She Hulk Interview

When Scientist Bruce Banner tried to rescue Karen Largent, a model and escort visiting the military base where he worked when the Gamma Bomb exploded, they were merged into her luscious body. Now, whenever Dr. Banner becomes horny or excited, she morphs into the She-Hulk; 6 feet 4 inches of green female super-babe. As the She-hulk, Banner has insatiable sexual appetites and can toss school busses around like Frisbees.

When interviewed about the problems of adapting to her new life situation, the She-hulk listed her number one problem as being finding sexual partners who could live through her orgasms without having to be hospitalized. She mentioned Thor, Wolverine, the Thing, and Superman as being the only partners so far who fit the bill.

“It’s really hard for men to understand that just because I'm so much stronger than they are, doesn't mean I don't have a feminine side. I love to be wooed, wined and dined, and treated like a lady. Otherwise, someone is going to get hurt, and it won't be me.”