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NFFL Stars - The Sanchez Sisters

The Great Shift did seem to play havoc with athletes and Celebrities, seemingly shifting them into some truly ridiculous situations. In this case, twin brothers John and James Summers, a pair of ex-NFL linebackers, ended up shifted into Maria and Manuela Sanchez, a pair of sisters who danced at ‘Players’ gentlemen’s club. Fortunately, the sisters were big fit healthy girls, and the brothers were able to join the National Female Football League.

Maria plays for the Raiders, while her sister Manuela plays for the Broncos. They are both defensive players, so they rarely meet on the field, except on kickoffs and punt returns. When they do manage to meet, things can get pretty catty, so when their teams play, check out the extracurricular stuff after the kicks. These two can’t seem to keep their hands off each other.

Go Sanchez sisters.