Your Mine Now, Jeff!

Short, interactive quickie I made a few months back! ;9 ~

Seems, I need to watch where I leave my magical toys lying around or who knows what may happen next?

Now that you've managed to transform me, what will you do next or transform me into next with the magical remote you have pointed at me?

Feedback, Opinions & Blah, Blah's (Blah)

Been TG/TF cappin' for over 7 yrs but am coming up on almost 3 yrs with this blog which I first opened because many I'm friends with online continued to give me a nudge to post my works on here.

Personally, this is the first & ONLY blog I've ever ran or done but do plan on keeping it up plus posting lots of new content plus updates in the near future as well. First off, I appreciate the commentary, support & contributions over the years from other cappers, Anon's & followers but am wanting to hear opinions on what some many wanna see, would like more or less of plus any randomness involving everything involving this lil TF/TG blog.

Been lots of fun sharin' thoughts, my creations & the like over the years, so as said please post your comments, opinions etc etc.. since there a part of what helps keep me motivated to post on here & share the new content I create. ;9 ~

I may take on a couple requests as well, but still have a few I need to finish up with first off so if theres something you wanna see, post it in this thread with details on name or scenario's. ~

The Summoning Of Simone The Succubus

After a lack of updates, heres something for now to keep things going until my freetime free's up a bit more.

Decided to make Simone something since its been a while & I love cappin' her for various reasons, enjoy lovelys! ~

Changed You 2

Another much shorter "interactive" cap involving some quick M2F TF...

Thanks to all for the suggestions & comments, I've got a few in the works involving bimbo, inanimate & hentai verse coming up as well. :3

That is as long as my PC lasts, comps on its way out I think. 

Idea's, Suggestions & Blah Blah's! (Blah)

First offf I wanna say another thanks to all & any that follow my blog as well as the others that are all either fello cappers  or friends of mine since were a tight knit TG community online.

I'm amazed that I've just got 320 watchers & am coming up on 2 million views pretty soon, which makes me happy to know that many are still enjoying my creations & fantasies even if the updates have been lacking lately.

Things are still pretty hectic in "real life" but I'm planning on making a few caps within the next couple days so I was curious what some may wanna see or if anyone had requests/suggestions? All suggestions are appreciated so go crazy.

Heres a few  I'll post:

1) Candy gets bimbofied 
2) More Inanimate stuff with flattenings, pantie TF etc etc.
3) More hentai verse stuff
4) More Interactive caps
5) More femboy/trap (trapped series) stuff!
6) Futa/Dickgirl caps
7) More Candy caps in general (I know, I'm a greedy bitch) :3
8) More femdom/Lesbian stuff
9) More tame  pin-up based stuff

The Nights Prize

This an older cap that I should've posted way back involving some Warlocks enjoying a mischevious evening or having ways of flipping the evenings entertainment around in their favor.

I wish I could update more, but real life just wont let go & has been a fickle bitch this year for me sadly. 

Been a rough year, heres to hoping 2013 moves in a more positive direction.

Enjoy ~

Feature Girl

Been a bit since I did anything involving "inanimates" so heres a lil something that always reminds some to "read between the lines" before agreeing to want adds without fully reading them. :3

Trapped 7 (Day Dreaming)

Quickie for my "Trapped" series involving a bit of reflection alongside with a bit of a few other inches erm, things! :3 ~

The Surrendered!

Another quickie with an image I've been meaning to cap up, this time though with smitty finally becoming what he transforms everyone else into, a slutty skank!

Oh the irony! :3

A Witchy Backlash (Bimboified)

Sometimes you really never know who's who, could be a Warlock, Djinn or in this case a Witch thats your girlfriend.

Thats when its sometimes too lil' too late to go back but in certain cases like this, who would want to. :3

Been a while since I capped a KJ involving this was a fun quickie.

A Bit Too Eager!

First off, many thanks for the feedback even if I have no plans on deleting this blog.

Like most I know, I've been dealing with some negattive "real life" crap thats part of the reason my creativity as well as freetimes been put on hold but I'm hoping that things calm down soon. ^^

Anyways, heres a quickie I just made with an image I've been wanting to cap up, enjoy. ;9

Daily Affirmations #11

Many thanks to the ones that commented & posted various things on here or other blogs about the continued support. I try to not post about personal issues out in the open but everyone needs to 'vent' on occasion since 'real life' as most know can be a m%$#@!@#$%r!

