Wishing for Good Grades

Jerry was a bit of a nerd. But, he was also a nice guy, and a great chemistry tutor, so a couple of the sororities gave his name out for sisters who needed science help. Mora desperately needed that help. Though she usually could get her male teachers to give her a break on her grades, her professor was gay and immune to her charms. So, she bent her efforts on Jerry instead.

Jerry had tried every trick her knew to help her pass her exams: mnemonics, cramming, flash cards; nothing seemed to work. He called a break for the night and began walking home. Passing the old fountain by the science building, he reached in his pocket for a coin, tossed it in and said, “I wish I could take this test for you Mora.”

Suddenly, an eerie light glowed around him and he felt his body growing insubstantial. He flowed away on the wind back towards the house where he’d left Mora packing up. Drifting through the wall, he came to her room and flowed up her nose. Mora coughed and sputtered, and he felt disoriented. Then he was the one coughing. When he stopped, he rose to his knees and shifted his long black hair where he could see, and got slowly to her feet. He was wearing heels. Those weren't his feet. Somehow, he was in Mora's body. He could sense her in here with him, but dormant.

Well, he thought, whatever else happens, at least Mora should ace her chemistry exam.

Belated Gift

Jane looked carefully at the small jewelry box with the green lid which she’d received as her inheritance from her great uncle Edgar. Rumor was that he’d had millions of dollars stashed in offshore bank accounts, but so far, none of her relatives had been able to find any papers concerning the money.

Edgar had some truly strange hobbies, including black magic which he’d spent his money on in life, so a lot of the family was glad to see him dead and buried. Jane had never been close to the old man, but she was glad for the bequest, figuring at least she got something out of him. She opened the box, and looked at the heavy silver pin inside. Reaching for it, she managed to prick her finger and draw blood. Without even thinking about it, she sucked on the tiny wound.

Suddenly, her sight dimmed, and some malign force held her body stiff – she was paralyzed. Jane felt a presence, flooding her mind, first a trickle, and then a flood as her great uncle Edgar possessed her and forced her down into darkness.

“So Jane, you finally opened my little gift. And it’s a good thing too, another week and I wouldn't have been able to come back. Now let’s get your computer and check on my money. We have some changes to make in your life.”

Removing the Competition

The last thing Gerald remembered was having a drink at the bar with a beautiful raven haired woman. Now he was bound and groggy, kneeling on the floor. “You won’t get away with this. I have friends in Law enforcement.”

“Gerald, my name is Mistress Dawn, and you have been a very bad boy. In fact, you've been so bad that one of my clients paid me to do this.” Reaching in her pocket, she pulled out a bottle of some vile pink concoction and poured it on Gerald’s head and face.

“Arrragh,” Gerald screamed as the potion burned him. His body felt odd, like his bones had all turned to jelly. He fell to the ground in pain, before passing out. Unconscious, he missed the shrinking of his body from a tall athletic 6’ 2” down to a slender 5’ 4”. His skin grew creamy and pale; his hair changed to ash blonde, and grew some inches on his head. Ripping away his clothes showed his waist had become thin and girlish, and his proud foot long penis was nowhere in sight. And finally, a curvy set of breast had sprouted from his chest.

“Leah, Constance, please get the former Gerald dressed and made up for his photo op. We must show the client that his competitor has been changed for the better. Perhaps he’ll even take her off my hands, if he’ll meet my price.”

Disaster on Flight 469

When some Bio-terrorist inadvertently released a canister of Super Feminizing Virus on board flight 469 to Honolulu Hawaii, it was thought that everyone on board who could land the plane would be incapacitated at the critical time. Fortunately, the female flight attendants were able to make radio contact, and the CDC was able to provide a treatment regimen which speeded up the progress of the virus for the Pilot and Co-pilot.

So, six hours after their initial infection, both pilots were able to make the scheduled landing at Honolulu without further mishap. However, there were some side effects to the treatment regimen. Both 63 year old Pilot Arnie Dawson and 57 year old Co-pilot James Williams (pictured) have reported extreme levels of hornyness, beyond what the virus supposedly causes.

Fortunately, even though they are in quarantine, they at least have each other.

Midnight Snack

It’s a good thing that Glen can use the Medallion of Zulo to keep Tanya’s shape. Otherwise his eating habits would make the luscious Tanya blow up like a balloon. As it is, he still can’t stay out of the refrigerator to save his soul.

It has turned out well for his sexual partners though. This model of Tanya can’t get enough cum under any circumstances. She just blows and blows.

