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I Ain't Afraid of No Ghost

“Peter look out,” yelled Egon, “Gozer is about to ...”

“What …,” cried Venkman, as the ectoplasm splattered him and he began to morph. He shrank in height, his hips widened and grew rounder, his waist slimmed, and his hair grew out. He cringed in pain as his dick shrank away, and changed to its female counterpart. His face grew softer and his five o’clock shadow disappeared. And finally, his pants became shorts, revealing some very pretty legs.

“My God,” said Ray, shouldering his proton pack, he turned Venkman into a girl; and a pretty hot one at that. Quick, let’s cross the streams and see if we can seal this portal. ”

So saying the Ghostbusters managed to send Gozer back to his own universe. That left three tired men and one tired slimed woman to deal with the public. They never were able to reverse the effects on Venkman, but she seems happy with her new life.

So if some bad ass ghost is trying to hassle you, tell him to go hit on Patricia Venkman, cause she ain't afraid of no ghost.