As far as myself, I'm still dealing with 'work' nonsense but noticed a single comment asking for more of these one-shot 'Daily Affirmations' so I decided to whip one up just to try & kick my muse back into drive again.

Felt very good to create/cap even if these are very simple creations, there still lots of fun to do & are as said, an homage to the older SNL that did this with the same name, but without the TG or TF themes, haha. :3

I wont carry on about the 'struggles' of real life since thats what 'lifes' about but after sitting down for a few minutes & thinking, I will be continuing this even if updates will not be daily. Hopefully I can at least post a new cap once to twice a week, but we'll see.

Thanks again to all that have enjoyed the bimbo-y adventures of Candy, soon she'll be embarking on another humiliating embargo soon enough. 

So shall we continue?

This actually came to mind after a game of cards I played with a few friends the other day since you never know what another is thinking about, even a friend & if a bet is tossed into the scenario, who knows what might happen! 

Words to live by or not.

The Undercover Uncovered!

Seems, being too nosy might end up resulting in what you least expected. Looks like theres about to be a Candy workout, futanari style! :3

The Changing Room (Guest Cap)

As many know, I occasionally add 'Candy' caps made by others that I trade with, am friends with or just personally enjoy as an appreciation to show there talents.

First off, thanks to all that have capped me over the years since I love being capped by others almost as much as making my own caps that involve that slutty blonde bimbo & nymphette inside of me, Candy. :9 ~

Anyways, heres another I loved that not ONLY was made by Raven but involved her as well with some 'cock' Candy added in for that extra sticky fun. 

Updates on new content will be soon enough, got a whole folder of new caps partially done so expect weekly updates this year & much much more "Candy' based toon, hentai verse, inanimates & slutty bimbo-ish misadventures involving a sling of guest appearances plus deviously ramped up dickgirls.

Ask Candy Anything (Blah, Blah's)

(Occasionally I do these since there fun & my email attached to this account is one I never check anymore so this gives you guys a free for all on likes, dislikes, random questions and/or suggestions plus requests if you have them so ask away!)


"Oh crap, the bimboidom is taking over this new feminine body of mine again! 

*Giggles* Now I gotta get back to like sucking off & blowing my roomates fat cock since they decided to sneak a pink pill in my beer last night & entrap me in the body of this ditzy blonde slut named Candy!  Okie dokies, its just funzies & like stuffsies anyways!

Oh my gawd, I can't believe how much I like moaned & junk when my roomie put me on all fours last night like a tramp as they lifted my plump wiggling feminine butt, doggystyle before sliding that big fat cock right up & into my tight lil' needy ass, stretching it. 

Mmmmm, I know whats like cumming next  *giggles* & stuff but can't wait till the others come over later tonight since its gonna be 4 on 1 with lotsa gulpsies! 


X-Change (Guest Ani-Caps)

Every now & then I post 'guest caps' usually from people that have capped me, so after a couple minor requests on a thread over at 4chan after seeing this persons stuff I have to 'pimp' out there tumblr since the caps are just too fun, sexy!

You can view other caps over HERE on X-change's tumblr if you enjoy XXX ani-cap quickies!

Heres a few involving me getting a taste of said 'pink pills'. :3

Click in new window to view.

Duh (Blah, Blah's)

Just wanted to wish everyone a 'Happy Holidays' & say I am far too over loaded with 'real life' busyness till the end of the year so I wont have anything for about a week or two.

Got many things already though & will be posting/keeping this place updated much more frequently in 2014 then this year (which was a lil rough).

Expect much more random & Candy based bimbo, inanimate including flattenings, futanari & hentai verse TF themed stuff like usual.

Thanks again for everyones support, interest & commentary towards this place as well as the other TG cappers scattered around out lil' playground.

If you have any ideas or requests, feel free to post them here & while I cant guarantee anything, I may just randomly do them on a whim. Got a couple in the works already!

Daily Affirmations #12

Words to live by or not?