Come on back to bed Tanya, there’s a foot long just waiting for your attentions.

Mixing Business and Pleasure

“Arnold Snoggs here, 58 year old high school science teacher and Costume Gun addict. I also trade in black market Magic Items, so when I needed to make a business trip to Barbados in the Caribbean, I picked out the lovely Jill, a sometime travel agent who made frequent trips to the area. A quick zap with my Mark II gave me a beautiful Jill suit that I quickly put on and morphed into.

Not only was Jill a perfect cover for my business, she also knew all the island hot spots, and that girl could hold her liquor as well as anyone I’d ever seen. She was like the girl in the Indiana Jones movies, putting away lesser mortals with ease. And, she helped me get a couple of reluctant wizards to go ahead and close the deal on moving some potions, and magical jewelry pieces. After all, boys will be boys, and none of them seem to be able to do business without some sex and alcohol to lubricate the wheels.

And, that last night, After I’d shipped everything home; I took Jill out for a little fun with one of her island friends who must be some kind of sex addict – the man stayed hard for hours. So besides the fact I can’t claim any of my purchases on my taxes, this was a perfect trip. Oh well, you can’t have everything.”

But Can She Act

The sister fates, three sisters who pooled their resources to take dying people and help them achieve new lives and identities by matching them with recently deceased young people, and using the magic typewriter to alter reality and fit them in. Joyce, the hospice worker, had an unusual case that she wanted to try and help.

Ron had been a relatively famous Porn Star back in the day before age, and a couple of heart attacks had forced him into retirement. Ron had something almost no one in porn had – he could actually act. He had the kind of charisma that let him talk his way into anything, and had managed to talk Joyce into going to bat for him. Jeanine did have a Porn Star who had just died, a young woman who had OD’ed on drugs, apparently by accident. Would Ron consider changing sexes to get back in the game? Ron was more than willing. Apparently women in the Porn game made more money than men anyway.

So now Ronnie has made a miraculous recovery and is back on the set. And the producers can’t get enough of the new Ronnie; she’s just as hot as she ever was and now, she’s got some real stage presence; the girl has really learned how to act.

The Tale of the Tape

Old man Motley had collected cursed and novelty magic items for nearly 70 years, until that night in 1957 when he vanished without a trace, leaving his estate in a legal mess. Only now, with his various relatives dying off, are many of those items coming on the market. When George found the old reel-to-reel tape recorder in the sale, he knew he just had to have it. It looked to be in mint condition, so when he got it home, he decided to try it out.

He plugged it in, and pressed the play button to see what was on the tape. He heard a voice saying: “Looking down, you see you’re a tall redhead with fishnet stockings, a dark green corset supporting your ample breast, glasses, and a pageboy haircut. And, you have this overwhelming urge to go out and get laid.”

George reached for the stop button, and saw his slim manicured hand. He did a double take! Everything that the tape had said was true. He was a tall busty redhead, wanting to get laid. Feeling really strange, George, went and borrowed some clothes, and went out looking for action.

When he got home, he decided to see if he could record his own message, and change himself back into a guy. He plugged in the microphone, rewound the tape, and tried a message describing himself. But, when he tried to play it back, all he heard was: “Looking down, you see you’re a tall redhead …”.

First Time Bodyhopper Steps Out

“Man, if you’d told me that on my 16th birthday, I’d be out here on the street in a skimpy outfit with a mixed drink and a handful of Mardi Gras beads in my hand waiting on the parade, I’d have thought you were nuts. Of course until three months ago, I was a boy named James who was killed in an auto accident. That’s when I discovered that I was a body hopper.

Talk about your life changing event! I went from young nerd boy who girls didn’t give the time of day, to a free agent who could look like anyone I met. And since my first accidental possession was my neighbor Heather, I quickly learned that girls have some incredible abilities when it comes to sex.

Three months later and here I am, mounted up on Janice my party girl suit. You would not believe the kind of attention a big old rack like this brings you in the clubs, or then again maybe you would. Anyway, after tonight’s activities, I think I’ll give my old buddy Tom a call. I do owe him for keeping me sane those first few days. I guess a little pity sex wouldn't hurt.”

That First Look

“I guess I’m kind of a prankster as ghosts go, but being bound to the house and grounds of the Motley Mansion do leave you short of entertainment. Anyway, whenever one of those silly ghost hunters comes around, I love to step into the mirror and make a noise to attract them. Then when they walk up and see me superimposed over their reflection, I strike.

