Disaster on Flight 469

When some Bio-terrorist inadvertently released a canister of Super Feminizing Virus on board flight 469 to Honolulu Hawaii, it was thought that everyone on board who could land the plane would be incapacitated at the critical time. Fortunately, the female flight attendants were able to make radio contact, and the CDC was able to provide a treatment regimen which speeded up the progress of the virus for the Pilot and Co-pilot.

So, six hours after their initial infection, both pilots were able to make the scheduled landing at Honolulu without further mishap. However, there were some side effects to the treatment regimen. Both 63 year old Pilot Arnie Dawson and 57 year old Co-pilot James Williams (pictured) have reported extreme levels of hornyness, beyond what the virus supposedly causes.

Fortunately, even though they are in quarantine, they at least have each other.