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Mixing Business and Pleasure

“Arnold Snoggs here, 58 year old high school science teacher and Costume Gun addict. I also trade in black market Magic Items, so when I needed to make a business trip to Barbados in the Caribbean, I picked out the lovely Jill, a sometime travel agent who made frequent trips to the area. A quick zap with my Mark II gave me a beautiful Jill suit that I quickly put on and morphed into.

Not only was Jill a perfect cover for my business, she also knew all the island hot spots, and that girl could hold her liquor as well as anyone I’d ever seen. She was like the girl in the Indiana Jones movies, putting away lesser mortals with ease. And, she helped me get a couple of reluctant wizards to go ahead and close the deal on moving some potions, and magical jewelry pieces. After all, boys will be boys, and none of them seem to be able to do business without some sex and alcohol to lubricate the wheels.

And, that last night, After I’d shipped everything home; I took Jill out for a little fun with one of her island friends who must be some kind of sex addict – the man stayed hard for hours. So besides the fact I can’t claim any of my purchases on my taxes, this was a perfect trip. Oh well, you can’t have everything.”