For Her Own Good

James was a body hopper with a conscience; he loved the feeling of mounting a hot woman for a few days of passion and sex, but he felt guilty about using other people. His solution was to live in a resort hotel, and keep his possessions down to a week or two at a time. He liked the endless variety and could live with his conscience.

Darla, his latest mount, troubled him. Despite being rich and beautiful, she seemed depressed, and without a will to live. In fact she had thoughts of suicide which baffled him. James worked extra hard to see if he couldn't cheer her up. He set her up with the best lovers on the island, and used all his wiles to let her experience some real passion and joy that week. He even stepped back and let Darla experience the full effect of multiple orgasms, to see if that would bring her out of the doldrums. Sadly, nothing worked.

In the end James made a momentous decision; he would continue to ride Darla indefinitely for her own protection. He’d make her life his own, and see if he couldn't fix her. As he packed her things, now his, and prepared to fly home, James let a smile crack his face. He had a mission in life now, and a hot body he had no qualms about staying in; after all, it was for Darla’s own good.