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Cab Driver Again

“When I escaped the magic taxi and took over Audrey’s life by mistake, I thought my days of driving a taxi were over. But, I really didn't have any desire to work as a prostitute like she did, and I needed a job. I tried being a waitress, but I wasn't very good at it. And, I’d had all that practice driving a cab, so I became a taxi driver.

It’s not that bad. I get much better tips than I did in that fat slob’s body, particularly when I warn the good fares to be on the lookout for that cab and stay out of it. And I do have the satisfaction of telling the real assholes about this cab with a particular number, driven by this fat grease ball who gives rich fares a discount for long trips.

I figure maybe I can do a little karma payback that way. Anyhow, you make sure and Have a nice day.”