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Covering All Your Bases

“Gerry, I know that’s you. No way Mrs. Swanson comes to the door but naked and sticks her tong out at me.”

“Yah it’s me man. Your friendly neighborhood Warlock doing a little spell practice. You know how you’ve always had the hots for old Mrs. Swanson, well I thought you might like to feel up the merchandise and see what you’re missing.”

“OK man, you know I want to make out with her, what’s the catch.”

“You do my algebra homework all year, and I’ll see about regular visits with your neighbor. Do we have a deal?”

“You are one twisted dude, but hell yes, deal.”

Gerry just smiled and jiggled her assets. Now if he could just line up a couple of guys for English and History, he’d have all his classes covered; and have his possession spell perfected in no time. Man it’s great to be a young teenage Warlock.