehow I lost control over what I said:

"Alright then. Keep your fucking car, old nut!"

Mom didn't replie. Her only reaction was a long stern look into my eyes.

Immediately I felt ashamed for what I've said and left for my room. I laid down on my bed and thought about me insulting my Mom this way. Only two years ago, she would have spooned my naughty bare behind for this - there was no question about that.

Today she didn't - and I didn't feel convenient with this fact, because it made me feel guilty: I had no right at all to insult Mom! My behavior had to have some consequences - or I could never look into Mom's eyes again.

The longer I pondered about this, the clearer it came to my mind: I deserved a real severe punishment from Mom. I thought about the possibilities.

Should I ask her for grounding me? Mom never had grounded me without spanking me before and it was no appropriate punishment for my misbehave today.

Should she cut my money? No punishment that really would last. It was clear: Mom had to punish me physically as shew had always done in the past until I was nineteen.

But would Mom give her 21-year-old son a good spanking? I prayed she would: After an hour of thinking I took a heart, stood up, left my room and seeked for Mom. I found her in the living-room reading a book.


She looked up. I still could see the angry expression in her face. "What is it?"

"I'm so, so sorry for what I said, Mom."

"I hope so."

"Well, ahmm,..." - I uttered.

"Please return to your room. I can't stand your presence now, I don't want to see you anymore today!", Mom said in a quiet but firm voice.

"I know you're disappointed by me: So am I! Couldn'√Ąt you do anything to change this?"

"Me? It's your turn to do better!"

"I, I mean haven't you considered to punish me as you did all the years?"

"How shall I punish a 21-year-old man? Take you over my knee? Well, it's right I gave you some spankings during all your teens - but would you still accept being spanked by your mother?"

"Yes, Mom. I see no other choice. I'm feeling so sorry and I really know I need a reminder."

"You realize, that you ask me for a spanking?"

"Yes, please, Mom, give me a spanking!"

Mom paused. She put down her book and finally said: "You're sure? It won't be fun!"

"No fun. Shall I get the spoon?" ( Mom had always punished my younger brother and me with a 15-inch wooden spoon, which she kept in her dresser)

Mom paused again: "No wait. I'm really proud of you showing this understanding for your misbehave. And I'm really going to spank you. But as you're no longer a child, I think you need a very spanking today. One, that you were not used to in the past. I guess, it's two years now that you got the wooden spoon, isn't it?"

"Yes. Two years. The last spanking I got over Anne's knee almost two years ago. You remember?"

"Yes, I do. She did a great job, didn't she?", Mom asked slightly grinning.

"Yes, I won't ever forget."

"It was supposed that you'd never forget it! It's the same reason that we take a trip to the florist's. Come on, take on your shoes, they'll close in some minutes!", Mom said looking at her watch.

"To the florist's?" I didn't understand yet.

"I guess they sell some canes there for people who want to stabilize their plants - or punish their naughty boys. Come on!"

"You really want to cane me? The spoon hurts enough and always taught me to behave!"

"You'll have the chance to compare."

My Mom now swatted the seat of my jeans with my shoe: "Take it on, now!"

I obeyed and accompanied my Mom to the florist's shop.

We entered and Mom headed for the corner with the canes. They had some made of green plastic - Mom wasn't interested in these ones. But there were others made out of rattan. Without a word Mom took one of the longer ones - about 30 inches - out and tested it's flexibility.

Suddenly Mom adressed one of the assistance girls: "You sell some longer ones? About three feet?"

"Let me see, ma'am."

The girl, probably younger than me, went to the stockroom and returned after some long moments with about a dozen very long canes - all over 30 inches, some even about a 40 inches - in her arms.

"How thick should it be, I mean how big is the plant you need it for?"

"Well, quite tall.", Mom said grinning at me: "In fact taller than me. Nonetheless I need a very long but also very flexible one:"

Of course I blushed. The girl asked a bit confused now:

"Maybe this one?" and gave Mom a thin, 40 inch long cane.

Mom took it, tested it's flexibility by bending it almost into a circle: and turned to me: "Well, I guess it'll do the job it is required to do. What do you think, Mike?"

"Ahmm, well, I..." I fell through the floor as I looked at the 20 or so year old assistance now grinning at me.

"Okay, let's see then. Turn around to the wall!"

Mom helped me by taking my wrist in a firm grip with her left. Then she pulled my pants tight and swatted my clothed behind with the cane.

WHACK!!! - "Ouch!!!"

"I guess, it's perfect. I'll take it!", Mom said to the assistance, who couldn't believe what she just saw. "This young man will pay the cane!", she said handing the cane to me.

