“Man I can't believe they sent us on a panty raid to a sorority house where a couple of the sisters are known witches,” said Dave, looking over at Travis pert boobs poking out from under ‘her’ shirt.

“Hell man,” said Travis, “at least you have a skirt. I’m kneeling here with my butt naked. How long do you think they'll keep us?”

“Man I don't know,” said Dave, “but that big strap on I saw one of the real girls playing with has me shaking in my little shoes.”

“Any chance we get out of this without getting fucked at both ends,” asked Travis?

“Nope,” said Dave, “I just saw them lining up their pledges out in the hall. We are so screwed.”

So Dave and Travis were the initiates for the 13 new sorority sisters. But, at least they learned a few pointers about pleasing a girl in bed. Not a bad thing for an evening’s work.