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I Do Believe in Fairies

“Don’t ever say something stupid in front of your girlfriend’s young kids, especially if she’s a witch. I’d been dating Sally Owens for a few weeks, when we ended up babysitting her sister’s young kids. We were watching Disney’s Peter Pan and her little niece asked me if we could go and see Tinkerbell. And without a thought I told her that fairies aren't real, and that Tinkerbell was just a cartoon character.

Well the kid balled, and Sally said I would have to make it up to her. And then I asked just how I was going to do that? Sally just grinned and said she’d find a way.

So here I am, 9” tall with little fairy wings, ready to go and fly in and see little Jane and tell her how wrong her Aunt Sallies dumb boyfriend was about fairies. And the scary thing is Sally has lined up a number of kid’s parties for me to go to this week. The money is pretty good and Sally thinks I’ll really learn my lesson if she leaves me this way for a while.

I hope she turns me back soon – I don’t like the way her cat looks at me.”