The Staff Takes Sides

“Ms. Evans,” hollered Charley the pool boy. “Ms. Evans, are you all right?”

“It’s OK Charley,” said Jeeves, retrieving the wineglass. “Ms. Evans is subject to certain fits like this. She suffers from a split personality disorder. There’s the mild mannered Jenifer, who will cover her nakedness and slip into the house, and there’s Jen, the hellion. She’s the one who parties and seems to have an addiction to young Latin men of a certain physical type.”

“You mean all the guys she bangs?”

“Yes Charlie, your description is vulgar but apt. We all do seem to have more fun when mistress Jen is in charge. Actually not to fear though; mistress Jen told me that she was going to make Jennifer go away for good; something about sending her to the dogs or something.”

“Shouldn't we do something for Jennifer?”

“Lord no, that stuck up bitch doesn't tip worth a damn. Personally I’m rooting for mistress Jen. That young woman knows how to party.”