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Ask Candy Anything (Blah, Blah's)

(Occasionally I do these since there fun & my email attached to this account is one I never check anymore so this gives you guys a free for all on likes, dislikes, random questions and/or suggestions plus requests if you have them so ask away!)


"Oh crap, the bimboidom is taking over this new feminine body of mine again! 

*Giggles* Now I gotta get back to like sucking off & blowing my roomates fat cock since they decided to sneak a pink pill in my beer last night & entrap me in the body of this ditzy blonde slut named Candy!  Okie dokies, its just funzies & like stuffsies anyways!

Oh my gawd, I can't believe how much I like moaned & junk when my roomie put me on all fours last night like a tramp as they lifted my plump wiggling feminine butt, doggystyle before sliding that big fat cock right up & into my tight lil' needy ass, stretching it. 

Mmmmm, I know whats like cumming next  *giggles* & stuff but can't wait till the others come over later tonight since its gonna be 4 on 1 with lotsa gulpsies!