"It's 4.95 then.", the girl said grinning. She took it from me and removed the price label from the cane. "Shall I wrap it up?"

", th...thanks.",I uttered with my red face and gave the girl the money with uneasy hands.

"Thank you!" The girl gave me the cane asking: "Will your Mommy make your naughty bottom match the color of your face?"

I took the cane avoiding any look into the girl's eyes.

"You're right Miss! It won't be fun and there's no reason to laugh about, young lady! Maybe your Mom should give you a good spanking sometime!", my Mom said angrily to the young assistance, which was too perplexed to answer.

We left the shop. I had to carry the cane up to our appartment. No more word was spoken. I hoped we won't meet anybody on our way. I had luck. Mom opened the door and we finally entered our flat. I closed the door.

"Wait in your room for me. I want you to be dressed in your pajama when I'll follow in some minutes. And have your cane ready for me!", Mom said firmly.


"Stop it. You asked me for a spanking - well you'll get it and a good caning extra."

I rushed to my room, the cane in my uneasy hands. I put the cane onto my bed. I undressed: I took off my shoes, my shirt, my pants, panties, socks, T-shirt. I laid these clothes onto my bed next to the cane and retrieved from under the coverled my blue pajama. I stepped into the trouser and took on the top.

In this moment my Mom knocked at my door.

"You're ready, young man?"

"Yes, Mom, come in, please!"

She opened the door and entered. As she closed the door I realized her carrying the good, old wooden spoon in her right.

As I stared at the spoon, she said: "I said, you would get the chance to compare this spoon with our new cane. This means, before being caned you will get spooned first!"

She sat onto my bed next to the devices I deplored there, including the cane.

"Come to me!", she ordered.

"But you want to take over your knee, Mom? You didn't do this since I was fourteen! Please let me bend over my chair! It's so humiliating being bent over your knee!", I protested.

"One more word and you'll get extra, young man!" She pointed at her left knee with the spanking spoon. "It is supposed to humiliate. Over my knee!", she ordered patting the spoon at the palm of her left hand.

I obeyed and shuffled towards her lap. Then I took a heart and bent over my Mom's knee. In this moment I remembered my trip over Anne's knee two years ago.

In fact I was too tall and to heavy for a woman's knee, but somehow Mom managed to stand my weight - as Anne once did in this hotel room.

I smelt Mom's parfum and tried to lay as convenient as possible: My face almost touched Mom's black slippers, I could see her left ankle and the hem of her blue jeans; finally I got a grip of Mom's leg. Now I could feel Mom's finger nails on my still cold flesh as she lowered my pajama's trouser.

"Okay, you know why you are punished, young man?"

"Yes, Mom."

"Fine. I want you to keep still on my knee during the spanking. Otherwise you'd get extra. Is that clear, young man?"

"Yes, of course."

"As this is your first encounter with this wood for quite a long time, I want you to be concentrated while receiving the spanks: You're no longer used to this pain I'll spank into your buttocks and I do not want you falling off my lap!"

"I'll do my best, Mom."

"Okay then. Let's get it over with."

Mom drew back the wooden spoon and began:

WHACK!!! - "Ouch!!"
WHACK!!! - "Ahhh!!"
WHACK!!! - "Ohhh!!!"
WHACK!!! - "Pleaaa...!!"
WHACK!!! - "Ahmmm!!!"
WHACK!!! - "Ouuhhhch!!!"

After waiting a long moment Mom said:

"Okay, get up!"

I got up and turned around to look into my Mom's eyes.

"This was some childhood remembrance, wasn't it? Now you will get the real punishment." With this Mom put down the wooden spoon and picked up the fearsome long cane from my bed. She again bent it into a circle and tested it's hissing sound.

"It sounds good, doesn't it?"

"I'm scared, Mom! I'll prefer two dozen more strokes with the spoon tan a single one with that cane! It'll hurt awfully."

"This cane is supposed to hurt. It will you remind to behave and never ever insult me again. As this cane is to long for an over-the-knee-use take out your chair, please!"

With my pajama trousers round my ankles I walked over to my desk and took out the chair and placed it in the middle of the room.

"Okay, stand behind the chair!", Mom said standing up, the cane in her right pointing to the floor.

As I stood where I was supposed to stand, Mom walked to my left. "Bend over!", she commanded.

As I had bent over, Mom pressed the cane against my already hot bottom cheeks.

"Because this cane will terrible hurt, you'll have to concentrate for each swat. So I want you to get a firm grip of the chair and to count every one of the twelve swats loudly! Do you understand me?"