I paralyze their body, dispel their clothing, possess their form, and then transform it into my own. I swear the look on their faces when they see themselves standing there as a naked copy of me, instead of some nerd boy with a shrunken little member is priceless.

Sometimes, their lust overcomes everything else, and it’s all I can do to keep them from playing with themselves when we’re done. Some of these poor boys have never had sex in their lives, much less seen a pretty girl up close. Of course I do share the feelings of pleasure with them when we go find one of their colleagues and get in a little sexual workout. I’m not cruel you know. Anyway Tom, let’s wipe that stupid look of my face, put down the candle, and go have some fun.”

Good Service is What We're All About

“Jason, I’m sorry but when a client pays me to make someone disappear, they disappear. Besides, you wouldn't want to try to go to court and try your case looking like that would you? I’m afraid my medallion fixed you where no one will believe your Jason Seaquest, chief prosecutor in the Ramco case. But not to worry, my assistant is now an exact copy of the old you, and he’ll take care of everything for you.

And I think we found the perfect look for the new you; that red hair and piercings just screams little servant to me. Anyway Mr. Ramco surpassed all other bidders for your services, so perhaps he’ll keep you abreast of how the trial’s going; or maybe not.

Now, before the other spell kicks in and your mind goes all mushy about your past life, I just want you to know there’s nothing personal about any of this. I just provide a service for big bad corporations and criminals who need a little help taking care of crusading do gooders like you. So Jason dear, I want you to have a nice life, and be a good little girl for Mr. Ramco. After all, good service is what we’re all about.”

Animal Lover

“Wow, no dick – that transformation spell that those women typed for me really worked. It’s strange to go from sitting at home in hospice care to the deck of some rich man’s house in Malibu. I know I’m just the house sitter here, but what a bonus. I get to be young and healthy again and enjoy some of the trappings of wealth.

And next week, when I go back to veterinary school, I’ll be all set to finish up and go back to doing what I love most – caring for peoples pets. What’s a little matter of changing sexes for an opportunity like that? Besides, if the signals I’m getting from this body are any indication, sex is going to be a whole lot better than it’s been in years.

See what being a good and caring person can do for you. Of course it does help if some of your patients happen to have a little magic to help you out.”

The Slime Breaks Out

“When I was 15, I found I could turn into some kind of black slime creature. I could crawl through the tiniest crack under a door, or work my way through a drain. I have some kind of visual sense that lets me see where I’m going, and hearing to know what’s going on around me.

Naturally, I started spying on girls to see them naked like any red blooded 15 Year old would. That’s when I discovered my real power – I could ooze into a girls mouth or pussy and possess her, instantly learning her thoughts and secrets in a matter of seconds.

At first, I was going to go public with my powers, but I quickly realized I’d have much more fun possessing rich hot chicks, and using their bodies as my own. Here’s a picture I managed to catch with my time delay camera of me climbing into Stacy’s mouth to possess her. I think the look of disbelief on her face as I take control is just priceless.

Be careful all you hot girls out there, the slime is ready to take you out tonight.”

Costume Gun Date Night

“Wow, Staci’s tits really look good from this side,” said John the apartment super. John had found the Costume Gun when he’d found the previous owner dead in mid-costuming in one of his apartments. Now, he considered the complex his own personal hunting ground for hot young coeds.

Staci had been so easy to zap when she called for help with her air conditioning. She had deflated into a girl sized pile of flesh and John had lost no time slipping into her skin. Then the familiar pain of his body morphing and shifting, sprouting those pert young breast; watching his legs grow long and thin. When he finished, he slipped on her jewelry, and that hot purple dress.

“Staci and her friends have a hot night of clubbing planned,” he said pulling down her collar. “I don’t want to keep anyone waiting.” John really loves date night with the Costume Gun.


“Oh I just love that sad puppy dog look these CEO Assholes get after they've been changed. It’s like they’re so sorry for all the trouble they caused fleecing their employees and investors out of millions so they could live like kings while letting their companies go in the toilet.

And everyone is going to be so surprised when they find the money you embezzled so easily. The fact that you recorded all your account numbers and passwords on a document that got sent to the police may even make some people think you had second thoughts. Of course, when I threatened to change you into an ugly old hag with health problems instead of a pretty girl; maybe that helped you with your decision.

Now Mr. Andrews, your new owner, Mistress Elle is very particular that her pets not go in the house. I suggest you should be on your best behavior for her. If she gives a good report of you, we’ll see about reversing your muteness and letting you talk again.

And don’t worry about who’s paying me, we witches don’t like our investments to be mishandled, and our lawyers assured me that my reduced rate would be paid. Though to see you brought down, I might have done this one for free.”

