Old Man Motley's Mirror

Old Man Motley’s collection of Black Magic items was almost legendary when he disappeared in 1957, but people die off and forget, and even the most convoluted of estates eventually get sold off. When Gerald ran across the large antique mirror at Smithson’s antiques, he just knew he had to have it. It reminded him of one he’d seen in his Grandmother’s house back in the 1930’s. Somehow it related to his childhood.

Gerald brought the mirror in and put it on the floor in his sitting room, and then turning the lights down low, sat in a chair opposite it and stared. Something was there, not in his room but in the mirror. Getting on his knees, he crawled across the room and put his hand into the glass – and passed through.

Geraldine put her hands up to steady herself and stepped away from the large mirror leaning against the gold wallpaper. She couldn't remember how she’d gotten here? Had her lover asked her to get him a drink? Getting a whiskey and soda and straightening her necklace, she walked over towards the door. Charles would be in bed waiting for her, and she didn't want to disappoint him.