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Feedback, Opinions & Blah, Blah's (Blah)

Been TG/TF cappin' for over 7 yrs but am coming up on almost 3 yrs with this blog which I first opened because many I'm friends with online continued to give me a nudge to post my works on here.

Personally, this is the first & ONLY blog I've ever ran or done but do plan on keeping it up plus posting lots of new content plus updates in the near future as well. First off, I appreciate the commentary, support & contributions over the years from other cappers, Anon's & followers but am wanting to hear opinions on what some many wanna see, would like more or less of plus any randomness involving everything involving this lil TF/TG blog.

Been lots of fun sharin' thoughts, my creations & the like over the years, so as said please post your comments, opinions etc etc.. since there a part of what helps keep me motivated to post on here & share the new content I create. ;9 ~

I may take on a couple requests as well, but still have a few I need to finish up with first off so if theres something you wanna see, post it in this thread with details on name or scenario's. ~