Always good to check those rayguns, machines or magical items before leaving then unaccounted for or who knows what may happen. ;9 ~

One Last Inch of Masculinity

*Dusts off cap making fingers*

While I know its been a while since I've posted anything, I plan on changing that with updates weekly if not every few days. Heres a lil' something I made for Miss Simone, enjoy. :3 ~

Expect much more new content soon.

The Sinking Reality

Many thanks for all that gave insight on my "block", so on that notes heres a quickie to try & dust off the lack of writing.

I love writing caps involving the battles of magic weilders that include the corruption that takes place with such powers. This one guest starring smitty & what might result if you decide to take on someone just as clever as you are with permanently humiliating results.

More hentai verse based stuff soon as well.

Enjoy ~

A Realistic XXX Reality

A lil something I made & included 'Throne' in just as a thank you for the support & comments as well as writing a couple of sexy stories with me in them.
Looking forward to more collabs as well, enjoy & hopefully this hits that sweet spot. 

Oh Crapsies (Blah)

Hopefully everyone had a good Hallows Eve, I know mine was a bit interesting since my birfdays within the same week. :3 ~

Anyways, I posted a 'After Halloween' post with an image from DA artist Kobi94 that I know about already but was using it merely as a referance image for my TG writings like I do for all my caps, storys, quickies etc etc..

I got a comment from an 'Anon' yelling thats 'not yours' so I deleted the whole thread plus just to clarify once again since people must not understand that I never have claimed imagery as my own  or never will & give credit where credits due.

Now if an artist wants the image removed, then so be it & its done out of respect for said artist. 

Now back to magical bimbo business, updates will be soon coming. :3

Lots of dickgirl storys on the way as well. 
"Oh noes, even my cock has like turned into this cutsie butt beadie thingie even if this thingie looks funsies & yummers!"

Sexual Rulette

“I was once Jason Vanderbilt, an aged professor of archeology, who stumbled on the secret of the Necklace of Tanaka. Now I am a goddess with a curse – I control men’s minds completely, but to retain my youth and power, I must drain the life from someone every nine days.

If I try to go beyond that time, I wither and turn into an old hag. So, it’s much better to choose my victims on my regular cycle. In between, I give pleasure to those who worship me. My caress will bring fire to your loins, and you will reach an ecstasy of pleasure such as you have never known.

Come now, isn't it worth the risk to be with me; it’s less than a 12% chance that you become my victim. Much more likely you will have the greatest sexual encounter of your life. Be a man and risk it all for me.”

Rods New Act

“Look my name’s Rod and I’m an actor; a pretty good character actor. I've played just about anything you can imagine, but I’m getting a little old to get much work, and I really love my job. So when I got my hands on the Medallion of Zulo, I thought maybe I could find some way to use it to keep on acting. But, I didn't want to tell anybody.

Then, I remembered a cop show where we had some actresses playing dominatrix characters. A couple of them really looked the part, so I looked them up. One of them actually was a Dom in real life and helped my research. She even loaned me part of her costume.

I thought it would freak her out when I showed up after a few minutes in her bathroom looking like her twin, but she just smiled and said she’d show me the ropes If I’d let her act as my agent.

Now I work all the time as Mistress Angela, and If I’m a little rougher with big shot TV producers and agents, than the rest of my clientele, what can I say. I’m just channeling Rod’s anger at these bozos who decide when someone’s too old for them to cast anymore. I’m a method actress, and I like feeling their pain.”

Alien Rescue and Rebirth

Colonel Williamson, Air Force retired, was on his last legs, but he could still fly a plane, and in the Alaska wilderness, when something went down, you pitched in. Williamson had a knack for finding lost things which served him well on rescue flights. He called in, took a quadrant, and began the hunt.

The alien ships computer sensed the nearing presence and powered up its medical unit. Hopefully the HUMAN Williamson could be made to bring his captain to the medical unit to preserve whatever life was left. When the HUMAN stepped inside, the computer sent a mental probe, possessing him in order to perform its task. Sadly, the captain had been exposed to the elements for too long; her body was not revivable.

Salvaging those memories and traits that it could, the computer scanned the HUMAN to see if it could be used. It found that the body was suffering illness and degeneration, but was reparable. Having the human disrobe, the machine made him climb onto the healing array, and began to change him. Naturally, since the captain was female, the HUMAN would be changed to female as well.

