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Sleeping With The Enemy

“John, what is that stuff you injected me with? God, I’m burning up. Arrhhh.”

“That Derrick; is an elixir my Wizard devised just for you. You were getting too close to exposing my plans. So now, I’m eliminating the threat. Can you feel the pain as your body morphs; your manhood dwindling away, your waist shrinking, and your breast swelling? And that crack mind of yours fading away, replaced by mindless female lust.

“You’ll never get away with this.”

“Oh Derrick; I already have. A couple more minutes, and all anyone will see is my beautiful young companion, her face void of anything but lust. And you’ll still be there buried somewhere deep inside, unable to act; watching as I and my men enjoy your body.

Come now my dear. Let me be the first man you please.”