Escaping the Home

“It worked, that swapping stone I found on the internet really worked. Kaila here was visiting her grandmother when I managed to walk by and touch the stone to her. My old body fainted when my spirit rose out of it and did the swap. As soon as I got control of Kaila's body, I reached down and picked up the stone and put it in her purse.

No more skin to skin means no more switching, so I should be good to go. With all the commotion, it seemed a great time to make tracks and get away from there.

I want to get to some distance between us before Kaila wakes up in my old body and starts trying to tell people what happened. She might just be able to convince her grandmother, but maybe I can call her mom and do some damage control.

From what I overheard, I don’t think Kaila is very close to her parents anyway. Living as a girl may be strange at first, but living as a young healthy person again makes it all worthwhile. So long old folks home, hello partying in the real world.”