Computer Virused

Chad loved browsing the TG Caption sites on Blogger and other carriers. He loved to fantasize about being morphed into a pretty girl, or having some magic act to transform him. Of course, he could then put it aside and go to his real job, and deal with his straight laced parents. But, it was fun to dream.

Tonight though, Chad is going to experience that dream. He clicked over on a link to a rogue site and was hit by a blinding light from his laptop and an electrical surge that coursed through his body. When he woke up he saw that his dick was gone, and he’d been transformed just like in some of the captions he loved to read.

The screen was locked up on a page which read: ‘Congratulations, you've just been subjected to an irreversible gender-transformation virus. Have a nice Day; signed Loki Trickster.’

I’m afraid Chad is going to have some explaining to do.