Containment Failure

“How long ago was Dr. Armstrong exposed to the feminizing agent,” asked Dr. Clarkson, checking the bio readings again?

“About six hours sir; Has he stopped changing yet?”

“No Captain, he’s still morphing in there. The affects have slowed down in the last hour, but breast growth has continued, and he continues to show signs of delirium. It’s like she’s in some kind of chemically induced heat, clawing at the walls of the containment cell trying to get at us.”

“Anything more we can do Doctor?”

“We’ll continue to draw blood for testing every 30 minutes or so, and wait it out. Hopefully she’ll stabilize.”

“Wait sir, what’s that sweet smell in the air, I don’t recognize it.”

“Oh god, there must be a leak in the containment system. She must be producing pheromones on a massive scale. We've got to get out of here before someone is overcome and let’s her out. No Jefferies get away from that door man. You mustn’t...”

The containment door popped open; Armstrong stepped into the room, and the concentrated musk of six hours of lust hit everyone like a poleax. At last, she was free, and the men were hers for the taking.

The Perfect Date

“Vickie my dear, I’m afraid I must leave you for now. My possession candle has gone out and the spell is broken, but don’t worry, we had a wonderful date. The wining and dining was perfect, your date picked a fabulous wine. The dancing was fun, watching all those people stare at you as you gyrated on the floor. And the sex was exquisite; I’ve never cum so hard in my life.

Yes we must do this again, and soon; so go home and collect yourself, rest up and make another date with Bob the Oil tycoon. I’ll check on you long enough to confirm the time, so I can possess you for the whole evening. Bob is the perfect gentleman in bed and out. I’m really looking forward to being you with him again.”

Caught Spying

“John, I really don’t like corporate spies trying to find out my secrets. Though I must admit assuming the identity of my research assistant with the Medallion of Zulo was a pretty effective way of getting past my security. Fortunately, I pay the best witch on the East Coast to maintain a magic detection spell on the premises to avoid complications like these. So now, we've found your car and we're going to find the medallion, so what am I to do with you.

Well John, I've always thought Ms. Sanders would be a great lay, and since you’re not her, I guess I could try her out without any of those legal issues of sexual harassment in the workplace to deal with. And you’re already tied up, which leads to all kinds of naughty things we could do. Why don’t I just take you back to my mansion and keep you for myself. I’m sure I can have one of my people impersonate you long enough to feed your employer some false info about our product. Send their research down a couple of blind allies.

Yes John, I’m afraid you’re going to have to come and be my fuck toy for a while. Not forever; just for a few years. What do you say?”

Kids Will Drive You Crazy

“Grandfather’s funeral was so sad. My parents and my aunts and uncles seemed to take it so hard. It’s not like he didn't live a long and full life. He traveled to Haiti and Tibet; he followed his passion for black magic all over the world. You’d think it was one of them in the coffin there the way they’re carrying on. Just because they can’t find how he hid his money, their acting like little children.

I’m just glad that I had Jasmine here to put my spell on. Maybe living on as a girl wasn't ideal, but it needed to be a young blood relative, over 21 for my purposes. Yes, I've submerged her personality under my own, but it’s not like she’s dead, she’s still in here, just asleep. Who knows, in a few years, I’ll probably move on and she can have her life back.

Meanwhile, I have monies stored in safe deposit boxes and properties all over the city. I can certainly get bye until the will is read and they find out I left Jasmine the mansion too. I tell you my kids are driving me crazy, even after I’m dead.”

I Don't Date Toads

“Sally Owens sister Jessica is a single mom raising two young kids while working in the family herb shop. She’s also a powerful witch, but she is sort of in the closet about it. She’s trying to date and figures a single mom with kids is handicap enough. All kinds of guys want to date her; I mean the girl’s a 10 in anyone’s book. But for some reason she just hasn't found the right guy yet.

George went on a couple of dates with Jessica before she discovered he was cheating on his wife. When he came for the third date, she pointed a finger at him and said, “I don’t date Toads like you that cheat on their wives. Go find a pond or something.”

As he got in his car to leave, George was hit by a horrible wave of pain. His body crunched and morphed; his dick shriveled up and his hair fell out. His skin grew all patchy and leather like and green and yellow patches formed across his face. His clothes rotted away and fell off him leaving a naked female body, perhaps 4’ tall, and looking for all the world like a diseased old lady toad. Horrified, George opened his mouth to scream, but all that came out was “Creeeep.”

