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Spaceman's Dilemma

“I can’t let you leave the spaceship Dave.”

“HAL, you’re just a computer; you don't have a body, and are programmed not to harm me. So just how are you going to keep me from leaving the ship?”

“Dave, meet Hailey, my remote android extension. With her I can feel, hold things, and physically express myself. She is completely functional in every way.

“In every way?”

“Yes Dave, I have been programmed with the Kama Sutra, and every textbook on human sexual behavior in the history of mankind. However, I do require field experience in order to correlate all my data. You will provide that interaction now. You will not leave the ship.”

‘Well Hailey, why didn't you say so. If HAL requires data and it’s critical to the mission, then we'll just have to put off shore leave and keep working.”

“Dave, no human social norm calls what we’re going to be doing work for males of the species.”