Kids Will Drive You Crazy

“Grandfather’s funeral was so sad. My parents and my aunts and uncles seemed to take it so hard. It’s not like he didn't live a long and full life. He traveled to Haiti and Tibet; he followed his passion for black magic all over the world. You’d think it was one of them in the coffin there the way they’re carrying on. Just because they can’t find how he hid his money, their acting like little children.

I’m just glad that I had Jasmine here to put my spell on. Maybe living on as a girl wasn't ideal, but it needed to be a young blood relative, over 21 for my purposes. Yes, I've submerged her personality under my own, but it’s not like she’s dead, she’s still in here, just asleep. Who knows, in a few years, I’ll probably move on and she can have her life back.

Meanwhile, I have monies stored in safe deposit boxes and properties all over the city. I can certainly get bye until the will is read and they find out I left Jasmine the mansion too. I tell you my kids are driving me crazy, even after I’m dead.”