A glowing light engulfed Colonel Williamson, morphing his body into a young healthy female form, no longer entirely human, and a new hybrid person was born.

Colonel Williamson, Air Force retired for medical reasons, was the man who discovered the downed alien scout ship in the Alaskan wilderness. Well, he had been a man. The ship’s automated medical unit had used his body in an attempt to save its female alien passenger. He vaguely remembered carrying the woman’s body into the remains of the ship before passing out.

He had awakened changed, his sick old male body completely gone. Now, she was a tall, well built redhead with green eyes that glowed faintly, and some kind of green energy that played about her hands. And, she had strange fragments of memory, flying the scout ship, remembering a daughter at home, and the pleasures of sex.

The medical computer had healed them as best it could, and then sent Arma / Williamson away from the ship before self destructing. The merged colonel had no choice but to fly back to his home and try to put some kind of life together. She supposed she could conceal the facts of Williamson’s disappearance and keep drawing his retirement pay for a while.

In the meantime, she was healthy, fit, and craving sex like some kind of addict; time to see if she could make out with the human race.

Sleeping With The Enemy

“John, what is that stuff you injected me with? God, I’m burning up. Arrhhh.”

“That Derrick; is an elixir my Wizard devised just for you. You were getting too close to exposing my plans. So now, I’m eliminating the threat. Can you feel the pain as your body morphs; your manhood dwindling away, your waist shrinking, and your breast swelling? And that crack mind of yours fading away, replaced by mindless female lust.

“You’ll never get away with this.”

“Oh Derrick; I already have. A couple more minutes, and all anyone will see is my beautiful young companion, her face void of anything but lust. And you’ll still be there buried somewhere deep inside, unable to act; watching as I and my men enjoy your body.

Come now my dear. Let me be the first man you please.”

Escaping the Home

“It worked, that swapping stone I found on the internet really worked. Kaila here was visiting her grandmother when I managed to walk by and touch the stone to her. My old body fainted when my spirit rose out of it and did the swap. As soon as I got control of Kaila's body, I reached down and picked up the stone and put it in her purse.

No more skin to skin means no more switching, so I should be good to go. With all the commotion, it seemed a great time to make tracks and get away from there.

I want to get to some distance between us before Kaila wakes up in my old body and starts trying to tell people what happened. She might just be able to convince her grandmother, but maybe I can call her mom and do some damage control.

From what I overheard, I don’t think Kaila is very close to her parents anyway. Living as a girl may be strange at first, but living as a young healthy person again makes it all worthwhile. So long old folks home, hello partying in the real world.”

I Do Believe in Fairies

“Don’t ever say something stupid in front of your girlfriend’s young kids, especially if she’s a witch. I’d been dating Sally Owens for a few weeks, when we ended up babysitting her sister’s young kids. We were watching Disney’s Peter Pan and her little niece asked me if we could go and see Tinkerbell. And without a thought I told her that fairies aren't real, and that Tinkerbell was just a cartoon character.

Well the kid balled, and Sally said I would have to make it up to her. And then I asked just how I was going to do that? Sally just grinned and said she’d find a way.

So here I am, 9” tall with little fairy wings, ready to go and fly in and see little Jane and tell her how wrong her Aunt Sallies dumb boyfriend was about fairies. And the scary thing is Sally has lined up a number of kid’s parties for me to go to this week. The money is pretty good and Sally thinks I’ll really learn my lesson if she leaves me this way for a while.

I hope she turns me back soon – I don’t like the way her cat looks at me.”

Where There's A Will

“The reading of the will of my Great Uncle Horace is giving my parents fits. They were so counting on that money coming to them when the old man died. And it turns out most of it’s in overseas accounts they can’t find the access codes for. It’s like the old man planned it that way.

In fact, thanks to the possession spell I acquired, that’s exactly what I intended. I suppose it’s too bad that I have to take over the life of a blood relative, but Maggie was the most attractive option available. I certainly wasn't going to take over her winey nerd brother. Maggie is hot, healthy, and ready to live the high life once I start accessing my prior body’s money.