"Yes, Mom!", I replied grabbing the legs of my chair.

Still pressing the cane onto my posteriora, Mom said: "Let's get it over with!" She drew back the cane. During the long moments of awaiting the cane, I suddenly felt Mom's left hand touching my back: She held me softly in position.

I heard a hissing sound and in the same moment an awful sting in my buttocks:

WHACK!!! - "One!"
WHACK!!! - "Ouuoh, two!"
WHACK!!! - "Ahh, three."

By now I began to squirm: Mom had to get a tighter grip of my back. Again she drew back the cane, again a hissing sound was heard:

WHACK!!! - "Four!"
WHACK!!! - "Five. Mom, pleaaa..."
WHACK!!! - "Ahhh!!Six!"
WHACK!!! - "I'll!"
WHACK!!! - "...good! Eight!"
WHACK!!! - "Aaaoohhh!!!...nine!"

My bottom was set under fire. The unbelievable sting made me bawl and squirm around on my chair. Mom paused saying:

"There is no need in bawling. If you do not stop at once, you'll get extras!"

I concentrated and bent over again properly. Mom drew back the cane.

WHACK!!! - "Ahhh!! Ten!"

I felt the sting in my thighs: Mom had decided to give them a taste of the cane, too.

WHACK!!! - "Ooooohhh!!! Eleven!" WHACK!!! - "Ahhhohh!!! Twelve!"

With this last stroke, Mom had returned to my buttocks.

"Stand up!" came the command.

I stood up, sobbing.

"I hope this will be a lesson for you!!

Still the cane in her hand she hugged me saying: "I hope I never ever have to use this cane again! Now take on your clothes!"

I walked over to my bed, Mom observed me taking off the pajama and dressing again. As I had finished, she said handing the cane to me: "I don't think I need it again, but nonetheless keep it in your wardrobe for me. I want to know where to get it, if necessary."

"Yes, Mom." I took the cane and put it into my wardrobe.

Mom picked up the wooden spoon from my bed and left the room.

As I was left alone with my stinging behind, I fell into my bed and now really had the chance to think about my mischief...


Pictures - His and Her Kinkers Special

Well here is the next photo special and this time it is his and her knickers special. Any one that read the original post will know I love wearing my partners knickers. They feel so good next to the skin and they turn me on all day if I'm made to wear them.

I just wish that more manufactures would wake up to the idea of men don't just want to feel comfortable in our underwear but turned on by it too. Why should girls have all the fun when it comes to having something sexy next to your skin?

Real Women

Women thankfully come in all shapes and sizes to make the life of us men more interesting. All of them are interesting and beautiful and have their own uniqueness that makes the different. The right woman for any man is the one with the right personality, not body shape.

The current fashion to have women fronting the fashion industry who have more in common with a coat hanger than a real woman of normal size, is utterly stupid and dangerous. It gives the wrong idea to some young women who end up from suffering form a number of eating disorders based on their perception of body image.

Take the girl in the picture above, she isn't fashion model size but she has a wonderful curved body shape that is a delight to the eye and other parts of your anatomy, if your a man or so inclined as a woman. She is a real woman that you would just love to hold, cuddle and make love to. She is everything a woman should be and she won't feel like she will fall apart when you touch her.

The fashion industry puts across the idea that thin is sexy and beautiful, but what really gives a woman sex appeal is confidence not size. There is something about a woman that is sure of herself that draws you to her and makes you notice her as soon as she walks into a room. It is nothing to do with size. I have seen and met lots of normal women that have more sex appeal than some stick insect on the cover of a fashion magazine.

When you think about it, it is so stupid of designers and the fashion industry to make clothes for such thin woman, they are hardly the norm. Real woman are a lot bigger and a lot more interesting to design for, and better still any designer aiming around the average size of the average woman has a much bigger market out there than the thin designers.

What I would say to women out there is embrace your curves and show them off. The truth is when it comes to women, curves are what men are looking for, not just in real life, but even in their dreams. We look for real women with personality and not stick insects in designer clothes. When it comes to fulfilling male fantasies it is real women we dream about, and in my case ones with nice bottoms that are just right for spanking.

Masturbation Watching

One of the things I love to do is to watch my partner masturbate. Watching her body and her face as she cums is truly an amazing sight. She just looks so beautiful at that moment with her legs and body shuddering to a massive climax, followed by that moment when she comes down from a massive high.

One thing I have do with my partner now, and have done in the past, is to incorporate this passion I have for watching women masturbate into dominance and submission play. The idea being to get her to beg to cum through orgasm control and spanking.

