Strange Place to End a Cab Ride

“I think Jane here must have been planning to jump off the bridge. I can’t figure why else to end her Taxi ride here. If she was thinking of suicide, then I guess I did her a good turn stealing her life. I can’t for the life of me see what kind of problems she had. Unmarried, with a nice body, and in good health; she was torn up about losing her mom recently, but she was set for life. I just don’t get it.

Maybe having to drive the Magic taxi will bring some purpose to her life – force her to work at something. As for me, I’ve done my stint, and I’m ready to party. I just have to walk off this dam bridge.

Maybe I can call a cab.”

Lets Make It Permanent

“Carla, I don’t get it, I thought you never wanted to see me again. You told me that violent sex wasn't your thing.”

“Brad, I don’t know what came over me. I love rough sex as long as it’s with you. I just live to have that big hard cock between my legs.”

James had managed to possess Carla again and was doing his best to hook up with Brad. He might not have what sensitive little Carla wanted, but James needed two more cum baths before midnight to make the possession spell permanent and he figured Brad could deliver on short notice.

“Come on Brad, I need you right now, we need to welcome in the new year with good hard sex. I want to feel you cum at least three times before midnight.”

Brad came, and came again, and James had what he wanted, possession of Carla’s little body for good.

Old Man Motley's Mirror

Old Man Motley’s collection of Black Magic items was almost legendary when he disappeared in 1957, but people die off and forget, and even the most convoluted of estates eventually get sold off. When Gerald ran across the large antique mirror at Smithson’s antiques, he just knew he had to have it. It reminded him of one he’d seen in his Grandmother’s house back in the 1930’s. Somehow it related to his childhood.

Gerald brought the mirror in and put it on the floor in his sitting room, and then turning the lights down low, sat in a chair opposite it and stared. Something was there, not in his room but in the mirror. Getting on his knees, he crawled across the room and put his hand into the glass – and passed through.

Geraldine put her hands up to steady herself and stepped away from the large mirror leaning against the gold wallpaper. She couldn't remember how she’d gotten here? Had her lover asked her to get him a drink? Getting a whiskey and soda and straightening her necklace, she walked over towards the door. Charles would be in bed waiting for her, and she didn't want to disappoint him.

Sarah Should Have Listened

“I don’t see why you people are acting this way, so Grandpa left me all his money? At least I went and visited him. You all were too scared he’d put some kind of spell on you and suck the life out of you or something. He’d never do something like that to family.”

No, actually I had a perfectly good body swap spell I could cast once I’d come in contact with you Sarah dear. I guess my kids were too scared of my magic, and remembered what I could do. It’s a good thing the younger generation doesn't believe in magic, and are all greedy little leaches just like you. So now I have a hot little body to go out and party in, and you are in my coffin six feet under. I guess you should have listened to your folks – But I’m glad you didn’t.

So let’s go sign those papers and let me get on with your life Sarah.

The Staff Takes Sides

“Ms. Evans,” hollered Charley the pool boy. “Ms. Evans, are you all right?”

“It’s OK Charley,” said Jeeves, retrieving the wineglass. “Ms. Evans is subject to certain fits like this. She suffers from a split personality disorder. There’s the mild mannered Jenifer, who will cover her nakedness and slip into the house, and there’s Jen, the hellion. She’s the one who parties and seems to have an addiction to young Latin men of a certain physical type.”

“You mean all the guys she bangs?”

“Yes Charlie, your description is vulgar but apt. We all do seem to have more fun when mistress Jen is in charge. Actually not to fear though; mistress Jen told me that she was going to make Jennifer go away for good; something about sending her to the dogs or something.”

“Shouldn't we do something for Jennifer?”

“Lord no, that stuck up bitch doesn't tip worth a damn. Personally I’m rooting for mistress Jen. That young woman knows how to party.”

The Look on Thier Faces

“Did you see the look on Jane and Sarah’s faces in our old bodies when they saw us on the train and figured out we weren’t going to swap back with them? Jane in my body just looked sick, but from the look on your old face, Sarah was ready to kill us both.”

“Yah,” said Sam, “I guess it’s a good thing they’re going to be stuck in Rio de Janeiro for a while.”

“How’s that?”

“Cause I stole both of our old passports.”

“You Bastard, or rather you Bitch,” said Dave, cracking up with laughter. “You are just evil, you know that.”

“That’s not all,” said Sam, “I’m afraid I ran up quite a gamboling debt with Raul, that bookie I found. The boys are going to find some very nasty people after them trying to recover their money.”

“Sam, remind me to never get you pissed off at me.”

Caught At Last

“Did you really think that I couldn't find you? Jamie, you may have stolen my athletic male body, and my fortune, but the knowledge and skills I had as an assassin were still there, even in your tiny frame.

If you didn't want me to come after you, you should have killed me while you had the chance; you’ll never have another. Now, before we settle this, I have but one thing to say.

