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First Time Bodyhopper Steps Out

“Man, if you’d told me that on my 16th birthday, I’d be out here on the street in a skimpy outfit with a mixed drink and a handful of Mardi Gras beads in my hand waiting on the parade, I’d have thought you were nuts. Of course until three months ago, I was a boy named James who was killed in an auto accident. That’s when I discovered that I was a body hopper.

Talk about your life changing event! I went from young nerd boy who girls didn’t give the time of day, to a free agent who could look like anyone I met. And since my first accidental possession was my neighbor Heather, I quickly learned that girls have some incredible abilities when it comes to sex.

Three months later and here I am, mounted up on Janice my party girl suit. You would not believe the kind of attention a big old rack like this brings you in the clubs, or then again maybe you would. Anyway, after tonight’s activities, I think I’ll give my old buddy Tom a call. I do owe him for keeping me sane those first few days. I guess a little pity sex wouldn't hurt.”