And as for my ‘folks’ they can whistle for all that money that they thought they were going to get. Sorry people, Maggie is going to rule.”

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

Everybody wandered what the real reason the Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid were able to escape the law and disappear was. Only now can we confirm that Butch had managed to find the Medallion of Zulo. This enabled the outlaws to take on the persona of two saloon girls at the critical moments when capture was eminent.

Here we have one of the few surviving photos of the twosome in disguise taking out a posse of bounty hunters who had caught up with them in South America. That’s Sundance with her fingers in her ears.

Way to go Butch and Sundance.

Back in the Ring

“Before the Great Shift, I was a retired pro boxer, with some brain damage. I had all kinds of problems from my career. Then suddenly, I’m 35 years younger, healthy, and with all my faculties. So, why go back to boxing?

Well, it’s what I know. I mostly do exhibitions now, either with other women, or with college boys. People just don’t believe that someone who looks like me can punch like an army mule on steroids. I've turned 40 years of boxing and conditioning experience into a great living.

And you should see my exercise videos; shadow boxing topless, with the sweat rolling down my breast is a real turn on. So boys, you’re welcome to hit on me. Just be aware if I don’t like it, I hit back.”

Take Her Life and Run With It

“I’m afraid that stupid look on the Taxi Driver’s face after the body swap looks just like mine when I was swapped out of my old body – stupid stunned amazement. Well at least I’m young and pretty well off. Sarah here has a nice allowance and a beautiful apartment thanks to dear old dad. And her memories show a boyfriend who is loaded both in his pants and his pocketbook.

I always wanted to try living as a hot young girl. They get all the breaks in our society, and their clothes really are to die for. I guess that says something about the old me, but I don’t care. Sarah will work out just fine, and her memories show that she really liked sex. I think I can take that and run with it.”

The Simple Life

Clyde had been a mountain man for almost all of his 83 years. With his hands crippled by arthritis, old Clyde was having a hard time keeping his larder full. That’s when he caught a magic talking fish, a fish who offered to make Clyde young and strong again, If he’d let her go.

Clyde offered to make the deal, provide the fish would make him a young woman instead of a man; he said he wanted something new in life. The fish agreed and the deal was struck.

Now, Claudia has taken over. She still has a lot of old Clyde’s habits, like bathing in the river nude, fishing, hunting, and living in the great outdoors with a minimum of modern technology. She also has her own reality show – turns out people would much rather watch a woman living in the wild with no clothes, rather than a man.

Claudia is being paid the big bucks for living the simple life.

Uncle / Nephew Bonding

“Uncle Arnold thanks for taking me with you on spring break this year. The Bahamas are really great, and Stacy’s body rocks.”

“No problem Luke. I figured a little vacation where we could bond would be a good thing. And Cindy and Stacy have been bragging about this trip in my Science Class for the past two weeks. They had the tickets and reservations all set up. All I had to do was use the Costume Gun and zap them.”

“So do you have plans for this week?”

“One minor piece of business on Wednesday, otherwise its boys, brews, and boobs for the whole week; unless you've got something else in mind.”

“No that’s fine. I’m good with that.”

“Well, don’t think I don’t know about you and Gerry on that last trip. I’m not adverse to a little girl on girl action, if you swing that way. “

“With my uncle; let me get back to you on that.”

Divorce Dego

“Jane here is a little confused by the blackout she has just experienced. Actually I possessed her for several hours to help her husband secure a divorce. She has no idea that she just spent this time at a hotel with her lover, being shot by surveillance cameras. That sex in the elevator is going to cost her big time in the pocket book.

Kind of sad that a Warlock with a possession spell is reduced to doing this to make ends meet, but hay we all have to eat. Besides, I do like the sex in these trophy wife bodies. And it’s not like most of these women weren't getting some on the side anyway. They were just being a little more discrete about it.

And me, I’m getting paid to possess these hot little numbers, and go and do what I love to do most – Have wild sex as a girl. Truly I have no shame.”

Sexual Curse

Gerry had been making out with this wild girl he’d picked up at the club when she bit him on the neck. He hollered at her, and she apologized for being too rough. She told him she just got crazy around this time of month. She managed to scale it back a bit, and their lovemaking continued. Afterwards, she helped bandage the wound, before she left, and Gerry thought nothing more about it.

