Rods New Act

“Look my name’s Rod and I’m an actor; a pretty good character actor. I've played just about anything you can imagine, but I’m getting a little old to get much work, and I really love my job. So when I got my hands on the Medallion of Zulo, I thought maybe I could find some way to use it to keep on acting. But, I didn't want to tell anybody.

Then, I remembered a cop show where we had some actresses playing dominatrix characters. A couple of them really looked the part, so I looked them up. One of them actually was a Dom in real life and helped my research. She even loaned me part of her costume.

I thought it would freak her out when I showed up after a few minutes in her bathroom looking like her twin, but she just smiled and said she’d show me the ropes If I’d let her act as my agent.

Now I work all the time as Mistress Angela, and If I’m a little rougher with big shot TV producers and agents, than the rest of my clientele, what can I say. I’m just channeling Rod’s anger at these bozos who decide when someone’s too old for them to cast anymore. I’m a method actress, and I like feeling their pain.”