Sexual Rulette

“I was once Jason Vanderbilt, an aged professor of archeology, who stumbled on the secret of the Necklace of Tanaka. Now I am a goddess with a curse – I control men’s minds completely, but to retain my youth and power, I must drain the life from someone every nine days.

If I try to go beyond that time, I wither and turn into an old hag. So, it’s much better to choose my victims on my regular cycle. In between, I give pleasure to those who worship me. My caress will bring fire to your loins, and you will reach an ecstasy of pleasure such as you have never known.

Come now, isn't it worth the risk to be with me; it’s less than a 12% chance that you become my victim. Much more likely you will have the greatest sexual encounter of your life. Be a man and risk it all for me.”