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Donna Wakes Up

Donna sat there stunned, trying to remember how the hell she’d gotten into the steam room; the men’s steam room. The last thing she remembered was planning to head for the hotel bar and meet Stacy for drinks. Judging by how sore she was, she’d been having some rough sex with someone, but she couldn't remember anything. Had she been roofied?

Suddenly, she felt some kind of mental touch. Her mind was going numb, and some kind of presence was controlling her, forcing her down into darkness. “Who are you,” she thought. “Why are you doing this?”

James just grinned and shifted his hands over to feel her breast. “Donna you’re my ride for this evening,” he said gleefully. “I had to stop and put in an appearance at the dinner table, but now the parents are vegging out on TV, and I’m free to come back and take you for seconds. Bet you’re still sore from the way that crazy football player pounded us. Hay, at least he used a condom.”

Donna watched horrified as her body got up and stretched under the control of some male juvenile delinquent. He grabbed her crotch, straightened her suit, and headed for the door. “Come on babe, let’s go straddle some man meat.”