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There are a lot of tucking methods and I have expected you little issies to tuck and stay tucked for a while now. Some of you, bless your hearts, just don't get it. So....here is a terrific video of a simple way to do it. This vid is NOT glamourous and it shouldn't cause your tiny little clitties to get hard.

Watch the video, then get yourself some tape - I recommend 1" clear plastic from the First Aid section of the pharmacy (DO NOT EXPECT ORDINARY SCOTCH TAPE TO WOK)....... Like everything else in your sissy development, don't 'run down the hill', take your time and do it right. Give some thought to this assignment and do it right INSTEAD of rushing and doing it poorly. Also be careful to avoid getting tape on the head of your little clittie, removing it can be very painful.

Once tucked, practice walking, in heels, remember to lock your knees, toes on the imaginary line, short steps. Feel girly, be the girl you are, embrace it.  Be very careful removing the tape. Doing it in the shower with the help of soap as a lubricant is a GOOD idea. Now get to it! I love you sissy.