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Borrowing Big Sister' s Bod

“Hay sis, you know Dan and I are having a great time filling in for you and Sandy on spring break. Borrowing your big sister’s body for the best party of the year is great. I haven’t tried sex as you yet, but who knows the day is young and your body does react to some of these hunks around here. I’m sure with a little liquid courage, Dan and I will get up the nerve to try it out. Hay, it’s not like it’s our bodies.

Just hold the fort at summer camp, and keep the folks in the dark and we’ll let you have your bodies back when we get home. Of course if you say something about us stealing then, we’ll just have to deny the whole thing and say you’re crazy. We can always keep them longer you know.

Now don’t pout about it, you don’t have the looks to pull that off right now. Pouts on geeky nerd boys just don’t have the same effect as on a pretty girl. The week will be over before you know it, and everything will be back to normal, except of course you’ll know we can do this to you. So behave and we’ll be home soon. Toddles.”