The Tale of the Tape

Old man Motley had collected cursed and novelty magic items for nearly 70 years, until that night in 1957 when he vanished without a trace, leaving his estate in a legal mess. Only now, with his various relatives dying off, are many of those items coming on the market. When George found the old reel-to-reel tape recorder in the sale, he knew he just had to have it. It looked to be in mint condition, so when he got it home, he decided to try it out.

He plugged it in, and pressed the play button to see what was on the tape. He heard a voice saying: “Looking down, you see you’re a tall redhead with fishnet stockings, a dark green corset supporting your ample breast, glasses, and a pageboy haircut. And, you have this overwhelming urge to go out and get laid.”

George reached for the stop button, and saw his slim manicured hand. He did a double take! Everything that the tape had said was true. He was a tall busty redhead, wanting to get laid. Feeling really strange, George, went and borrowed some clothes, and went out looking for action.

When he got home, he decided to see if he could record his own message, and change himself back into a guy. He plugged in the microphone, rewound the tape, and tried a message describing himself. But, when he tried to play it back, all he heard was: “Looking down, you see you’re a tall redhead …”.