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That First Look

“I guess I’m kind of a prankster as ghosts go, but being bound to the house and grounds of the Motley Mansion do leave you short of entertainment. Anyway, whenever one of those silly ghost hunters comes around, I love to step into the mirror and make a noise to attract them. Then when they walk up and see me superimposed over their reflection, I strike.

I paralyze their body, dispel their clothing, possess their form, and then transform it into my own. I swear the look on their faces when they see themselves standing there as a naked copy of me, instead of some nerd boy with a shrunken little member is priceless.

Sometimes, their lust overcomes everything else, and it’s all I can do to keep them from playing with themselves when we’re done. Some of these poor boys have never had sex in their lives, much less seen a pretty girl up close. Of course I do share the feelings of pleasure with them when we go find one of their colleagues and get in a little sexual workout. I’m not cruel you know. Anyway Tom, let’s wipe that stupid look of my face, put down the candle, and go have some fun.”