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Sarah Should Have Listened

“I don’t see why you people are acting this way, so Grandpa left me all his money? At least I went and visited him. You all were too scared he’d put some kind of spell on you and suck the life out of you or something. He’d never do something like that to family.”

No, actually I had a perfectly good body swap spell I could cast once I’d come in contact with you Sarah dear. I guess my kids were too scared of my magic, and remembered what I could do. It’s a good thing the younger generation doesn't believe in magic, and are all greedy little leaches just like you. So now I have a hot little body to go out and party in, and you are in my coffin six feet under. I guess you should have listened to your folks – But I’m glad you didn’t.

So let’s go sign those papers and let me get on with your life Sarah.