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Your Man to Wife Captions

Splendid job girls! Loved these captions..thanks so much. Please comment girls!! This is the kind of participation i am looking for. You've made Barbie very happy, and proud of my girls (: 1-5 Alexis, 6 Diane Leonard, 7-10 Elena, 11 Fiona, 12-14 Ian, 15-17 Jennifer, 18-20 Jessica, 21-27 Shawn, 28-29 Sid !!

Dresses Caption Contest

I came across loads of maid pics lately (: my fav! So that means i'm putting YOU to work for a caption contest!! ca in case you can't reach me at gmail! The theme is husbands and boyfriends criticize their wives or girlfriends for not keeping the house clean and tidy enough! They retaliate by putting THEM in maid uniforms! Could be lost bets, dares, etc, In this contest, slobby ex husbands and boyfriends become french maids for MEN as punishment/lost bets, and stay as gentleman's maids, keeping tidy houses..

Your Hair Salon Caps!

Another great post with some nice salons aren't just my thing! Well done to the girls who contributed and thankyou.... Many more to come! Let the girls know what you think and what your favs are! 1-4 Goldie, 5-7 Miki, 8-19 Jessica (she loves the salon!), 20-21 Shawn, 22-23 Ian, 34 Jennifer, 25 Stacy!

Your Captions

Let's start with the work you guys sent in (: Caps 1-2 Joseph, 3-11 Alexis, 12-19 Jessica Thanks girls for your hard work! Barbie

Bimbo TG caption

Your Bimbo Images

Thanks to all the girls who sent them in! Great job! Encourage them with comments! More contests to come.....was missing a few regulars like elena and jessica, so these girls stepped up! Sorry if i missed anybody ); 1-4 Alexis, 5-8 Allisa, 9 Amber, 10 Bambi, 11-12 Daisy, 13-14 Erica, 15-18 Goldie, 19-20 Ian, 21 Jennifer, 22 Kim, 23-25 Miki, 26-27 Shaun, 28-31 Tim Proud of you girls! tell me what your faves are.