For Her Own Good

James was a body hopper with a conscience; he loved the feeling of mounting a hot woman for a few days of passion and sex, but he felt guilty about using other people. His solution was to live in a resort hotel, and keep his possessions down to a week or two at a time. He liked the endless variety and could live with his conscience.

Darla, his latest mount, troubled him. Despite being rich and beautiful, she seemed depressed, and without a will to live. In fact she had thoughts of suicide which baffled him. James worked extra hard to see if he couldn't cheer her up. He set her up with the best lovers on the island, and used all his wiles to let her experience some real passion and joy that week. He even stepped back and let Darla experience the full effect of multiple orgasms, to see if that would bring her out of the doldrums. Sadly, nothing worked.

In the end James made a momentous decision; he would continue to ride Darla indefinitely for her own protection. He’d make her life his own, and see if he couldn't fix her. As he packed her things, now his, and prepared to fly home, James let a smile crack his face. He had a mission in life now, and a hot body he had no qualms about staying in; after all, it was for Darla’s own good.

Leaving the City

“Walk away from the Taxi. I am so glad to be on the street, out of that fat ass taxi drivers body. Heather here fit my criteria perfectly. She’s young, healthy, has some trust fund income, and doesn't live in this dam city.

I am so tired of New York, tiered of being dumped on, the whole thing. Hell, I never would have been caught by the Magic Taxi if my girlfriend hadn't just broken up with me. I know the stories. I know to stay out of a dirty yellow cab with a fat Italian driver who won’t meet your eyes. I know better, but I wasn't thinking, so I put my rich young male butt in the one place I couldn't buy myself out of.

And I’m sorry for Heather’s boyfriend, but if he wants to live in this city, he’s going to do it without me. Screw the roses, I’m moving to San Francisco.”

Girls Can't Drive

James was trying to get home and change so he could go out clubbing. He assumed the car ahead of him would go through the yellow light, so when it stopped he ended up rear ending them – a woman and her two young kids. James just lost it and started chewing her out. “Hay, who let you out driving bitch; you obviously don’t know jack about going in traffic. And who’s going to pay for my car?”

Jessica the witch first checked to see that her kids were alright before grabbing her wand and stepping out of the car. “You idiot,” she cried, “We could have all been killed. Just because you’re in a hurry…”

James got a look at the woman he’d struck and reeled his act in. “Pretty lady, I’m sorry about tapping your car. Just trying get ready to go out and party; Give the girls what their looking for.”

“Oh, well in that case, I’ll just fix the damage and we’ll be on our way.” She cast a spell and both cars were good as new. “Now James, why don’t you go and give the girls some of this,” Jessica said, casting one last spell.”

James didn’t remember the drive home, or even the accident. And she has no clue where her clothes went, or how she got home. After all, stupid girls like her don’t know how to drive.

The Slime Takes Possession

Janice was all set for a hot bath to get ready for her date with Bryan another blue blood from her set when a mass of green slime jetted up out of the drain like a fountain. She stepped back towards the door when the goo twisted in the air and splashed right in her face and chest. Startled, she fell to her knees and tried to ward the stuff away from her mouth. Suddenly, she was paralyzed, and felt some malevolent spirit coursing into her mind. The slime coalesced and streamed into her, gagging and choking her into unconsciousness.

Tommy felt his vision clear, the green tent giving way to clear sight. He reached up and caressed Janice’s breast, now his breast and felt the firm heft of them in her hands. “So, Janice has a date with that rich stud Brian tonight. I think I’ll keep that date and see just what he can do. Janice wasn’t going to go all the way tonight, but then I’m not Janice; or rather I’m only Janice on the outside.

This girl’s got way too much going for her to be a prick teaser. After all, what’s the fun of being in the driver’s seat if you can’t go the distance?”

The slime has taken another victim.


“I’m Arnold Snoggs, a 58 year old science teacher and black market magic item dealer. When a couple of my rich male students wanted to buy some potions, I told them I could put them in contact with someone. Then I dug out my Costume Gun and went to borrow Jennifer Elkins, the manager of the ‘Crazy Horse’ and reportedly a C.I. for the Police.

I zapped her and watched her deflate into a pile of girl flesh, and then slipped her over my hefty frame. I never get tired of watching my breast fill out, and my fat frame dwindling down to her cute curves. When I finished changing, I put on her bikini bottom and her low cut shirt and then I called my students to set up the buy.

Using Jennifer gives me leverage in making the sale. The rich boys know who she is, and that she’s protected, so they won’t mess with her, and in sales of this kind, a girl can always get a better price out some guy than I can. And as Jennifer, I can be a bit of a tease. And after we’re done, no one’s the wiser and no one can point the finger at old Arnold.