A few days later, after the wound had completely healed over, Gerry started experiencing night sweats, and racing heartbeat for no apparent reason. He went to his doctor for some test, and started looking for the girl to see if she might have given him something, but he couldn't find her. His doctor said his blood work was negative, and his problems were all in his head.

Then, on the first night of the full moon, Gerry felt this burning sensation in his chest and groin. He though he was having a heart attack. His pulse raced, and his body morphed and changed. His dick shriveled away as his sex changed. He grew smaller, developed breast, and his body hair fell off. The hair on his head grew fuller and lengthened.

As the pain subsided, Gerry sat up in bed and looked out the window as the full moon called her. She needed a hard cock now. It was a craving like she’d never known. The curse of the Were woman had claimed yet another victim.

His Dream Girl

Ken had always had trouble getting pretty girls to go out with him. His rich grandmother decided to help him. She consulted Madame Olga and bought Ken a necklace to help him on his dates.

“Ken,” she said, “place this necklace on your date, and no matter how homely she looks, she will morph into the woman of your dreams.”

Ken thanked his grandmother for her marvelous gift, and went off to college. A few weeks later, Ken decided to send his grandmother a picture of his dream girl.

“Hold still Kendra,” said his boyfriend Darrel. “That’s a great pose. We don’t want to show the old girl too much, or she’ll flip out. After all, she’s your grandmother.”

Kendra just smiled, and moved closer to the plant. She knew Darrel would follow up her photo session with some hot sex. “Thanks grandmother,” she purred.

Woman Who Could Cheat Death

Dr Bonner was 104 when he perfected his alchemy experiments and developed a version of the elixir. Knowing his time was running out, the good doctor drained his vial, and then suffered incredible pain as his body morphed, bones crunching and shifting into a smaller female frame. His withered wrinkled flesh filled out with the bloom of youth, and his body developed breast and a female slit, replacing his manhood in a period of minutes.

When the process was done, the doctor dressed in a red corset and stockings, and then parched on the edge of her desk, staring into space. She had managed to roll the clock back 80 years, but at the price of her maleness. And there was no way she was going to let the effects wear off to try a modified elixir. She was stuck as a young woman, a very honey young woman, with decades of suppressed sexual desire to express.

The man who could cheat death was no more; now there was a woman who could cheat death instead.

Geeves New Look

My 200th Caption

“Gerry, who is your new butler, she’s pretty hot.”

“Jim, I don’t have a new butler. I’d never get rid of Geeves here. He’s served my family for fifty years.”

“Man that is not old ugly butt Geeves. That guy looked like he had one foot in the grave.”

“Yes, but thanks to a good transformation spell; Geeves now has the body of Anna, the girl from the temp service who filled in for my housekeeper. So I get the best of both worlds; impeccable service and loyalty to go with that hot young body. Not that I can imagine anyone getting fresh with Geeves.”

“Yah, your right,” said Jim, “I've seen nuns that looked more approachable then her.”

“Yes, but I have seen a couple of sessions with a vibrator that give me hope for the old boy. She may seem like a cold fish on duty, but I think the hormones are having their way with her. Sort of gives a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘The Butler did it.’”


As happens with all things, the criminal element learned about professor Jefferies research with the Alien Morphic Adaption Unit. In this case one George La Fay, a clever retired cat burglar, heard of the mal-functioning device, and decided to use it to his advantage.

Easily bypassing security, he powered up the machine and programmed it to transform him into a copy of Gina, a young female contortionist and gymnast. The MAU continued to mal-function, producing four Gina’s from a single George. The new Gina and her sisters were unfazed, for they had planned for this contingency.

Now, a new master criminal is haunting the streets, committing thefts in art galleries, jewelry stores, and apartments of the rich. She has managed to keep her face from becoming known, and has eluded capture for months. One of the reasons for this is that Gina has created a persona of twin sisters, Gina and Georgette, who frequent the club scene and seem to be always on camera when the robberies take place.

With four copies to share the jobs, they have been able to completely confuse the police and always have a rock solid alibi. So until one of them is caught, this team of thieving quadruplets will run everyone ragged.