Thank you! I never knew how good it feels to be a woman. The passionate sex; the taste and desires, the way men look at me, these things have given my life meaning again. So instead of killing you, I’m going to let you buy your life. Give me the medallion, and I’ll leave, never to return.

You will be the only man to ever have me swear to kill them, and live. Just be glad that I’m such a nice forgiving young woman now, and that I don’t really want to have to clean your blood off of my nails.”

Hopped Her Great Grandmother

“Laura has been my mount for almost four years now. Normally, I don’t stay with a body that long, I like to keep moving and experiencing new lives. But Laura reminds me of her great grandmother back when she was a hot young woman back in the 1920’s.

I've never ridden two bodies who were so closely related before. I find the comparison of Laura and her flapper ancestor to be sort of nostalgic in a way. They were both so wild and care free when I took them for the first time. And for a body hopper to find a new experience in hopping after 300 years and dozens of mounts is truly wonderful.

I guess I’m going to move on soon; but first I’m going to do some research on and see about finding descendants of other people I mounted. There was this one fabulous woman Scarlet, who was a spy for the confederacy back in the civil war – I would dearly love to find some great great great granddaughter that had some of what she had.

I guess I’m really into this ancestry kick.”

The Curse Takes Him

Moonrise; Carl could feel the curse taking him, changing him. Good thing he’d made it back to his room. Hurriedly, he ripped off his clothes and felt the surge of pain and adrenalin kick in. Bones cracked, hips widened, flesh shifted as the spell worked its magic. Carl felt his hair growing on his head, his features becoming more refined. Suddenly, breast sprouted on his chest; his manhood shrank away, and his new sex organ replaced it. His flesh grew creamy and smooth, and Carl the boy was gone, replaced by Carla the Where-Woman.

Carla caressed her left breast, while reaching down to the cleft between her legs and just basked in the moonlight from her window. Now began the rising heat of her hunger. She needed a man, a strong and powerful man to satisfy the craving that consumed her right after the change.

Eschewing clothes, Carla climbed through the window and made her way towards the beach. She was hunting men, and planned to feast several times before morning.

Imagine That

Old Man Motley was a notorious collector of Black Magic and other magical items back in the day before his strange disappearance back in 1957. Now, over 50 years later, some of his pieces have started showing up in antique stores and other venues. So when Jacob saw the beautiful antique oval mirror, he just had to buy it. Getting it home and unwrapping it, he paused to study his own reflection in the beautiful silvered glass.

The grey hair and wrinkles saddened him. He could remember when his red brown hair was full and his face smooth of blemishes. He looked at the glass and imagined himself hansom and refined as he once was. Wait, what was that in the mirror? Was his face changing? Were those wrinkles going away? James took off his shirt and studied his chest, remembering how he’d looked before age took the tone from his skin and muscles. Watching himself change in the mirror, he began to ask, just how much could he change himself? What were the limits?

Jacob took one last look at his perky breast and shaved bush before turning around and grabbing the frame post with his right hand. Long flowing locks framed a perfect female face and tumbled onto her shoulders. Her flat stomach and wide hips blessed a body that artist would fight to capture on film or canvas. Jacob, now Jacquelyn, cracked a pretty smile, and reflected on just where her imagination had taken her.

“You've come a long way Baby,” Jacquelyn said. “Now let’s find something I can wear, and see where else my imagination can take me.”

NFFL Star Brenda 'Barely There' Bethard

The National Female Football League, which formed after the Great Shift put so many ex-football players into hot female bodies, had a number of eccentric players whose habits became news stories, but perhaps none were more so that Brenda “Barely There” Bethard.

Brenda had been just plain Bob Bethard, retired center of the NFL’s Cleveland Browns back in the 60’s. Bob had one quirk from the old days that had sort of made him a household legend in the new league. Bob had been a practicing nudist, and Brenda still carried on his trait from his playing days of playing without any kind of underwear. Brenda wore nothing to play in under her shorts and Jersey, and the Jersey she wore while centering for the San Diego Chargers in the new league were cut short, letting her big firm breast peak out the bottom.

Brenda was a fan favorite, in part because she pulled up her jersey and flashed the stadium whenever the Chargers scored. The league started fining her for it, but fortunately some rich Charger fan established a fund to pay for all of her “flashing tickets”. After all, who wants to stop some harmless little tradition like that. You show em Brenda.

Down Like A Shot

“Dianna, are you ok? You went down like you’d been shot.”

“No Steve, believe me I’m fine. I just was a little dizzy there. Go ahead and get your swim. I’ll be fine right here.”

Yes, right here while I finish taking over Dianna’s body. This one had some fight to her. That’s fine, as a Body Hopper, I like a spirited mount. Strong, beautiful, and the boyfriend is a stud. This is going to be a great ride. Don’t pout little one, you won’t even remember that I was in control. You’ll remember tonight like a dream; a dream that had some great sex, and wonderful memories of love.

“Come on in Steve,” she said coyly, “I don’t want you to wear yourself out. I’ll do that later.”

It’s so much fun being a Body Hopper. I love my life.