A typical dominance and submission session starts with by having my partner undress in front of me, making her fold every item of clothing neatly and placing them on bed. Any item failing to be fold to my exacting standards resulting a swift smack to the rear. Once naked, I have her stand before me and order her to spread her legs. At this point I start an examination of her which generally involves playing with her breasts, her pussy and her ass hole which I expect to be clean for my pleasure later.

Once she is sufficiently wet I get her to masturbate for me standing with her legs apart. It is fun watching her trying to stand as she gets close to cumming but she never gets there until I'm ready. Just as I see her knees buckling and her pushing her hand harder into her pussy as she rubs it harder and faster I stop her. Then taking her over my knee I begin to spank her while telling her she can't cum yet.

She knows the penalty for cumming too early, by my side I keep the cane, and six hard strokes is the will come her way and her pleasure will be replaced with pain.

After the spanking, which just makes her wetter and more turned on we start on round two. Once again I order to masturbate for me and once again I stop her just before she is about to cum and spank her for a second time.

Onward the game goes, round after round, with a the addition of a butt plug to focus her mind, until she becomes desperate to cum. It always gets to the stage that she begins to beg. This is the point I love. The power to say yes or know or let her suffer a bit longer is a cruelly fun. Having the power to let her have her release or not.

When it becomes time to let her cum it is always a moment to enjoy. The look on her face is magical as the orgasm explodes. Not being able to stand she always gently falls to the floor as the second, third and forth wave rips through her body. Her mussels move of their own accord, tensing and releasing. The whole thing rips through her body. She cum’s time and time again, until it is all over.

Once she has recovered enough to get on her knees, I strip, remove the butt plug, apply lube to my cock and plunge deep inside her ass. Then I start fucking her as she begins again to play with her sopping wet pussy. I’m normally so turned on it never takes me long until I'm fucking her hard and fast and then I cum myself, filling her ass with my juices as she brings herself off with her fingers.

Of course I not the only one that can play that little game, and now we have the strap on it is going to be interesting how that game develops for me in the future. We are just at the stage now where we are ready to use it in our kinky games. It looks like we are going to have a very Merry Christmas.

Masturbation is something that people tend to think is something that is personal, but my experience is that it more fun when someone does it with you, for you, or in front of you, but more about that and more in later posts.

A Picture I Love

There are some pictures you come across on the the internet that give you that wow factor. Behind them you find a story in your imagination that just hits the spot in some kind of way. It the whole thing that makes it special and gets you asking questions.

It is a position that I have found myself in quite a few times now and I must say being caned my a naked woman certainly is a turn on for me. I get the biggest erection before the caning starts until my mind is snapped back from the naked form before me by the pain in my backside.

Normally such spankings when we are both naked are the good boy and good girl spankings. Something we have both been lucky enough to enjoy on our last two spanking nights. As can been seen from this entry in our respective punishment logs below:

Name:          Miss Kinky
Sex:           Female
Date & Time:   20:15, Thursday, December 06, 2012
Offence:       Good Girl Spanking
Punished By:   Kinky Guy
Relation:      Domestic Disciplinarian
Leniency:      None
Punishment:    Erotic hand spanking
               Pussy fingering until Miss Kinky cums
               A blow job as a "Thank you" for Kinky Guy.

Name:          Kinky Guy
Sex:           Male
Date & Time:   22:05, Monday, December 10, 2012
Offence:       Good Boy Spanking
Punished By:   Miss Kinky
Relation:      Domestic Disciplinarian
Leniency:      None
Punishment:    Erotic hand spanking

               Milking until Kinky Guy cums
               A pussy licking as a "Thank you" until Miss Kinky cums.

Unfortunately Miss Kinky's spanking isn't going to be a good girl spanking so there no chance of a all round naked spanking tonight. The naked fun will happen later after the spanking is done and we retire to bed, but I have been side tracked all because of a wonderful picture of two people having fun.

Story - Spanking My Naughty Boy

After yesterdays post I thought it would be nice to include a story about a more erotic sort of story so I have included this one from someone called KatieBadGrr. It comes from the days of the newsgroups, and in particular a group call that is sadly full of spam these days. 

Spanking My Naughty Boy

The last time I spanked my naughty boy I made him strip naked for me, while I leaned back against the headboard and watched. He blushed so charmingly as he slid his boxers to the ground, giving me just a peek at his long, lean back.
He was still blushing when he stood, his hands dropping to cover his erection, but only for a moment. He knows better than that. I crooked my finger just a bit, beckoning him closer, and he stepped to the side of the bed. He was nervous, I could see, very nervous. But he was excited too - that was impossible to miss.

