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Protein Supplement

A girl must keep in shape by ingesting a proper amount of protein each day. Since most of you gay little sissies don't have a man to supply you with it, you need to feed yourselves. :)

For today's assignment (and it really is more of a treat but that's OK because I love you!) you will swallow a protein blast. It's very simple..... I want you to tuck securely, with a dildo in your pussy of course, and nub into your panties. Imagine you are the lovely Erika, pictured below, getting fucked by your stud.....Once your sad little clit is spent, pull the cock from your pussy and feed the goo to your hungry painted lips with its tip.....mmmmmm mmmmmmm good! Make sure you get it all, it's good for you my pet! I love you sissy.