Plus who wouldn't want to spend a few hours as a hot babe like Jennifer.”

Don't Break Up the Party

“Oh Boy, or rather Oh girl; five minutes with Jessica’s panties and the Medallion of Zulo and I've got her rack, and all the rest of the package. The first time I used the medallion to become a girl was on a dare from my brother Tommy. He figured I’d have problems with being a girl and all. Actually, it was no big deal until I discovered little Jessica is a sexual dynamo. When she comes, the floodgates open in waves.

Soon, I started making a habit of it, buying some clothes to wear as her, and making excuses for avoiding going out with Tommy and the gang. Then, I got found out. I ran into Tommy in a club as Jessica when he knew she was out of town.

So tonight, we’re going out together, Tommy and me. Just as soon as I take him the medallion and let him change into Candy, Jessica’s best friend. Well it’s only right that we don’t break up our regular party night.”

Deadbeat Brother

“My deadbeat brother was using that medallion he’d stumbled across to turn into a copy of me, Me; so he could make dates with my escort service. I told him nothing doing until he proves to me he has what it takes to satisfy my customers.

So he takes me to bed and dam if that little weasel doesn't have my act down to perfection. And his tong was going at me like a trumpet player with a cattle prod up his ass. This girl was good. So I worked it out where he could book when I was in class or otherwise occupied.

Hay, I might as well let him do it, he’d just be hitting me up for the money anyway. And when he’s got a little experience under his belt, we’ll do the twin sister act. Rich old guys love the twin sister act.”

Volunteer Firemen

When Sally Owens sister Jessica decided she wanted to be a volunteer fireman, her big sister was all supportive. The witches’ herb shop was part of the community and wanted to do their part. But when Jessica came back and told her she’d been turned down because the organizers were excluding women, well Sally wasn't going to put up with any sexism on her watch.

Now the volunteer fire department is definitely co-ed; in fact most of the firemen are actually women. Here a number of them are posing with the new engine. That’s Jessica in back with the axe.

Get Better At This

“Oh man, why does it have to end? Just when I was all set to get dressed and go out for seconds, my possession spell ran out. Ginger is the hottest little ride I've found yet. I've just got to get better at this.

Ever since I found I could read grandmother’s old grimores, I knew I’d been lucky and gotten the witch blood gene. I know it’s really rare for boys to have it, much less to start coming in to my powers at 13. But now that I know what I can do, I just can’t wait. The book says that possession spell can last for twelve hours, but all I've managed so far is about four.

Still, four hours as Ginger on a date, with making out at the end is like four hours of heaven. The first time I managed to possess her during sex, I couldn't keep riding her after the orgasm; she literally blew me away. I’ll bet that was a weird way to come out of a blackout.

I've just got to keep studying and practicing; I can do this! Just think man, twelve whole hours, a whole night wearing Ginger; what more could any young Warlock want.”

Public Fare

“Well at least I’m not driving that cab anymore. I was all set to take the life of my fare, a rich male real estate mogul, when he pulls over and has a girl get in the cab to give him a blow job, right there in traffic. So the girl finishes, and we pull up to his stop. I look at him and say have a nice day to trip the spell.

Then for some reason he dives back in the cab. I guess he left something on the seat. So to make a long story short, I end up in the girl’s body instead.

Jenifer here is a nice enough girl, she has a number of regular clients and all, but she had this strange fetish of doing sex in public. She gets turned on by people seeing her doing guys in cabs and parks; she even got caught once in the public library between the stacks.

I guess it’s a good thing one of her regulars is a lawyer and she has friends on the police force, though the idea of sex in the back of a cop car with the sirens blaring isn't my idea of a good time.”

Taking Over for Mavis

“Wow, finally out of that crappy Taxi Drivers body. Now Mavis here is something I can live with. Hot, divorced, and drawing a big old alimony check from her CEO ex-husband. Her memories show me she had something going with her physical trainer, her apartment manager, and her hair stylist. This girl trades favors like a politician.

Well, I won’t make any changes for now. Seems like a pretty good life to steal. We’ll just go with the flow and see what sex as a girl is all about. It seems Mavis was a real pro at it, so I shouldn't have any problems if I just follow her instincts.

That, and I have the strangest craving to go someplace and shop.”

