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The Curse Takes Him

Moonrise; Carl could feel the curse taking him, changing him. Good thing he’d made it back to his room. Hurriedly, he ripped off his clothes and felt the surge of pain and adrenalin kick in. Bones cracked, hips widened, flesh shifted as the spell worked its magic. Carl felt his hair growing on his head, his features becoming more refined. Suddenly, breast sprouted on his chest; his manhood shrank away, and his new sex organ replaced it. His flesh grew creamy and smooth, and Carl the boy was gone, replaced by Carla the Where-Woman.

Carla caressed her left breast, while reaching down to the cleft between her legs and just basked in the moonlight from her window. Now began the rising heat of her hunger. She needed a man, a strong and powerful man to satisfy the craving that consumed her right after the change.

Eschewing clothes, Carla climbed through the window and made her way towards the beach. She was hunting men, and planned to feast several times before morning.