Caught At Last

“Did you really think that I couldn't find you? Jamie, you may have stolen my athletic male body, and my fortune, but the knowledge and skills I had as an assassin were still there, even in your tiny frame.

If you didn't want me to come after you, you should have killed me while you had the chance; you’ll never have another. Now, before we settle this, I have but one thing to say.

Thank you! I never knew how good it feels to be a woman. The passionate sex; the taste and desires, the way men look at me, these things have given my life meaning again. So instead of killing you, I’m going to let you buy your life. Give me the medallion, and I’ll leave, never to return.

You will be the only man to ever have me swear to kill them, and live. Just be glad that I’m such a nice forgiving young woman now, and that I don’t really want to have to clean your blood off of my nails.”