sissy Juice

Most sissies have no idea how to cum like a proper girl -WITHOUT touching that silly little thing between their legs. The path to truly being the best girl you can be lies with the ability to be satisfied by penetration. After all, it's the purpose for which you were created, right? The girl in the video has it, she knows her purpose..... :)

Tonight, I want you to take one of your dildos and penetrate your pussy. Use a LOT of lube and really FEEL it going in and out. Make it SUPER SLIPPERY. FEEL your lips gripping it. FEEL it rubbing against your prostate. you MAY NOT cum tonight - unless is is a result of penetration, no other circumstance is permitted. I want you to ONLY penetrate yourself for at least 30 minutes. In and out, rhythm, tempo, deeply....make love to the dildo. you may also suck on the other dildo while doing this as well as pinch your nipples and massage your breasts. Feel like a girl, be a girl. In and out. Suck the cock. Make love to the cock. Squeeze your tits. Pinch your nipples. BE the girl. you ARE a girl. Do it! I love you sissy.

The Big Game

Every sissy dreams of being a clothes, hair, nails dancing provocatively in front of athletic men...... who wouldn't want to be one???

Your assignment today is simple....if you are hoping the Giants win the Super Bowl, you must paint your toenails some shade of BLUE for the game (purple counts). If you want the Patriots to win, your nails need to be some shade of RED (pink counts here). DON"T FORGET MATCHING PANTIES!!! See, not too hard right???
If you are going to a Super Bowl Party, do your best to serve others, get a beer for your friend, clean up after your femme duties with a smile. Also, I think it's best if you cheer with some are a cheerleader afterall.
Lastly, if you have one, you are to have a butt plug inserted for the entire evening...this will help prevent you from slipping back into your male are a girl remember?

Training - sissy

This is a variation of a previous GIF with referemces to Anna Malice. Anna, along with Felicia and Natalienne are responsible for the creation of the blog. They inspire me to be a better girl and I couldn't thank them enough. Another blog, the(S)heplacements has also been instrumental in the shaping of jamie - thanks to Marlana for her awesome job! Last but not least, thanks to Amanda for all her faggy gayness....she inspires me to be the sissiest faggy gayboy. She is SO gay (and so am I)!

Tan Lines

My friend Kelli ALWAYS had tan lines as soon as the weather broke. She couldn't care less what people thought. I was jealous of her ability to be free from worrying about the opinions of people who didn't matter to her. In here memory, I plan to use the 'tan lines' M.O. all day today.

Here is a little clip of a girl playing with a couple. Her tan lines are great.... And she's HOT. Finding fresh new content isn't easy....why not say thanks by leaving a comment?


Passing as a girl is FAR FAR AWAY for most sissies. In fact, for most every TGirl, passing isn't really on option....oh well, who cares?

But .... for you prissy little sissy girls, apealing to your Dom/Domme is VERY important. you MUST develope a more feminine stride if you are going to be the best sissy you can be. There are many great sites to help with this - so find a few and get to practicing. In the mean time, here is a cute short (non sexual) video with a little 'easy to follow' instruction.

From where I sit, the single biggest mistake sissies make is having too long a stride. Shorten it to 30" (max) from toe to toe and you will instantly get better at following this vid. I love you sissy.

Let's not forget one with tan-lines!!

Lisa Lawer

In keeping with the 'tan line' theme today, here is Lisa Lawer...a very sexy girl. Great tan lines and very feminine. Every sissy would do well to end up like her....she's one of my faves. Enjoy!

sissies ... you may NOT cum tonight. Don't even touch your little thing. I have something special planned for Sunday night and you need to make a big load of goo for it.


Wanking Material

In another attempt to provide fresh wanking is a vid of a sexy little thing satisfying her man as ALL sissies should. Enjoy!

Lactating Shemale

This is a subject that fascinates me.....I hope someday to have boobs that will do this. Of course, it's also nice to have a big cock to stroke! Enjoy!

Total Gayness

OMG! You are so GAY!!!! Hee hee... isn't it fun? I just love that word! Not really in the derogatory sense....just like two girls kidding/playing with each other. The vid below just really expresses the entire meaning.... be gay - afterall, it's what you were born into, right? Don't fight it, embrace it sissy.

This is a terrific video  for today's assignment. Just the right length. Now go get both dildos  - you DO have two by now right? - and I want you to watch the enitire video with one going in and out of your mouth and the other going in and out of your pussy. Take your time to set this up so you can do it correctly....don't rush....savor it. Position a mirror so you can see your gayness sucking on a cock, so you can see the you ass-lips gripping the cock.....feel the faginess of it all....mmmmmmmmm!

Now, you may cum when the vid ends - by ruined orgasm only. You are NOT to lick it up. Instead, I want you to massage it into your breasts and let it dry. Tomorrow's assignment will be a little more strict so enjoy this while you can. I love you sissy!

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