Imagine That

Old Man Motley was a notorious collector of Black Magic and other magical items back in the day before his strange disappearance back in 1957. Now, over 50 years later, some of his pieces have started showing up in antique stores and other venues. So when Jacob saw the beautiful antique oval mirror, he just had to buy it. Getting it home and unwrapping it, he paused to study his own reflection in the beautiful silvered glass.

The grey hair and wrinkles saddened him. He could remember when his red brown hair was full and his face smooth of blemishes. He looked at the glass and imagined himself hansom and refined as he once was. Wait, what was that in the mirror? Was his face changing? Were those wrinkles going away? James took off his shirt and studied his chest, remembering how he’d looked before age took the tone from his skin and muscles. Watching himself change in the mirror, he began to ask, just how much could he change himself? What were the limits?

Jacob took one last look at his perky breast and shaved bush before turning around and grabbing the frame post with his right hand. Long flowing locks framed a perfect female face and tumbled onto her shoulders. Her flat stomach and wide hips blessed a body that artist would fight to capture on film or canvas. Jacob, now Jacquelyn, cracked a pretty smile, and reflected on just where her imagination had taken her.

“You've come a long way Baby,” Jacquelyn said. “Now let’s find something I can wear, and see where else my imagination can take me.”