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John's Favorite Eveningwear

“I’m John, the apartment complex super; and when Carmen here moved in, I just knew I had to have her. Not the way you think, I kind of had the Costume Gun passed on to me when I found it next to old man Smithiers when he had his last heart attack. He was in the middle of putting on his next door neighbor, and I ended up wearing her instead.

Now, I try on all the hot girls in the complex, and Carmen was as hot as they came. This girl has the most beautiful long legs and tiny wasp waist I've ever seen. When I got her alone and zapped her the first time, it was a little strange; she’s the first girl I ever wore who’s taller than I am. I literally grew a few inches in her hot skin.

Carmen is a model, so I don’t keep her out for all hours when she has a gig the next morning. I want her to keep working and not mess up. So I try to wear her when she can sleep in. Man does she date some hot young men; all either famous or wealthy, or both. And some of them are even good in bed. I’m trying to work my way through her whole stable, but hay she’s a popular girl, these things take time.

I guess I’ll just have to keep putting her on two or three nights a week. She’s become my favorite eveningwear.”