I reached out my hand and stroked his cock lightly with my fingers, delicately, just along the under side. He shivered but didn't try to stop me. Ahh, such a good naughty boy.

His attention was fixed on my hand until I looked up into his eyes. He held my gaze a second or two, then looked down. The heat was coming off him in waves.

I drew my hand away, and slid my long silky slip up past my thighs. I patted my bare lap lightly, without saying a word.

I smiled as I felt the bedsprings compress, and he climbed awkwardly up to kneel at my side. Then my lap was warm and full, his weight pressing down on my thighs. His skin was almost hot to the touch, and I could feel his pulsing cock between us.

I ran my hands over his body, rubbing his cheeks, his thighs, and his bare back until he began to relax. I murmured soothingly to him, trailing my fingers up his spine, then letting my nails tickle down his back and over his bottom. He shivered uncontrollably and tensed, the muscles along his back and shoulders hardening before my eyes. I grinned. My naughty boy is helpless when I tease him.

I dug my fingers into the flesh of his ass, rubbing and massaging, until he unwillingly relaxed again. Resting my hand on his cheek, I asked if he was ready for his spanking. He nodded his head against the bed, but I wasn't satisfied. I asked again, scratching my nail lightly against his skin.

"Yes," he whispered in a strangled voice. I smiled.

I brought my hand down hard on the bottom of one of his cheeks, and then another right in the same spot. It stung, as I knew it would, and he jumped. Pushing him back down on my lap, I continued spanking - not too hard, but not softly either. His skin began glowing pink very quickly; my naughty boy has very delicate skin. I enjoyed watching the handprints form red, then fade into the background.

Once or twice I slapped his thighs, making him kick and gasp - he didn't like that at all, but I did. That's why I did it again.

Some men have buns of steel, so my hand gets tired very quickly trying to make an impression, but my naughty boy can't take all that much. He squirms and ouches over my lap, hating and loving it as my small hand crashes down over and over again on his tender behind. I can spank him for a very long time if I want to.

I could feel his hard cock pushing against my warm thigh with every blow now. "Don't come," I warned him softly. He whimpered but nodded, and I could feel him straining to keep himself from rubbing against me.

I fired off a few more smacks, but then took pity on him, and pushed him further over my lap so that his cock fell between my thighs instead of touching my skin. I let him rest for a few seconds, caressing his back and the back of his neck, running my fingers through his hair. I soothed his stinging bottom with my hands, hearing his whimpers turn into appreciative hums.

But I couldn't let him become too comfortable, now, could I?

I reached across the bed for the wooden hairbrush he had bought me but never felt. He stiffened as I rubbed the bristles over his sore, red skin.

"No," he whispered. I ignored him, trailing the bristles over his thighs, and back up to his ass. I tapped his cheeks lightly with the bristles.

"No," he said again. "I can't."

"Yes, you can," I told him, flipping the brush over so that the cool, smooth wood rested against him. He protested just a little bit, fidgeting over my lap until I tapped him softly with the brush. A few light spanks, then a few more, then a few just a little harder. Then a few very hard.

I let the brush rest again, and nudged his thighs apart with my hand. Slipping my fingers down beneath him, I let my nails play lightly over his balls. His entire body went rigid, and gasping moans escaped his mouth. Ahh, yes. I scratched at the insides of his thighs and rubbed between his legs, feeling his cock growing and straining between mine.

Then the hairbrush again, harder this time, and just a little faster. His bottom turned a glorious red, and I knew he couldn't take much more, my poor naughty boy. I tossed the hairbrush aside, spanking him with my hand again, much harder now, enjoying the sizzling heat coming off his inflamed skin. He bucked hard against my thighs, and I scraped my fingernails against his sensitive bottom.

Then I tangled my hand in his hair, and pulled. He came up easily off my lap, and I pushed him down onto his back on the bed. He was breathing hard as I kissed him, trailing my lips and tongue and teeth down his chest and belly. He groaned aloud as I reached his taut, aching cock.

I closed my lips around him, sliding his cock inside me, tasting him deep in my throat. Even a naughty boy deserves a reward sometimes.

The End

Pictures - Spanked Women

I like, many men, love the sight of a lovely red hot female bottom and here is collection I have put together from the internet. There nothing better than running you fingers of a well spanked bottom and feeling the heat. I think I have an idea who the owner of the first picture is, so I hope she doesn't mind I have posted it.

I hope you have enjoyed the pictures. I know will never get bored of such a beautiful sight as long as I live. A fine red bottom is such a pretty sight to behold. Anyway another post spanking very soon and my love of the cane.