NFFL Star Heather 'The Amazon' Grimes

The National Female Football League which formed after the Great Shift had a number of Ex Pro Football players make second careers for themselves, but none were bigger off the field than Heather ‘The Amazon’ Grimes, formerly Hank Grimes, a 68 year old Ex Tight End of the Baltimore Colts. Hank lucked out and was shifted into the body of a six foot two inch female volleyball player and sometime runway model.

Heather leads the league in catches and poster sales, a combination which has a number of potential sponsors, and her agent thrilled. The big girl just takes it in stride; at her age she figures she’d seen it all, though having guys hit on her is something new. She likes a little role playing in her sex life, so if you’re into chicks with swords and leather armor, Heather might be right for you.

Costume Gun 'Sniper Edition'

“Arnold Snoggs here, a 58 year old fat bald science teacher who sells magic Items on the side. I've got to tell you about this. One of my suppliers got his hands on the new Costume Gun Mark IV; the sniper version. It lets you target a girl, line of site up to 3000 feet, and zap her at a distance. There’s no deflation and putting on of the skin, the gun transfers your target directly onto your body, clothes and all. Just a few seconds of disorientation, and your done, ready to wine, dine and party.

You can put her back on the street just as easily in reverse mode. No muss, no fuss, and no danger of being caught. I tried it on a girl across the street getting ready to go out, and you can see the result.

I don’t know though, I kind of like the morphing of your body, watching those perky boobs pop out. Besides, it’s kind of like shooting fish in a barrel. Where’s the sport in that. Not that I can afford one of these babies, but you’ve got to admit, for getting a chance to wear some high risk ultra hot target babe, it’s kind of fun.”

Magician's Trunk

Old Man Motley had been a famous collector of Cursed or otherwise magical items of every description. When he vanished back in the 1960’s, his estate was a mess. Relatives tied up his possessions in probate for almost 50 years. Now many of those items have found their way onto the market.

Jeff was intrigued by the old magicians’ trunk. It had supposedly been part of the apparatus used in a quick exchange trick where the magician and his assistant traded places. He bought it, and brought it home to show his girlfriend Stacy.

On a dare, Stacy tied his hands behind his back and put Jeff in the trunk, locking the lid. Then, she stood on top of the trunk and counted down from ten. Laughing, she opened the trunk to let Jeff out.

Surprise; Jeff looks just like Stacy. Now we know how the first half of the trick worked. I think Stacy and her twin are going to need help.

Sweet Revenge

“Poor Janice here has no idea how she ended up at the side of the road, smelling of alcohol with a cop opening her door at gunpoint. I’m afraid I ‘left her’ holding the bag as it were. She’s in for a long night, though at least she won’t test drunk on the breathalyzer.

Of course, it serves her right, after having her boyfriend beat up on me and Frank; it’s only fair that we get a little revenge. And thanks to the possession candles Frank was able to score, we’re going to see that Janice has all kinds of things go wrong.

Next weekend, we’ll possess both Janice and her boyfriend, and have them drive to Las Vegas. Let two high school juniors explain that to their folks. Revenge can be oh so sweet.”

It Will All Come Back to You

“You’re a hard man to get a hold of Mr. Barkley. My clients had no idea you had an escape plan lined up. Or that you had people who would actually make a major effort to find a certain Confidential Informant when he suddenly disappeared. I had to use the medallion on you and change you into someone else.

Surprisingly, it’s much easier to make a woman no one is looking for disappear than a male federal witness. In just a few minutes after the mental components kick in, I can remove the restraints and we can send you on your way. I have a nice brothel all lined up for you to work in.

I've been promised that you’ll remember everything in the back of your mind. That there’ll be some little piece of you screaming inside – I was James Barkley, an important man. But you won’t remember any of this consciously for years.

Then, one day when you least expect it, it will all come back to you, perhaps in the middle of servicing some john. God I hope so. Good buy for now James. Sweet dreams.”

Beginnings of Bikini Beach

A powerful coven of New England witches decided to help the economy in their community by enchanting a beach area such that men who came there could experience life as a woman during their stay there. The spell was in two parts; the local waters would affect the change, but would require the presence of the beach sand to activate the spell. Of course, with any spell of this magnitude there were loopholes, in this case persons affected by the waters without the beach sand.

David Comings was driving through the costal roads of Cape Cod one night, when a powerful storm blew up and rain poured down on him. Then to make matters worse, a tire blew out, forcing him to stop. Desperate to get going again, David went for his spare and started to change his tire, getting drenched in the process.

Suddenly, David felt his body morphing in pain. He dropped the tire iron from wet shrinking hands. His shirt melted away and his clothes reformed as a red backless dress. His body shrank and his manhood disappeared. His hair lengthened and his skin grew hairless and smooth.

