Only a Matter of Time

When Old Man Motley’s estate was finally probated, 50 years after he disappeared, a number of his cursed magic items made it into various antique dealers stock. Nick bought a vintage 1950’s camera which just so happened to let a photographer swap bodies with his model. Nick has gotten into the habit of borrowing the bodies of several of his models for a few hours, leaving them unconscious in his own body.

Until now, Nick had always been careful not to let one of these girls wake up in his body while he was out using theirs. But there’s always a fist time. Nick had borrowed Jasmine, and gone out for an evening of partying and some wild sex, and was just dragging in to his place the next day; only to discover his own body missing. He must have mis-set the timer on the camera. And, his car is missing from the driveway.

When Jasmine’s cell phone went off, Nick started to panic; it was his number on the call. It turned out that Jasmine in his body had been in an accident and was at the hospital in a coma. They were calling to see if she knew who Nick’s next of kin was.