Caught Spying

“John, I really don’t like corporate spies trying to find out my secrets. Though I must admit assuming the identity of my research assistant with the Medallion of Zulo was a pretty effective way of getting past my security. Fortunately, I pay the best witch on the East Coast to maintain a magic detection spell on the premises to avoid complications like these. So now, we've found your car and we're going to find the medallion, so what am I to do with you.

Well John, I've always thought Ms. Sanders would be a great lay, and since you’re not her, I guess I could try her out without any of those legal issues of sexual harassment in the workplace to deal with. And you’re already tied up, which leads to all kinds of naughty things we could do. Why don’t I just take you back to my mansion and keep you for myself. I’m sure I can have one of my people impersonate you long enough to feed your employer some false info about our product. Send their research down a couple of blind allies.

Yes John, I’m afraid you’re going to have to come and be my fuck toy for a while. Not forever; just for a few years. What do you say?”