A Nerds Gotta Dream

“I always said if I ever got hold of one of those MAU Morphic Adaption Unit machines that I’ve read about on the internet, I know exactly what I’d do with it. So when I stumbled across the silver chest with the strange markings out near the beach, I knew just what to do. I took it home and pushed the button to set it up in my basement, and then I went looking for Sally Keller.”

Sally had everything, she was hot, popular, had rich absentee parents, and an allowance that gave her more in a week than I made in a year. She also used us brainiacs to do her homework, and then ridiculed us behind our backs. It just so happened that I had a chemistry paper I was doing for her, so getting her to come by my house was a no brainer. I used some either to knock her out, and then hauled her to the machine.

Getting readings of each of our bodies, I turned myself into Sally’s clone, and then I turned her into a dumber copy of myself. I also blotted out Sally’s memory of her prior life. Then, I folded up the machine, put on her clothes, put the machine in her car and went to take over her life. Now I’m the society queen with the big bank account, and Sally is a burned out fat nerd with no idea of what she’s lost. I've told a couple of my old friends so they wouldn't feel sorry for the old me. I've even offered to let them try the MAU; after all, it might still work.”