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Lets Make It Permanent

“Carla, I don’t get it, I thought you never wanted to see me again. You told me that violent sex wasn't your thing.”

“Brad, I don’t know what came over me. I love rough sex as long as it’s with you. I just live to have that big hard cock between my legs.”

James had managed to possess Carla again and was doing his best to hook up with Brad. He might not have what sensitive little Carla wanted, but James needed two more cum baths before midnight to make the possession spell permanent and he figured Brad could deliver on short notice.

“Come on Brad, I need you right now, we need to welcome in the new year with good hard sex. I want to feel you cum at least three times before midnight.”

Brad came, and came again, and James had what he wanted, possession of Carla’s little body for good.