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Bikini Beach Accident

“Hay Jason, this is really cool. They must have had some kind of leakage from Bikini Beach. I heard that last time guys were stuck as chicks for weeks while they tried to counter the spell. Of course, I know you have your wedding date all set next month, but hay maybe Darla won’t mind doing it with a chick on her honeymoon.

Or maybe the witches can change her into a Guy while you’re stuck this way. You can both see how the other half lives for that first couple of months. You may even decide you like it. I heard a couple of guys they couldn't change back last time are supposed to have come out publicly and said they’re happy the change was permanent. Of course, the witches may have just spelled them to think that way.

But hay, we won’t know for sure until we call it in and get checked out. Go grab the phone, and find out how bad the outage was. Maybe they’ll get to us tonight.”