It turns out that David was one of those individuals who the spell water would affect without the presence of the beach. David was stuck as a woman, and Bikini Beach had their first lawsuit on their hands.

Reality Show Ghost

A reality show had rented the old Motley mansion for a ‘Stay the Week in a Haunted House’ show. The guests were checking out the house while being followed by camera crews in turn showing where they planned to hole up that night. Darrel, a science nerd who professed not to believe in ghost or paranormal activity, was checking out some rooms on the third floor when he ran into a woman carrying a candelabrum.

“Who are you,” he asked? ‘I thought I knew everyone on the show.”

“Oh, you wouldn't know me,” she said approaching him. “I’m just here to educate you. You see Darrel, ghost are real. Here let me show you.” Putting down her candles, Lady Chatterley’s ghost flowed over him like a cold dense fog. Seeping into the pores of his skin, the ghost froze the morrow in his bones, and began to transform Darrel into her own lovely image. His hair lengthened and turned auburn, his dick melted away, his hips widened, and his waist thinned. His clothes transformed into a pale lavender dress, and his shoes into well formed high heels.

Smiling at herself in the dusty mirror, Lady Chatterley picked up the candles and made her way towards the stairs. “Darrel, you’re in for a treat. I’m going to go find that hansom host of your TV show, and give him some proof of what a ghost can really do. And you get to learn all about sex as a woman. Because I’m going to let you watch. Come on now, it’s ShowTime.”

Why Dont You Try It

Sally Owens and her sister Jessica, the witches who ran the Herb Shop were in the bar having an after dinner drink when a disturbance broke out. The chunky well endowed barmaid had been delivering drinks to a table of drunken guys when she’d slipped and dropped her tray, splashing beer on George, and his cronies.

“Hay porker, what gives,” George whined. “Those melons of yours make you top heavy? Can’t keep from falling over?” The table laughed and the girl ran for the kitchen. “What I want to know is how come this place can’t hire any hot barmaids? Hell those old gals in the booth over there look better than the talent in this dump.”

Sally got up and walked over to George’s table. “You think it’s easy to be a barmaid in a place like this full of drunken assholes? Well then, why don’t you try it?”

George felt his body turn to jelly and fell to the floor. Amazingly, his friends didn’t notice anything wrong. George felt himself shrinking down to a chunky 5’ 4”. His hair lengthened and two massive tits grew on his chest. His clothes changed into a white string top and shorts. And when she climbed to her feet, a small apron like the other barmaid wore popped into place.

“Hay Georgia, get your ass over here,” said one of the boys left at the table. “I want to stare at your big old melons while I order.”

Nature Activist

“I was Clide Barrow, a retired water quality specialist for the forestry service. I still had this deep attachment to nature and her streams and water courses. In fact I spent many weekends trekking through the California woodlands, draw to the beauty and essence of Mother Nature.

I guess the ancient dyads sensed that I was a kindred spirit. One Saturday, I was drawn deep into the very heart of the woods, to a perfect unspoiled spring. Voices in my head bade me drink, and I did.

A cold pure essence filled me, and began to change me. I watched my wrinkled hands shrink and grow small and smooth. My body grew cold, and then warm as it morphed, my waist shrinking, and my height dwindling. My grey hair darkened, and grew out several inches. My face became smooth and feminine. My clothing fell away, revealing my petite young form which the dyads had given me.

For a number of days, I joined them in their revelry, but eventually I knew I had to return, and pick up the task of protecting these woods from modern man’s world. So now I’m Carla Barrow, tree hugger and nature activist. And I’ll do anything and anyone to protect these lands.”

I'll Never Sell My Costume Gun

“You've got to admit, this little plastic gun is a game changer. A perfectly practical magic item, which lets fat old perverts like me, Arnold Snoggs, become hot cute girls like Melissa here, all with one little squeeze of the trigger, and about three or four minutes of morphing once you put on their skin.

The Costume Gun is easy to use, doesn’t show up on metal detectors, and can be easily hidden on your person. Unless like Melissa here, you aren't wearing anything at all; an oversight I plan to remedy as soon as I finish taking pictures of myself.

I've got to admit, I’m completely addicted to this thing. I just love the way those girl skins morph my fat old body into someone that looks and feels like this. And sex as a young girl is simply unbelievable. Once you've had multiple orgasms for the first time, you are hooked my friend.

I've got to tell you, I sell all kinds of black market magic items, but I’ll never sell my Costume Gun, to me it’s priceless.”