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Wishing for Good Grades

Jerry was a bit of a nerd. But, he was also a nice guy, and a great chemistry tutor, so a couple of the sororities gave his name out for sisters who needed science help. Mora desperately needed that help. Though she usually could get her male teachers to give her a break on her grades, her professor was gay and immune to her charms. So, she bent her efforts on Jerry instead.

Jerry had tried every trick her knew to help her pass her exams: mnemonics, cramming, flash cards; nothing seemed to work. He called a break for the night and began walking home. Passing the old fountain by the science building, he reached in his pocket for a coin, tossed it in and said, “I wish I could take this test for you Mora.”

Suddenly, an eerie light glowed around him and he felt his body growing insubstantial. He flowed away on the wind back towards the house where he’d left Mora packing up. Drifting through the wall, he came to her room and flowed up her nose. Mora coughed and sputtered, and he felt disoriented. Then he was the one coughing. When he stopped, he rose to his knees and shifted his long black hair where he could see, and got slowly to her feet. He was wearing heels. Those weren't his feet. Somehow, he was in Mora's body. He could sense her in here with him, but dormant.

Well, he thought, whatever else happens, at least Mora should ace her chemistry exam.