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Hopped Her Great Grandmother

“Laura has been my mount for almost four years now. Normally, I don’t stay with a body that long, I like to keep moving and experiencing new lives. But Laura reminds me of her great grandmother back when she was a hot young woman back in the 1920’s.

I've never ridden two bodies who were so closely related before. I find the comparison of Laura and her flapper ancestor to be sort of nostalgic in a way. They were both so wild and care free when I took them for the first time. And for a body hopper to find a new experience in hopping after 300 years and dozens of mounts is truly wonderful.

I guess I’m going to move on soon; but first I’m going to do some research on ansistor.com and see about finding descendants of other people I mounted. There was this one fabulous woman Scarlet, who was a spy for the confederacy back in the civil war – I would dearly love to find some great great great granddaughter that had some of what she had.

I guess I’m really into this ancestry kick.”